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Fruit Ninja Quest 2 not working

Does anyone know if Fruit Ninja is avalilable on Quest 2 now? It is barely showig up in the search menu, and if it does, I cannot seem to purchase it (not from the phone or the PC or via the VR headset). Does anyone else have trouble with playng the ...

Malndie by Level 2
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Its finds the usb 3.0 but not the display port

Ok i had to sacrifice one of my monitors to play vr worked for a week then started saying "No Display Port Connection" ive tried you tube vids to the oculus verified support page on fixing it nothing works please help

Thin green line across screen

Switched on my Quest 2 today to find a thin green line going right across the middle of the screen...almost looks like a few lines of pixels have died..restarted the headset several times & done a factory reset but line remains..have opened a ticket ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest Will Not Boot to Home After Factory Reset

Hi. So I started my Quest up a few hours ago and it just kept showing the logo, making the start up noise, then doing it... over and over. Held the power button down for 30 seconds and still the same issue. I was able to get it into the black screen ...

What functionality does a Quest 2 have without Facebook.

I am trying to find out a worse case scenario where my Facebook account gets banned/disabled without any recourse. In such case, what functionality will I have available with the Quest 2? Will already installed games still function? Will PCVR still w...


I am a first time user and I do not have a Pin number. When I try to get one by entering the Pin reset, it tells me to enter the code sent to my email, and I never get anything sent to my email. Is there a way for me to get a Pin when I am entered in...

Gift email not received but payment done

Hi,I have purchased last night a game for a friend and i received the bill but my friend did not received any email or game into his apps. How can we do to make it works ?Thank you for your support and all the best for this new year.

RAPYx by Level 2
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i got virtual desktop yesterday and then tryed to refund it after 2 hours of play then today i went on about to play it and it says i dont own it. if it was refunded i didnt get the refund

PTC update causing problems with AUDIO?

I have a Oculus Rift CV1 and I am still impressed by it. VR is very popular in Flightsim 2020 in VR. Before the update, there was visual and VR position problems in FS, BUT the audio was ok. After the PTC update, all those visual problems were solved...

i have a gtx 1050ti but i cant play

I downloaded the oculus app to play rift games on my quest 2 but the app keep saying my graphic card is not supported but when i click on ''learn more'' in the minimal spec i see the exact graphic card i have, the gtx 1050ti.. at first i thought it w...

Oculus link keeps crashing (Headset Message) - Issue resolved

Hi everyone,Just to share my experience.Headset : Quest 1.Graphic Card : Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8G OCI had issue with Adrenalin 2020 20.11.2 and 20.11.3 to run Oculus Link on my Quest 1.The application "Oculus link" just kept crashing and an err...

Tisa- by Level 3
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Oculus Media Studio - Upload restarting always to 0%

Hi!I managed to create a 360 3D Stereo 6K video ment for Oculus Quest and I am trying to upload it in media studio.It looks promising, but after a few minutes, the % of uploaded file falls back to 0 and it starts to upload again.Never reached higher ...

Pixel inversion on Rift S

Hi !Anobody having horizontal pixel inversion here ? These lines are a bit annoying on some textures/colors, like green, grey, yellow. It seems to be the same issue that some Valve Index users are complaining about.

Oculus Rift display not working.

Recently brought a new laptop being the MSI GF75 thin 9SD with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and despite it saying vr ready the headset display doesnt work. Audio is coming out of it and when i load up vr game its appears to still move around with the h...

QxrKza by Level 2
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Audio drop outs here and there with Link

Hi there!Normally I am using my Rift-S for PCVR but I also have the Quest 2 and want to use it also as PCVR device. Comparing it with the Rift I have some minor Audio / Sound issues with Link. Here and there (not always) I got some audio glitches or ...

Black screen with oculus link (quest 1) after nvidia update

Hi, I get the black screen with the 3 white dots when I try to connect with the link.In fact beat saber wasn't working (big lag) so I did the last nvidia update, restarted the pc and now it doesn't work at all.I found this on reddit:Make sure you're ...

My oculus link isnt working.

My oculus link isn't working. it shows the "allow data" popup but after i press the "deny" button it just brings me to the menu and nothing happens.


Since the PTC update I have lost the sound in Microsoft Flightsim 2020 VR? The sound was OK before PTC update in FS2020 VR. I only lose the sound when FS2020 starts? The sound is OK, in my Oculus Home, so I assume the other VR apps are OK? Have not t...

Deactivate/Reactivate Facebook account

Hi I'm new to this so I'm sorry if this is already been explained... but I got an oculus quest 2 for Xmas and deactivated my Facebook account for a couple of days, but reactivated my account when I realized my account needs to be active to work with ...

Rift top side headstrap rear anchor point broke

Hi There,Today the rear anchor point (weak plastic threads around two tiny 1 mm metal screw) of the topside head strap simply broke out. Tried to find some contact to make a support ticket, but the support link under their "klick here for a support t...

Linking Help

Hello. Long time VR user here new Quest 2 user. I have had 0 luck via submitting tickets so hopefully someone here can help. I have an old Oculus account from my Rift. Ever since I got my Quest 2 I realized I'm not going to use that account anymore. ...

Support tickets

What is with the runaround Oculus does on support tickets? I feel like I'm just being trolled with each response - never seen anything like this in my life. I would have never bought a Quest and Rift S if I knew there was really no support. We have 3...