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Oculus Rift Sensor - General Device Problem

As the title says, I'm having an issue with one of my two sensors, where it doesn't really even function anymore. Let me go over everything I know, though:1.) The sensor, for a few seconds to about a minute is detected, but says poor tracking quality...

Hopwire by Level 2
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Disconnects in middle of IRacing official races.

So my Oculus has been doing this for a while now. I was hoping updates new drivers and patches would fix it.It doesnt happen every race but almost 1 out of 3 races now on Iracing my oculus will black screen and say it is disconnected then it will mys...

Any update on Rift S fixes?

Any kind of update for the Rift S? Like when will the next firmware update be, even if in test beta session? Are you all working on the black screen dead issue that the last windows update did to many of the Rift S headsets? I have not been able to t...

Oculus Quest - Wrong display time

'Great Scott!!' back from work and it seem my oculus quest have traveled in time during my absence because the display time is now 4 hours off. Is there anyway to bring it back from the futur. Doesn't seem to have any option in the android app.

Vhenzor by Level 3
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Can't download purchased game

I bought Gun Club when it was on sale Dec 19 and I'm unable to download it. The Oculus program doesn't tell why I can't download it, it just has the install button that won't work.

Dylan_R by Level 2
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[Oculus Rift S] Error while installing setup software...

Hello dear Oculus-Community and Oculus-Stuff,i've got my Rift S yesterday...I downloaded the Setup Program and started it, my connection isn't the fastest so it download the files in 4 hours.But after the Download he tried to install the Oculus App.A...

2 rift systems

Hello is it possible to have 2 rift systems ( 1 headset and 2-3 sensors each ) on one pc. i have 2 headsets and 5 sensors and would like to setup 2 zones for use. i do Not want to run both at the same time. I have 2 rooms side by side. one room is my...

display port problem

i recently got an oculus rift s and forgot to check if my laptop had a display port. I was wondering if i was able to plug the oculus rift s into a monitor with a display port then plug a hdmi cord from my laptop to the monitor?

Large game updates, tech reason and hypotheses?

Have a game, that tends to release major game updates every 3-4 months. It is about 18-19 gig in size at this time.Most of the other games that have updates, the scan and download is quick because the games are much smaller.Now, is it because of the ...

Charge light when the battery is drained for Quest

I have a question. If the battery on my headset is drained and I plug it in to charge, should the orange light come on? It's not coming on for me, and when I try to power up I briefly get a drained battery image and the LED comes on white, then the t...

amir650 by Level 2
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Is worth of it nvidia 2080Super vs 1080ti

Hello friends.New kid in town, and one doubt to upgrade my pc.As tittle show, I´ve got a 1080ti with a i7 8700K and 16Gb Ram DDR4 3200.Is worth of it upgrade to a 2080Super or the performace upgrade is minus than spected?King regards and thank you so...

banquer by Level 2
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GTX 1060 - not seeing an image on Rift

Hey,I have an issue with my Rift setup. I am not seeing any image, a screen is black. The headset is showing an orange and white light. I have a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB with current (431.60) drivers.I have my monitor on Display Port and Rift on HDMI por...

When can I actually use the Rift S I just bought???

I bought a rift s and it arrived today. I haven't been able to play a single game, much less get through the setup process. This is due to the rift just giving me a black screen within 30 seconds of using it. Sometimes it comes back instantly and som...

Alvirel by Level 3
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Headset and controllers tracking screwed after update.

Haven’t used the Rift for a while as I’ve been busy. It was previously working perfectly, apart from the odd black screen. Came to use it today, and 11 updates had to be downloaded and installed, followed by a firmware update for both headset and con...

USB Warning and Phantom right controller fix

Hello guys, So i been talking to support via email and they have game me the fix for the USB warning and the phantom controllers.Copy and pasted straight from there email, I have followed these steps and it has work and its been 5 days so far so touc...

Does this matter?

some of the hardware that powers your USB ports is not compatible:VIA USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft)]if i have 3 usb ports will this matter?

Broken screen on my oculus (CV1)

Hi!A friend of mine fell while using my oculus rift and now the right screen doesn't work anymore...I have raised this question as a support-ticket but with no luck, they did their best but they do not offer spare-parts and can't really do anything i...

luxxor by Level 2
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Whats this error?

That mean "has encountered an error. Restart the computer or contact support"

mike282 by Level 2
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Constant intermittent blackouts and game crashes

So I recently got a Rift and had to get some extension cables (why the heck are the included cables so short), and I have had no end of problems. First my setup: Intel i5 4670K @4.4GHzAsus Z97 Pro Gamer16GB Corsair Venmgeance @2133500GB Crucial MX200...

oculus app crashes as soon as it opens

After 2 days of struggle to get my rift set up, i finally got to a point where it would show where i could sign into my oculus account, but the window crashes immediately after opening and just goes back to the loading screen, repeating that process....

Kunamo by Level 2
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Audio freezing issue in Rift CV1

I've been suffering from an issue recently where as I'm playing a game in VR. The game will stutter for a few seconds and lag, one it returns to normal my audio will have stopped playing. Checking my audio devices shows that the audio has "frozen". A...

Moorus by Level 2
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I am having a horrible time with my headset, please someone help.

Hey there. I’m fairly new to PC gaming and having Oculus, so I’m going to try my best to explain the things I’ve been experiencing so far. From what I remember, for the first week or so of oculus I had great performance with everything being very smo...

Daphic by Level 2
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Oculus Rift Video Issues

Hello, I recently put in a support ticket, but I was hoping someone would be able to answer my question quicker than Oculus. I am having horrible issues trying to get my rift to work and it is driving me nuts. I have been researching for 3 days and n...

How long will I stay on hold?

I ordered my oculus on the 2nd of July, and I asked my bank to raid my limit to allow me to buy the headset but only for one day. The payment didnt try going through till the 8th. So I wasnt allowed by my bank to pay. I called them again and asked th...