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Known Issue - Headset logged out and missing app library

Hi everyone, the team is working on an issue now based on some reports that users are getting logged out of their headset or aren't seeing their purchased apps. In some of these cases, you might not be able to log back in. The team is working to get ...

Resolved! Known Issue - Black bar when accessing store (Link/Air Link)

When I’m using the AirLink and I’m on my VR desktop, I will click on the store and the store doesn't appear. Instead a black bar pops up in my view about the same shape and size as the Oculus frame and wherever I look, it moves with me. When I want i...

TSKGPage by Level 3
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Resolved! Known Issue - Black screen after v39 update

Today my Quest 2 updated to the new firmware v39 After the update the screen stays black. The boot sequence always follows the same scheme: Meta logo appears, the jingle sound can be heard. Then the 3 dots occur, following another 3 dots. After that ...

Asgarond by Level 4
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Resolved! Resolved Outage - Account Issues - Logged Out, Library Missing

The team is currently investigating reports of account issues, including logouts and missing app libraries. Thanks for your patience while the team is working to resolve this issue. At this time you do not need to create new accounts, or take any oth...

quest2 5 digit code

My Wife made a account on my quest 2, but when she tries to link her phone, so I can watch her it says her phone needs the the quest 2's 5 digit code.

Oculus headset

When I went to look at the headset for my 5 digit code, there was no code only the oculus symbol. Now only the symbol remains and can’t exit out or get anything besides the big o in the headset


How do I see videos I’ve recorded while casting from my phone?

Can't Uninstall Apps

About a month ago I was able to simply uninstall apps from my quest 2 but now when I click uninstall on an app nothing happens. I have the game STRIDE stuck updating and a new game that won't even start the installment process. My main goal is to uni...

Resolved! Can't receive emails from Oculus on password reset.

At first after attempting to send email through pc I then tried mobile it did not work. I then thought it was Facebook so I reset my Facebook password and tried plugging that in as password. That did not work so I began to guess many times until Ocul...


I tried to connect my quest 2 to my pc through airlink but it says it’s not compatible with my pc but i have a 3060 ti gpu and a AMD ryzen 5 3600 so Im not sure what’s the problem. Can anybody help?

Referral only paid $30

Referred a friend during the $60 referral period and while they received $60 I only received $30. How do I get this resolved?

Wifi does not connect anymore with my Quest1

I have a connection problem with my Wifi. It goes round in circles "connection, secure connection, authentication problem". Before that worked very well, but for a few weeks I have not been able to connect to Wifi. Sometimes my Oculus Quest 1 still c...

Oculust quest not starting

Hello,So when starting the quest 2 we see the white oval shape... it goes dark and comes back... the handheld controllers keep vibrating (new batteries).Sometimes u get the floating message about lost tracking but can't click anything.

Richi'es Plank always drawn outside Guardian

Hi, new Quest 2 user so please bear with me. When starting Richie's Plank, the entire scenery, elevator and plank appears outside the guardian so isn't accessible. I've reloaded the app and reset the guardian several times. The app also takes about 5...

Richfew by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 with no Sound

I have the Oculus Quest 2. Played today for a bit and put it to charge like always do. At the end of the day I wanted to play again and noticed there was absolutely no sound coming out of the headset speakers. Nothing at all. I've tried turning off f...

Quest 2 Elite strap

I opened a ticket for my broken strap in August, sent in the broken strap in October. Every few weeks I get a email that they have no update. After complaining I am told they are having inventory issues....come on Occulus you can do better than that....

Problems with Job Simulator using Link

Is anyone else having trouble starting Job Simulator on a Quest 2 using link? When the robot tells me to press the x button nothing happens. I have tried pressing EVERY button and even returned and then repurchased the game. I want to play on the lin...

DankKat by Level 4
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Oculus Quest 2 is Stuck on black screen - possible solution

I have been consistently struggling with my oculus giving me a black screen when I try to turn it on and so far none of the forums have been very helpful. I thought my quest 2 was a lost cause until I started messing around with it, and I think I may...

Left controller keeps killing its battery

I’m beyond frustrated, the left controller for my oculus 2 is clearly defective. I’ve paid too much money for this to not be covered under warranty. I’m right hand dominant and manage to keep my right controller working 2 or more weeks before needing...

Multiple Oculus 2 and one admin app sharing

Hello, I bought the original oculus and a lot of games for it. Then I bought an oculus 2 and was able to see all of the games that I purchased, then I purchased two additional oculus quest 2 headsets for my kids, and I’m trying to make it to where th...

Unable to Access Multiplayer in Beatsaber on the Quest 2

I am unable to access Multiplayer options in Beatsaber. When I choose "Online" it just says "Checking Server Status" and keeps spinning. I tried uninstalling the game then reinstalling it. I'm not finding anything in the forums or on google regarding...

Quest Won't Load Home, Library, Store, or TV.

Quest was working like a dream until yesterday when all functions stopped working except for the browser. I verified the device is still connected to WIFI, guardian is good to go, and no other settings changed to warrant this forever loading symbol w...

Occulus store

I bought the Oculus for my son and he keeps buying games on it. How do I manage this? How can I adjust the settings so that he needs my OK to purchase a game?

am having a mental breakdown

i really need the pics of my dead parentsI really can't describe with words how am feeling and how desprate I am right now please i dont wanna fail my exams and lose my career it the only source of income I have please take a sec try to help me out h...

CPU/GPU spike to 100, Rift S disconnects.

Forgive me for not getting all of the terminology right, I’m not super into computers. This started around September. Whenever my Rift S is plugged in and active, my CPU and GPU will randomly spike to 100. My vision on the headset goes black, and any...

"Horizon Worlds" won't install to Oculus Quest 2

Hello, After doing some searches on the internet and this forum, I have noticed a few people have the same problem as I do. I am an Oculus Quest 2 owner (Over 18 years of age and live in the United States) and have my Facebook account connected. When...