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Looking around slightly bends the environment

Hi,Just got everything set up with the CV1. But I'm getting some motion sickness signs while even in the Oculus home and 2 intro experiences. When I look around, the whole picture bends and moves a little from where I expect it to be. It's like if I ...

Left Controller wont pair

I can't download the quest software since my left controller won't pair for setup. It did once, had to restart, now it won't.

black screen

when i put the oculus rift s headset on i see nothing but i do hear stuffi have a corupt windows data base could that be why i have this problem?

Superhot Quest black screen at launch - iphone

We are new to Oculus. We have Quest using iphone app. All the games are working except the paid version of Superhot. At launch it goes to black screen and freezes up. I have restarted from the headset numerous times. What else can I do? P.S. The demo...

Rift HDMI is Not Being Detected on Win10 x64


Oculus Rift S - Two Handed Tracking Issue

Having trouble across all games and apps for 2 handed items / weapons. Any single object being held with 2 hands will glitch out and tracking will halt. Total bummer. RIP bow and arrow... Tried all the usual USB controller updated and resets. Happens...

5 digit code set up

I have the 5 digit code but, during the set up there was no prompt to enter the code. My research indicates that I cannot pair Quest (which it is NOT pairing) with my phone without entering it. Where or how do I enter the code??

Finished Asgard's wrath, but I don't have access to Rognvald

So I am almost 100% in asgards wrath, but i have 4 Targets side quests, for daggers, that I cannot do.The character Rognvald is not available in my inventory.All other main and side quests are complete.All upgrades have been crafted for everything.Di...

caillel by Level 2
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Oculus Link only works when cord is pulled at an angle?

I have an Oculus quest and try to use oculus link, unfortunately it doesn't always work. I have a problem where the cord only works when the part plugged into the oculus is taught, like pulled at an angle to stay stable. if it is loose, it will rando...

University Order of 20+ Oculus Go 32GB Systems

I am looking for some help from anyone who has had a similar experience working with Oculus. I have attempted to contact the support team regarding a bulk order of Oculus Go systems. I have made tickets within the consumer website and have sent email...

Tilt Brush not working at all.

Every time I launch Tilt Brush I sit in a black void and I am unable to do anything. No inputs work or do anything of the sort. I've tried resetting my view, and nothing works either. I tried both the SteamVR and the Oculus version, and right now I r...

Beat Saber Randomly Locks to 40fps

I know this probably isn't the best place to put this, but anywhere else I have tried either didn't respond, or didn't work, so i'm going to try here.I have been playing Beat Saber since Christmas of 2019 and haven’t had problems until about 2 months...

How do i setup guardian system for vr racing?

Hi!Ive recently bought my rift s and im really happy with it, the only thing is that once i tried to play some racing games on my racing wheel in vr it wasnt really optimised for that, the guardian/grid system i had already setup was making it so tha...

TheoZs by Level 2
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How to update Oculus app's view of my specs?

I recently updated my computer, and finally have the necessary GPU to use my Oculus headset. when I first tried to get it running however, i let oculus get a read of my specs which were not up to par. Since then it has told me that my computer does n...

Oculus Rift suddenly lagging

so I've been running my rift successfully for roughly two yearswith no problems, one day after taking a while off i opened a game and the lagwas ridiculous.after doing some troubleshooting i found out in the home screenit runs fine but when i do some...

After using Oculus Link my laptop speakers were deleted

Can someone tell me how to fix this? I downloaded the oculus desktop app and followed all the instructions. After I finished playing Blade & Sorcery, I noticed that my laptop wasn't playing any sound; so, I went to the speaker icon to switch my sound...