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Unable to install Oculus software

Well, I'm out of ideas here. I want my Oculus software on my (smaller) Solid State C: drive so it runs quicker. Win10 clearly lists my C: drive as having 59.2 GB free of 223 GB total. My 1TB conventional spinning disk is where my Downloads directory ...

Unable to install oculus to a different destination drive.

I'm trying to install the oculus app onto my pc the website keeps trying to install it to my c drive, but I need it to install to my d drive. I followed the steps that in the support section which said to type the following command in the run box: C:...

TJxx03 by Level 2
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Resolved! Resetting Quest one

Hello,I have two quests, 1 & 2. My older one (1) is having tracking difficulties that are not going away. I want to reset it to factory but I'm afraid it will wipe outall progress on my quest 2. Am I correct to assume this? I want to fix mine but not...

LV-426_ by Level 2
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Resolved! Why is support so bad?

Just looking to vent my frustration. I sent my headset back for replacement several days ago and I'm still waiting to hear back!?I was originally told that the turnaround would be 1-3 days. Support told me I would get a tracking number within 48hrs.B...

SPJay772 by Level 2
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Promo code not working

I received a notice in the Oculus app that I have a promo code for 30% off my next purchase but when I tried to use it to buy a new game it said it couldn't apply that code to my order. So how can I redeem it? There were no restrictions in the origin...

Friend can't log into merged Facebook account.

My friend has had this issue since as long as he has had his oculus quest 2. Every time he tries to log in via oculus info, it tells him that his account is merged with a Facebook account. Whenever he clicks on the thing to open his browser for the F...

I cant't buy a new game

Help me, please! I tried to buy a new game but I have not succeeded. At the end of the purchase procedure it tells me content blocked.

niky4 by Level 2
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star trek bridge crew on quest issues!!!!

just bought this game on the oculus store. it requires you to link it with your ubisoft account. tried this but when i enter my details on the link page it just says "unsupported post requsted" and doesnt go any further. have i just paid over £22 for...

Change my Username

Hello, I play pokerVR and on January 26th I bought 55000 chips and 300gold, under this pseudonym Navycrew37, here is my problem, I changed my pseudonym by F48i3N under my Oculus software on my pc and I lost all my chips and gold, how can I get back b...

F48i3N by Level 2
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Oculus quest 2 isn't connecting to computer

When I try to connect my oculus quest 2 to the computer it doesn't work. I've gotten one of the recommended cables and the oculus app on my computer but when I connect my headset to the computer, connect the headset to the app so it gives that green ...

Black screen on boot

So i got my unit yesterday. PLayed with it for an hour or so and went to bed, next day after charging the unit overnight the problems start.Unit boots to the oculus logo, controllers vibrate, then i get 3 white dots and it goes into standby mode. Not...


Update 1/29/21Spoke with Lisna in oculus chat....she was very helpful. Hoping to get this resolved soon. Request (2123857)

oculas link wont work with my msi gaming laptop

I have a MSI QE62 6QF Apache Pro gaming laptop with a Nividia GTX970M graphicsWhen Loading Oculas app it says Graphics card not compatible - click here for info - when i goto the infor it says my graphics card is supportedOn verge of selling my quest...

I want to change my email address

hello everyone, I tried to change my email address but the old email not working anymore.I ca't get the code from the can i change my email?

How to fix bricked oculus sensor

So I used the steam vr and oculus firmware update and one of my cv1 sensors just stopped working not detected on my pc and the light dim turns out its bricked any ways I could fix it? Thanks,Chris

How do I stop Apps from showing in "APPS" after removal?

I have uninstalled a number of apps on my Quest 2, but they are still cluttering up my "APPS". I don't want them still in there, with the only option they now show is "Install". I want them gone completely from APPS, because I will never use them aga...

connection issues

i have the original quest. not used it in few months. just tried it. i get message saying no internet connection. cant get news, see store or install any games i bought. i can play the ones i have installed tho.i have been able to watch stuff on you ...

ilubeve by Level 2
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Oculus software will not install on pc (Quest 2)

I am trying to install the oculus app on my pc and I keep getting the "Restart your computer, we have encountered an error" message. I have tried turning off all anti virus and firewall software, restarting my pc, router and modem several times. I tr...

Cannot login to Oculus on PC

I am having trouble with logging in on my PC to my Oculus account, which is linked to my one and only Facebook profile. When I attempt to login on, I am informed that I need to login on Facebook due to the accounts being merged/linked. Whe...

virtual desktop

hi when i connect my oculus 2 in virtual desktop with my wifi the application operate but not in 3d . i can sea that i have striming data but stile without 3d. help pls........

aviflem by Level 2
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Why is oculus customer support so bad

I contacted Oculus' support and I tried all the steps and all the ones the customer support person gave me. I checked on Reddit and it's the headset's problem so I asked for a replacement because it's still under warranty but they just copied and pas...