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Sorry, we couldn't install Lone Echo II

I have purchased Lone Echo II. When I try to install, I get the error:"Sorry, we couldn't install Lone Echo II.Visit Oculus Support to get help"NOTE: There are no other error messages associated.1) I already have Lone Echo I, and 32 other games2) I h...

sford52 by Level 7
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My quest hasn't shown up, support says I have no order

My E-mail receipt from your company stated it would arrive today. But, the little scale indicates that it's still being processed. I've checked my order on your site, it says I have no orders. You have $ 299.00 of my money. Please explain. I have the...

Freeze and Crash / Restart of Rift S

Hello together,several months ago my Rift S started to have some problems. Randomly there are freezes and my sound is gone. I have to go to the Windows 10 Sound options to check mark and deactivate the sound and activate it, to let it work again. The...

Support ticket active for 4 days with no response

Hi, I was wondering how long it will take to get a response on my ticket. The only message I have gotten is:"Your request (3313638) has been updated.If you have any further questions or comments, please reply to this email." (translated with google)I...

Resolved! Paid for a game and wont install

I recently bought star wars tales from the galaxy's edge and yet when I try to install it it says i don't have enough storage when the game is 6.4GB and my quest has 9GB free what do I do?

RIFT S Display port on usb C

Hi, I was wondering to find a solution for that. I have a new gaming laptop from 2021, and tried to use my oculus RIFT S on it. The thing is when setting up the headset, usb is recognized but not the display port. I'm using an adaptater 4k USB-C to d...

Saved video syncing not an option?

We are supposed to be able to synce any video we save to the oculus mobile app. But in files, there is no option to sync videos. It’s supposed to be under recents, I’ve checked and nothing is there. I’m able to export them to google drive, but it’s a...

Also with the 3 dots...

Hello,#Rift-S, #3Dots, #Not-LoadingOur Oculus Rift S has stopped working. We get the app to show the USB and the Headset are connected, But, the VR screen only shows 3 dots scrolling. And either a red or white light between the lens. I saw a post fro...

oculus app not working on quest

ok so whenever the oculus app says connect your headset i plug my headset into my computer and nothing happens its just a loading circle it doesn't even show the red x error its just infinite loading any recommendations on how i can fix this?

Multiple lights inside headset

I liked it when I only had one green light inside my headset.Now I have 5 in total.2 bright (including the original) and 3 smaller "distant stars". Is this a known issue?How do I fix?

Stuttery Audio with a RIFT S

I have stuttery audio when using my Rift S. Tracking is smooth, I have restarted my PC, changed USB 3 Port, my headphones still work and are perfectly fine and the stutter is also there when using the speakers or a different sound device. Stutter is ...

Air link is unplayable for me

So I'm currently having an issue with air link right now. I can pair my compatible pc with my oculus quest 2 however when I launch in, everything works fine until it shows the oculus logo, it then shows the main menu screen and everything starts goin...

Preenox by Level 2
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Unable to add payment method.

I have tried two different cards on the website, Desktop App, Phone App and Headset itself. Used Edge,Chrome and Firefox also have tried with mobile data Versus internent no such luck. Everywhere but the phone app i get the message Error There was an...

Oculus runtime hijacking steam games

I own both Elite Dangerous and SWSquadrons on steam. Have been playing them with no problems for a while. Installed Oculus app with my new headset and it claimed ownership of both games and will not allow me to run them in the Steam space, only in Oc...

change username only once every 6 months?

Seriously? What is the actual reason for the limit? It sounds really stupid. Isn't it a game I paid my own money for?! It's easier to change the government issued ID name than the Oculus username. 

Di-man by Level 2
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DCS issue

DCS won't start with Quest 2. It gets to the virtual hangar then simply closes.

Can't use 'search' or keypad.

Just got an oculus quest 2. When I try to search for apps, or when I have to use the keypad to type in something like my postal code (zip code) it constantly stops and shows the 3 dot 'load' screen every second and then eventually says 'oculus assist...

How to pair quest 2 to multiple phones

I own a Quest 2. I made an account, paired my phone with the code, and it was set. I made another account for a family member, but when they download the app and try to pair their phone on their account, the code does not show up. Any ideas?

Slosshy by Level 2
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Oculus Link not working

When I try to open Oculus Link it will load for a few seconds then send me back to the Quest menus. It shows that Im connected just fine on the PC app before and after this happens, and it was working just fine a few days ago. I tried redownloading t...

No tracking every start up

Oculus Quest 2 is two weeks old and just today, every time I turn it on I get the "No tracking" warning. However, I cant even click the OK button and continue to the menu. Im able to select it and hit the trigger but nothing happens. The sound plays ...

Moss : sound cuts off (Moss : le son se coupe)

Hi to all,I'm currently in V33 version of the Oculus Quest 2, with the second update.I tried to play Moss recently and the first time we encounter one of the spheres keeping the castle entrance, we can protect Quill sliding a metal panel.Once done th...

VRSEB72 by Level 4
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