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Going crazy, AA or texture problems. Help?

Hi guys and girls.The oculus rift S is know to be a little jittering due to some anti aliassing or texture problems.In het game Arizona Sunsine it is really bad and al the shadows and edges are 'walking/jittering/flashing'.But i have that problem als...

Tslimt by Level 2
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Problems with the new Oculus drivers

After the last update of the Oculus app, the following problem appeared: the game Pavlov VR stopped running. The following actions help: unload the Oculus app, Steam. Next, reinstall the Oculus drivers, launch the Oculus app and start the game. It wo...

wont let me buy games

i try to buy a vr game and it then says unable to buy please update your payment information for paypal but nothing is wrong with my paypal

Oculus Rift S | PC freezing when DisplayPort is plugged in.

Hello!I've recently obtained an Oculus Rift S, yet I have not been able to get through the setup process. After plugging in the USB cable from the Rift S, the green tick appears in the Oculus software, and as soon as the DisplayPort cable from the Ri...

NexAU_ by Level 2
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USB 3.0 Incompatible USB port

So I recently bought the Oculus Rift S and as soon as I unpackaged it I went into the Oculus app to set it up. It took me a few tries to get it working and I noticed every so often it would tell me that the USB port was incompatible. I should also no...

"Controllers required" message then library reload

I tried to use the experimental hand controls on oculus quest (pretty amazing but not perfect) but when I try to access an app or game a message appears saying "controllers required, select continue with the controller or use your hand to select canc...

RBigras by Level 2
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Message says new features regarding facebook?

Really wish there was install instructions for this facebook update. both options on bottom of message are greyed out regarding "staying logged into facebook" And cant get past this message and wont let me use oculus because of this, I assume i have ...

Authorization to Amazon Prime?

I'm currently trying to figure out why I was just charged $128 USD as an Authorization to Amazon Prime on my Paypal. I haven't made any purchases through Amazon in months and don't have Amazon Prime currently, but I did just put in an order for an Oc...

Download taking hours

Hi! We just opened the Oculus Quest for the holiday. We bought 2 for each of your kids. The one works great and my son loves it. The other one has been downloading for a few hours now. Is something wrong with this one or is that normal? Thanks for yo...

Antivirus error when installing games

So i got my Oculus working and I have downloaded a couple games. Everything is working great except when I download some games it tells me my antivirus is blocking the install. I tried adding oculus as an exception but dont think i am doing it right....

Oculus Software not downloading

Good afternoon. I am trying to get some clarification on some of the threads I have read. I have just purchases an Oculus Rift(used) and have been trying to download the software app and it keeps stopping. My download gets to 7.21 gigs and just sits ...

No sound in the app Discovering space v2

Hello. I have an issue with the app"Discovering Space 2". I don't get any sound in my Rift S when the app is running. Evereything works fine exept the sound. The sound works fine with other apps. Is this a known issue with this app? I hope someone ha...

TrondoS by Level 2
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Continuous cycle of updating

Why is it just about every time there is an update, Oculus wont actually update? But instead, you can click on "Update" in the app, it goes through the updating cycle, but it doesnt update. When it restarts it asks you to update again.....and again.....

Unable to reinstall Oculus Rift S software

Hello.(I've made an inquiry to the occulus support team regarding my newly aquired Oculus rift S.)I recently successfully installed the oculus software without any issues. The headset was working fine until the new firmwareupdate came a couple of day...

Oculus Sensor Not Detected

So I've been happily using my Rift CV1 for almost a year now without problems, but today when I plugged my sensors into my PC, windows reported one device not recognized. I then checked the Oculus Software and indeed, my second sensor isn't detected....

Oculus Quest screen keeps going blank.

This just started happening recently. When playing a game, it doesn't matter which game, every few minutes or so, the screen goes blank, shows three dots for a second, then goes back to what I was doing. I already tried turning off my headset and res...

Oculus rift CV1 tracking problems.

Hi, recently I started to run into problems with my Oculus rift cv1. The tracking is really broken right now. It fails to track position on USB 2.0. When I use USB 2.0, it says everything is alright. But when I put on my headset, grab my controllers,...

Cant get oculus rift s software to install properly

I have been trying to get rift s software to install properly for a few weeks now. My headset is due to come today. i am afraid i will send it back because this software wont install properly. I have followed oculus recommendations by going into safe...

Cut out all PC sound

after i plugged it in first time its completely cut out all sound from my regular PC headphones and removed/replaced them in the sound settings so i have no option to select them, ive got it unplugged and it still wants to uses the headphones in it

So, there was an update.

I was wondering what was that stuff blinking on my taskbar - seems like it was an update for Oculus.After the update, it threw a "cannot reach oculus service" error. After restarting oculus service, I got into endless "Checking the status of your ocu...