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Oculus link problems

oculus link is being troublesome AGAIN (it's literally the only problem I have with my headset lol). Ok so this time it has just stopped working completely, like neither the computer nor the quest 2 recognize each other. I go to go record a video on ...

Lone Echo crashing

Hi so i have problems with Lone Echo crashing i just bought it from a few days ago and has never been able to play it other than till i unlock my scanner which is still in the first level. I am using a quest 2. My pc specs are i5-10600k cpu 4.12GHz, ...

Controller shifting position

My controllers are intermittently shifting position. This problem appears to be getting progressively worse and more frequent. I have not changed anything about my environment and it happens no matter what the lighting/surrounding environment is like...

Demeo not launching

I have just installed Demeo and can't wait to play it. Unfortunately, it won't launch - can anyone help??

Dog ate my controller

My dog literally ate my Oculus Quest Controller left. Is there a way to send it in to be fixed? It works still but the ring is eaten through.

quest 2 having boot problems

when my quest tries to boot up it has a forever dimming and lightening oculus logo and when rebooted or factory resets happen it will have a chip and a green progress bar and it will return back to the oculus logo once more. the oculus can not be con...

Quest 2 Oculus Link issues

Oculus Link for me works for a short time but I'll end up getting stuck on a freeze frame in my Quest 2 headset(time varies, sometimes I can play for 2 hours and it'll happen. Sometimes it can happen in 30minutes or even less). The frame in front of ...

Games disappeared

My boyfriend ( I'm a girl,his name is associated to my email in this) bought an occulus and when we set it up using the app it accidentally linked my Facebook to his icculus. I emailed back and fourth with tech support trying to fix it a few weeks ag...

77ray by Level 2
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Purchases in Mexico not available

When will the game purchases be available in Mexico, since it says that the region is not available, due to updates on the page. Where can I find out about this topic.

Can’t Connect (OculusSetup.exe)

 Not exactly sure what to do here. I’m running OculusSetup.exe on Windows 10. I’ve just finished resetting my laptop so I figured this would go smoothly. It’ll let me accept the ToS, then it says Verifying Oculus Setup at the bottom right. Eventually...


Oculus link not showing up in settings...

So I have been using oculus link, came back from working away to a new update and now oculus link does not show up in settings. I still get the request for permission and then a notification saying that oculus link is available in settings but it is ...

ZebaG by Level 2
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Vr connection

Hello I have galaxy S21+ that i wanted to connect to the gear vr when i connect the s21+ by the usb-c it won't work or show anything while the gear vr works on my previous galaxy S8.Any suggestions? Thank you

Abdmlk by Level 2
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Oculus headset speakers stupidly loud at windows 1 and 10%

Seriously, I know I'm not the only one coming across this in just about every game.Are the dev team all super deaf?The whole point of a 10 to 100% scale is that 10% should be bloody quite.Instead I actually fear hearing loss from playing certain game...

Oculus Link Cable Troubles - iMac 2019 Bootcamp

Hey everyone,I've been able to get my Oculus Quest with Oculus Link working well on a maxed out 2019 iMac using Bootcamp, and using a Macbook charger USB-C-USB-C cable plugged into the thunderport plug on the iMac as the link cable. Oculus warns me t...

Why is the Oculus app running even after I exit it?

I've been using oculus link for the past week or so with my Quest, and I have to admit it is really amazing how well it works. Huge appreciation from me that you guys stretched my ~$400 so far in terms of value with the Quest, and gigantic props to y...

Resolved! impossible to finish the purchase

I am trying to buy the oculus link cable; When I complete the name and address fields, I hit the button "continue with the payment" (it is the Spanish version of the web) and nothing happens. I have tried with several browsers, I have removed the ad ...

Dr0PeR by Level 2
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Logging out of Messenger app?

Hi Facebook, Your Quest 2 Messenger app has a logout feature with a description along the lines of "if you share your device with friends of family, you can log out here and you will require your password to log back in", presumably as a security fea...

Unable to update address for Quest 2 silicone cover order

I recently ordered a silicone cover for my Quest 2 and entered the address where I am currently located. Upon realizing orders wouldn't be sent out for another 4 weeks, I tried to change the shipping location to the address I will be using 4 weeks fr...

Screen keeps jumping

Hello one with someone can help me when I’m playing on my oculus quest 2 the screen keeps jumping does anyone know anything about this please help

badfoxy by Level 2
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5 digit

hello i just receive as a gift a oculus quest 2 , i connected to wifi and i am at a point that i have the obligation to pair the headset to my phone with the app, on the headset i have a 5 digit code and evry time i try that code with my phone it don...

Elite Strap with Battery

My Elite strap will not charge anymore. It just started doing this about a week ago. I can unplug it from the headset and charge the headset separately but the extra battery won't charge. I have tried two cords, both of which I know work. The best I ...