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Resolved! How can I contact someone other than support at Oculus?

I'm writing from a community college in Wyoming and am seeking some kind of datasets of the Oculus Store Apps so that I may compile a listing of educational apps per device with a way to indicate appropriate age/grade level. Support cannot help for t...

Fatal Error on Rift S [FIXED]

Hello There,after an firmware update on my oculus rift s, i received an problem with my rift s. (Attached pic)I hope you can help me to fix this issue, otherwise i wont be able to use my rift s as usual because i cannot set it up.Best regards

New PC Build/Oculus Home crashes everytime

i7 9700kMSI z390 Carbon Pro ACMSI Geforce RTX 2070 Super16gb DDR4 3000 Cosair Vengeance Ram850W corsair PSUwindows 10Rift SBrand new PC build.VR Crashing in dashboard, and home. More stable once I get into certain programs (iracing).Reinstalled Oculu...

Asgard' Wrath Update

How do I get past this? I have more than enough space for the update, the game is ALREADY INSTALLED. I am just trying to update it.

Rift S Sensor Tracking Failed (in the setup)

So i got my Rift S today and it tells me in the setup that it cant connect the sensors..What i tried yet:All USB 3.0 Ports and all DisplayPorts.Reinstalled the Program.Updated all drives and windows.Changed Energy Settings (some guy wrote it on reddi...

1ce by Level 2
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Development for total Nube

Hello fellow VR enthusiasts, I have an idea for a VR experience I believe could spark it's interest to a huge new group of people. That being said how easy is it to make a basic outline for this game with no experience what so ever?

I have not received my order - how can I chase this?

I have been told by the courier (Yodel) that my order has been lost and I must claim from the supplier.I do not see any information regarding this. Does anyone have an email address or phone number of someone at Oculus where I can follow this up plea...

The main screen (shell) does not start

After 10 months of the start of use, the main screen (shell) suddenly stopped starting when the helmet started. It displays only the power menu and the boot icon. Several times I reset the headset to the factory settings, sometimes after that it turn...

Fatal error dialog is displayed offline

I set up Oculus Rift S for the last few days. The Fatal error dialog is now displayed.Press the controller button as shown, but the error is displayed again and the problem cannot be resolved.I investigated a lot. I found similar symptoms but none of...

Install wont work

I've tried to install the oculus app on my pc but it will get 2/3rds of the way throught the install and then it will stop and say I have to restart my pc but that does nothing.Any Help?

"Invalid Query"

Whenever I try to load a game it takes forever and sometimes just doesn't work, but starting today it wont let me go into the oculus and find or start a game from there. It pops up with "Invalid Query". It says this every time and will not go away no...

Display port being used

My monitor requires a display port for its higher refresh rate. Is the only way i can use my Rift S by unplugging my monitor every time i want to use my oculus?

Yuuie by Level 2
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Rift Touch Controllers not working any longer

I was wondering if anyone else in the group experienced the issue I am having- I hadn't used my Rift (launch model not the S) in a few months- when I turned it on recently the controllers didn't work, I assumed it was the batteries, changed the batte...

Need Asgard's Wrath Manifest Files

Hello fellow Asgardians !!I was going to carry my game from my hdd to ssd but somehow i accidently deleted manifest files, now i only have game files and need manifest files to properly play the game..Any of you could share it with me or have the kno...


I am now turning to the community forums as Oculus support is absolutely terrible and is blanking me and that their software is incredibly bad.So before, I had the software installed and running fine with no problems, I wiped my PC back to the factor...

Barlree by Level 2
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Paypal purchasing error

Hey all, yesterday i tried buying virtual desktop. it gave an error (1353054). i looked up this error and it seemed to have happened before. how do i fix this?

How to turn off in VR notifications?

Several times now I've been in the middle of playing a game and Oculus inserts a notification in the game. This not a game notification it's an Oculus notification.It's happened at the worst times distracting me and making me fail. How can I turn thi...

Oculus quest wifi streaming

Hello, I've bought an Oculus Quest today and i already set it up. But the Webcast streaming to my phone stops after 10 seconds and the screen freezes. After starting the Webcast again it works for another 10 seconds and then the screen is freezed aga...

Order information

Hello,Currently I am developing a VR experience for a client.We want to order 20 Oculus Quest Business editions and we are planning to scale up to eventually 200. I have already sent 3 tickets in the past 3 weeks via "Get started" but I get no respon...

My Oculus Quest

On Oct. 9th my Quest died (no power light - not charging - would not turn on). My first contact with "" issued ticket #881348. After giving them all my information, copy of my purchase receipt (from Oculus), serial number on box, ...

A load screen wtihout any end... (Oculus Go)

Whenever I start my oculus go (even at %100) then it will give me a loading screen... It's a dark grey loading screen with 3 dots... I decided to let it load but it was not finished after 6 hours of waiting... Can anyone help?

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