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Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber blocks delay

When I started playing beat saber, I already noticed that when I hit the blocks they would get sliced only 0.2 seconds after I sliced them. Now Im moving to the expert+ levels and it makes it really hard because of the delay.If you guys have a fix or...

change of e-mail address

I just found out I can no longer log into my Hotmail e-mail account, can I change my e-mail address? if so how do I go about it? setting or profile?

Paying For Game Tax in Oregon and My Father Didnt

So late last night my dad and I were buying Dash Dash World and he goes great it only cost 24.99 and when I clicked on it it charged me $2.52 for tax, and I made mention of it costing $27.51 and my dad said, "no I didn't pay for tax, we live in Orego...

Change name

So I am joining a clan in pop one and really want to change my name but found out I can’t change it for 6 months is there a way I can change it early

Logging out of Messenger app?

Hi Facebook, Your Quest 2 Messenger app has a logout feature with a description along the lines of "if you share your device with friends of family, you can log out here and you will require your password to log back in", presumably as a security fea...

No Sound with Riff S.

Upgraded my Riff for a Riff S. Had the original Riff for 3 years and loved it. Worked great no hassles. But it was getting old and the sound kept going in and out. I think it may have a short somewhere in the head set. So figured it was time to upgra...

Resolved! Air Link - Virtual Desktop showing black screen

Able to get Air link on V28, after launching Air link, all is good except I cannot see my desktop on Virtual Desktop, showing black screen. When I use VD apps all is ok, is there any additional setup I need to do to have my laptop appear on Air Link ...

serial number bug

Hi when i try for ask a request for a new facial cover caus of a probability of irritation it said that my serial number isn't valide but i search in the application too and its the good one. so i can't proceed.Thanks in advance.

Cant Login to Oculus App

Every time I try to login to the oculus app to play anything it reroutes me to the login page? I cant use my oculus and I already submitted a ticket that hasnt been responded to in over a week and a half...Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

having trouble logging into oculus app

when i try and log into the oculus app it tells me to log in with facebook, so i do and then it says something went wrong please try again later. Then when i try again it acts like its going to log me in for a few seconds but then it just kicks me ba...

Virtual desktop?

Have two different computers (Desktop & Laptop) running Virtual desktop on a wired network (both) and the desktop works when running 'Virtual desktop' with the link cable and the laptop I only get a blank black window when I start 'Virtual desktop' i...

SteamVR Very Laggy

I've seen many of this question, but they are all from older years and none of the answers seem to have helped. My Oculus Rift works perfectly on games using the Oculus app, but if I try to use any 3rd party VR programs (including SteamVR) the displa...

Brittle_ by Level 2
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Home2-Win64-Shipping.exe is crashing

I just installed Oculus on a brand new computer running Windows 10. All of my games work fine, but when I try to access my home, I get the following error: Faulting application name: Home2-Win64-Shipping.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x60624fa2...

Resolved! Refund for FitXR and Essentials Pack

I purchased these products and I was upgraded to the subscription based software. The essentials pack is not available as best as I can tell. I will use this post to notify the community if a refund occurred or not. I requested a refund based on the ...

Cannot purchase apps off the Oculus Store.

GraphQL server responded with error 1353099^ error code that pops up each time I attempt to purchase an application.I am purchasing a $25 game with $50 on a card on PayPal. There is no other reason this should be happening.

exfeno by Level 2
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Utter Disappointment

Recently, I bought an Oculus Quest 2. I love video games but my main reason is that I am a bed-bound person; I live currently recovering in a hospital bed. I will be here for a while and have been here for a while and it takes it's toll on a person. ...

Quest 2 microphone not working at all

So, ive tried almost everything now but the mic of my quest 2 just isnt working. I looked trough all the settings, made sure that its turned on but there´s no voice when I record a video or play a game. Same goes for playing trough oculus link. Made ...

Oculus rift no headset detected

I've had this headset for a couple years now, around one year ago Oculus would not detect the hdmi or the usb no matter what I did or what cord i removed and plugged back in, however I could still see the orange light on the inside of the headset. (b...

Trying to get a refund

I’m trying to get a refund for my oculus rift that was delivered two days ago. The refund link does not work which I see has been a problem for years. I contacted support multiple multiple times and they said they would send me a UPS label and they h...

How can Return Quest2 and get refund

It is very frustrating to use the support page. I have been looking for a page for return and refund and I couldn’t find any. The information provided to look into the orders and return doesn’t work either. I have already received the device, it give...

Dawiyah by Level 2
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