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I refunded the game onward and it says that is was approved but I did not get the money back in my account

Bought Walking Dead but game doesnt show up in library

I tried buying this game on my mobile app. Some kind of error happened in the end I think. Now I can ask for a refund which fails or set to install queue but it wont install and I cant see the game in my headsets library. What do I do? I am not able ...

Smejs by Level 2
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V28 Update may have caused physical Link disconnect bug

I’m not sure whoever else may be experiencing this, but my link cable has been working perfectly fine for the months I’ve used it until I got the v28 update on my Quest 2. About every 3-10 minutes the headset would disconnect from my pc with no sign ...

Oculus quest 2 replacement right controller

Ordered and received a new replacement right controller directly from Oculus and the right replacement controller will not turn on at all! I tried using 9 different batteries that will work in the left controller but not the right replacement control...

Oculus Quest randomly disconnecting from PC

Alright to walk this through step by step, I load up my Quest (I don't know if the size matters but the 32 GB one but I play through the PC), set my boundary, reset my view so I'm centered, and then plug my Quest into my PC via a 3rd party link cable...

Muttster by Level 2
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Official Link Cable Not Detected by App

Hello everyone. I am frustrated trying to figure out why the Oculus Link official cable, which I just bought, will not be detected by my Oculus App on PC, thus rendering me unable to use Oculus Link. The connection is detected by my computer, which I...

Quest Won't Load Home, Library, Store, or TV.

Quest was working like a dream until yesterday when all functions stopped working except for the browser. I verified the device is still connected to WIFI, guardian is good to go, and no other settings changed to warrant this forever loading symbol w...

Store and app black not working My beat saber still works but not uploading current updates or download I have bought. Browser still works I have tried casting my my phone and touch pad. The casting works. I have al...


I accidently ordered the wrong headset strap, the Rift S one, I have the Rift, how do I go about returning it? I submitted a support ticker as when you click Return this Item it gives an error and says contact customer support, but theres no support ...


When will the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 be Supported for Oculus Link. I have an Oculus Quest 2 and I want to play Steam VR.

Random CV1 Crashing caused by unrecognized usb device

Hello my CV1 I got about 3 weeks ago has worked perfectly until yesterday where it blackscreened. I had a rift S with the black screen issue but decided to downgrade to try and solve my issue. On the rift, it appears to be a usb device recognition is...

Oculus Link issues

Oculus link appears to only work currently with developer mode off and deny access to files on the headset when signing in. Then oculus link option appears in the headset. When i accept access to files oculus link option does not appear and I get a d...

Cptbaja by Level 3
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I want to deactivate/delete my FB account

I want to delete my FB account, but I want to keep my purchases on my oculus. What is the proper way to do this?I'm thinking that I can create a new FB account which I only associate with my Oculus and never actually use, then somehow transfer my Ocu...

Want to use my oculus quest without needing a mobile

I bought my quest and i see it needs a mobile, a google account, wifi and tons of permisions for the mobile. I just want to play it without needing all that. When i bought the product no where they were saying all those requisites, neither was on the...

Oculus mobile app no notification when receive messages

I have the Oculus App for iPhone, is there anyway to make it ring/vibrate when you receive a message through the app? Currently when someone sends me a message I get a iPhone notification but it does not ring or vibrate. It just shows up and you have...

Resolved! Discount code not working.

The welcome25 code is not working. The app shows the discount subtracted.When I go to confirm the payment from my bank, it shows the full amount. This is very serious and makes you look very bad!

Magatok by Level 2
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Quest shows the white oculus symbol and then shuts off!

This has got to be the most frustrating issue I have every dealt with an online device. I loved my oculus and played everyday since I got it at the end of January. Two weekends ago it stopped working and I can't seem to get anyone to help from oculus...

V28 / V.28 - Issues with Quest 2

Hi,I've been getting some odd issues with my Quest 2 since upgrading to V.28, not limited to but including the following:1. Graphical Artifacts - in games. So far I've noticed this in Vader Ep 2 and 3 but there might be more. It looks like tiny white...

Saber Beats - Missing Play Button

Saber beats has been missing the “play“ button for almost 2 months now, and I get absolutely no response from anyone anywhere! I also can no longer request a refund. I cannot be the only one experiencing this issue. But no one seems to have a solutio...

Oculus rift cv1 blinking orange led, HMD not detected

It worked fine two weeks ago. It's been plugged in. Went to use it today and the headset is disconnected, orange light blinking rapidly. I tried redeating and swapping plugs, uninstalling, checked sub power management. I can't get it to work.

Borss by Level 3
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