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Purchase not appearing in the "My Orders" tab

Titles says it all, purchased an Oculus Quest on June 3rd and it hasn't showed up on the "My Orders" tab. I know my Oculus Quest has shipped since money was withdrawn from my account, but I would like to see it on my account, I can't even track the s...

Rodiru by Level 2
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Need USB Card Advice

Rift STwo things I've learned. The 'recommended' inateck USB card doesn't work for a lot of people anymore. That includes me. I've also found countless comments when looking on amazon of people reporting this card or that doesn't work with Rift S. So...

How do I change the floor height of my oculus home.

I set up my vr for the first time yesterday and in the tutorial game, the menu and the games I played I was like 7 feet tall. In reality, I am not that tall. It's a pain to find the floor height readjustment setting, can anybody help me out.

Oculus link with a laptop.

I've got an acer predator laptop, and I have an Anker cable. (The one which oculus recommended.) I can plug my cable in, fine, I can connect it, fine, but when I go to play on a game, e.g Roblox, I cant see the screen in my headset but I can see the ...

View in VR a stithed HDMI Input

Hello,Is there an Oculus that can play the signal from a hdmi cable without any player or internet streaming ?I'm trying to use the output of an Insta360 pro. It is already stitched and the quality is much better than the video on the app or after an...

Is it my Quest, cable, or PC? that are having problems

I've been having problems with stuttering/lagging with my quest linked up to my PC. I don't really know the cause of the problem because i just bought my quest around 4 days ago. At first i thought it was my cable because i was using a party link cab...

Weird Oculus Touch Bug

After i changed my old CPU(i5 4670) for Ryzen 5 2600 my Touch Controllers when i use rifle in games(it doesnt even matter what game it is - ZeroCaliber, Boneworks or else) or rather when im using both my hands to hold something and when im pulling a ...

Cant get Oculus Software on PC

When I try to install the software it says I need more space or choose a different drive. And when I try to direct it to a different file it still doesn't work.

Frost- by Level 2
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Can't change phone number on "My Orders".

So I tried editing "Phone" but the number did not register and now won't take any number leaving that space blank, will I be able to set it up once the order changes from "opened" status or what can I do? Would be a insane bummer if this bug messed u...

I can not download anything in Mexico

I just purchased my Oculus Quest and i can not download anything through Oculus store i always get a message saying that Oculus is doing a mayor fix or update its platform and it is impossible for us to buy games or apps.Does anyone have a fix for me...

Very low fps on my rift

Hi,I've upgraded my 1070 nvidia drivers to 416.16 a few days ago and my rift's screen stopped turning on. I also had many tracking issues on my headset and sensors and they suddenly appeared as being connected to a usb2 port until i pulled out the ca...

Inateck USB issues

One one hand, it appears to be the recommended USB card. On the other, it seems rife with issues. I see some have no issues, and others can't get it to work with Rift S. Has anyone worked out the issues regarding inateck USB cards? USB is supposed to...

Rift CV1, white SOS led, HMD not responding

Hello, I could use some help with an error that my HMD is telling me, I don't know if anyone got this?Basically, the HMD (a rift CV1) is no longer working at all right now. When I plug it, the LED on the top center of the HMD will blink White in an S...

Order status: Open but nothing has changed

I ordered the Oculus Quest about 2 days ago, the order appears as Open, to receive on June 12, but they have not yet charged me the money. Is it normal or has there been a problem with the order?

lopebm by Level 2
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Impossible to buy on Oculus Store

Hello, I want to buy a 64GB Oculus Go on Oculus Store but it is practically impossibile... I try my Visa card, my parents' Mastercard and even my PayPal account... Error, Error, Error.... Really at the first time I was able to buy my order was myster...

Oculus Rift - 360 video problem - horizontal split

Hello,when I watch movies inside Oculus Store apps (for example Disney app or "Introduction to virtual reality" app) everything is displayed correctly .When I try to watch any 360 video from youtube with Virtual Dektop or with DeoVR, then movie is ho...

czakmar by Level 2
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JausVR no qt platform plugin could be initialized

I started having this problem a while back after using JanusVR for sometime. I unplugged Oculus and just reconnected but the issue is still there. Both Oculus and JanusVR have been reinstalled. I am using a rift. Any suggestions?

Zeno023 by Level 2
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How long does it take to process an RMA?

I have a question for the community.I purchased my Oculus Quest in April, and upon receipt there was an issue with the display. I opened a ticket with Oculus Support, and was instructed to return the product, which I did -- over a month ago. I was in...

Low GPU and CPU utilization with bad performance

Is anyone else having this issue? All of my more complex games like Asgard’s Wrath and Boneworks are stuttery and unstable. When I look at my GPU and CPU utilization on my desktop it’s like they are being artificially capped at like 30-40 percent for...

Resolved! Question about customs

I am planning on buying an Oculus Quest, but do i need to pay customs?i live in Norway

SemSau by Level 2
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