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White bar artifact using Oculus Link with Oculus Quest 2

As it seems this problem is old and still have no solution. When I play a game using my cable I get this white "stripe", and it shows like its opacity is increasing from 0% to 100%. People thought it was V22-V26 problem but it happened also on V30.I ...

password email

i cant receive my password reset link no matter how long i wait or how many times i try

Resolved! TouchCalibration folder empty

my left rift s controller's joystick started drifting so after cleaning did not solve the problem, I found out about the calibration files and i could change the deadzone min but when I checked the folder was empty. Did the file location move or what...

EndyPo by Level 2
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Headset can’t connect to my phone

So at first I was having problems with the tracking and when I was playing the screen was just black and The boundary would appear if I went to close I tried to find the fix to this and everything I tried failed, so I tried the final thing which was ...



tnk84 by Level 2
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RalphF Oculus Support Member has impeccable customer service skills and deserves a raise. He helped me with an issue I had and sent me an email response that showed he cared about the problem.

THoov by Level 2
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i didint get my imail for chaging my password 

Domaxas by Level 2
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Boneworks performance issues

When I open bone works on quest 2 link I get 39 to 35 fps sometimes it spikes to 80 but quickly goes back down. I play on all low setting and I put my resolution down. Also I checked for virus had none on my pc no idea what's causing this problem any...

Airlink Laggy.

Brief Intro to my Problem: My Airlink seems to get a huge freeze every 1-2 minutes in-game, After it's done freezing It tries catching up to the actual Game and after it does it lags for 10 seconds, and then it all goes back to normal for the next mi...


Quest 1 not working anymore.

Hi, I have had my quest since late 2019 (around October) and as of July this year I noticed a severe drop in the headsets performance, for example frame drops in beat saber. Then on the 1st of august my headset would take 30 seconds to show the oc lo...

can't reach oculus service

when trying to open the OVRServer, the procedure DnsServiceConstructlnstance entry point was not found in the DLL libraryD:\oculus\support\oculus-runtime\OculusAppFramework.dll

ugolek by Level 2
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So I tried to purchase a game but then Realized we needed a pin which I forgot. Is there any way to go check what your pin was?

Login Link Doesn't Work in Oculus App

Hi, I am trying to connect my Oculus quest to my PC using the Oculus app. When clicking the Continue with Facebook link in the app, it says to continue in browser but nothing happens. I assume that this is supposed to launch a hyperlink to allow me t...

USB 3.0 recognized as USB 2.0

I have my oculus quest 2 connected via a usb-c to usb-a cable, and that connection works just fine. However the cable is very short so I am also using a male usb-a to female usb-a 3.0 extension , and when connected like this, it's detected as USB 2.0...

Stuck Pixel - how to fix?

Guys, there is a red pixel stuck on my rift. I`ve tried every method I know of: running rapid-changing color videos, cleaning the screen (removing dirt, but it really is a dead pixel) and putting a little pressure as it turns on. Nothing worked so fa...

Elite strap with battery

Can anyone help me i wanna get a oculus quest 2 elite strap and carrying case can you help me to keep it long lasting and won't break or get damaged thanks.Is it worth getting?

Want to Setup Realistic VR Setup

Hello as title suggests I want to make my VR experience the BEST and am willing to dish out the money necessary for it. So I want full body tracking, haptic feedback vest and a haptic feedback magtube. Sounds simple yeah? But here's the thing since I...

Oculus Quest 2 Warplanes WWI Fighters

Hello, so I got a really fun game called Warplanes: WWI Fighters that I really enjoy. The game syncs. I was playing the game and I exited the game and it started syncing when I turned it off. My fault. Now, it won't stop syncing. I cannot play it now...

z157 by Level 2
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Please add more payment options.

People would be much more interested in buying games and software from Oculus Store and that's more revenue for Oculus. Paypal and credit card is not enough. We need more options like steam has for example paysafecards. I'm really not keen on giving ...

Oculus link for Quest not working

Ive been trying to get link working for about three days now but it wont. When I click to enable link it loads for a bit then sends me back to the menu. I cant figure out why this is happening, my PC specs meet the requirements, my cable works fine, ...

Pabu13 by Level 3
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Oculus Developer Hub Issue

When trying to install the app from the setup it constantly says "installation aborted" when I have more than enough storage space, have tried installing to different places, tried running as an administrator, completely wiping it from my computer an...

Synch mode stuck (In death unchained)

The app won't launch from the quest 2. It's in synch mode all the time for the past week. Only way i can play is by launching the app from my phone! Anyone got a way to correct that. I tried to reinstall the game but the problem is persistant.