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Oculus app paired, but no longer connects to Quest or Go

My Quest will display as "Nearby" in the app but when I tap on it, it changes to "Connecting", "Searching", "Connecting" and then to "Not found nearby". A week or two ago, this wasn't an issue at all. I had no problem connecting to the Quest back the...

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

I purchased keep talking and nobody explodes for the gear vr a few years ago, and it still appears in my library on there, however i recently upgraded to a rift of the PC, and the game does not appear. A few other games I bought do appear in the libr...

Renderer proccess crashed, shutting down

Whilst clearing stuff during a clean-up, I looked into C:\Users\*me*\AppData\Roaming\Oculus and found a number of error logs.The first two simply state: Server closed connectionHowever, there are a further 28 files all saying the same thing:Renderer ...

Tracking isn't Working!

My left touch controller has been acting up and wont let me move it. Yet I can still rotate it and see me pressing the buttons. This is a big problem for me since I mainly play beat saber and the same 10 songs that support 1 handed play get old FAST....

GoIden by Level 2
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Were having trouble starting oculus

So I'm getting this error message when starting the oculus rift software "Were having trouble starting oculus. Your oculus software may be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the problem persists contact oculus support." I contacted supp...

Rift S - Application repeatedly crashes since today

Yesterday my Rift S was working perfectly but today, despite nothing changing with my setup, the Oculus application has started repeatedly crashing when I put the headset on. I've submitted a support ticket and tried using the usual troubleshooting s...

dekka3k by Level 2
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USB Driver Update Recommended - I have latest?

So, I'm seeing RED triangle that usually indicates issue. It seems to be just a warning though below there is a yellow triangle message on the two USB devices that are connected to my Fresco USB. "Your headset is plugged in correctly. If you encounte...

Installation of Apps fails most of the time

I am a Oculus newbie owing it for three days now.My problem is that I can only install very few Apps from the shop, I would say only 20% of those I tried. So far, I only tried some free one and it would be good to resolve this issue before trying to ...

Rift S incompatible with 430.86?

Been trying to solve this for hours now with no avail. reinstalling graphics drivers, doing clean installs, uninstalling and reinstalling, tried reinstalling the oculus app, enabled PTC. restarted pc several times,...


So the whole stuttering issue, Was fixed through some tinkering, So first i updated the motherboard bios and firmware, Installed tried the rift s same issue, I then un-installed the rift app, Updated windows to the latest build, Re-installed the app ...

coxy_99 by Level 3
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Is Oculus going to fix the IPD issue in the Rift S or is it going to be a lost cause for alot of people? Can they make another Rift S that has expandable lenses? Or are they going to keep it as is and move on?

Oculus Rift takes a REALLY long time to start up

I have searched this forum and Google and I am not finding others with this issue, but it is on both of my computers.When I first launch the Oculus app, it seriously takes 5+ minutes to open the Oculus home page. I have downloaded the patch, but it h...

WebDev by Level 2
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Rift S Setup - headset is black screen

I just got my rift S. I installed all the software and the app says to continue setup in my headset but when I put the headset on the screen is either black or fuzzy grey and I can’t move forward

Rift S - PC restarts when I shutdown

Am I the only one with this issue? I click on shutdown and pc does its thing to shutdown. Once its off it PC starts again. This only happens when Rift S is connected. SGN

Update just happened and tracking went up the creek

HiJust got another update this morning Oculus app version (, and everything has gone haywire. tracking went up $%%#$ creek one hand is just spinning, dash button is glitching all over the place white static is still happen...

Zandil by Level 8
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Canceled My order

hey guys, so today I decided to buy oculus rift s the payment process went but a few hours in I got a support email saying my order was canceled and Putin on hold and asked me not to rebuy it anyone know the cause of this issue and how long will they...

Help forcing games to run in VR

Hello, I'm a big fan of VR so far and have been having a lot of fun so far with using them. I had experienced no issues with lag, even with Steam VR running, and everything seemed to be working fine. Then, a software update rolled around, and now it ...

No sound on Oculus Headphones

Hello. I have an Oculus Rift and recently my Right Headphone has stopped working. I decided to keep playing with just my left ear and today my left earphone has stopped working. The issue is that it only works when the headset is fully loose on both ...

Controler and real camera doesn't work

Hello,I'm just buy the Oculus rift S few day ago.Today, in a beat saber session, the movement of my hands aren't reconize.The real camera don't work in the menu, so I think they can't see the controler and my hand.But real camera aren't broken : when...

Oculus touch free games unavailable

So last Friday i bought the Oculus with the Oculus Touch controllers. When i set up my Rift I had 1 free game, Lucky's Tale. On the box which the Oculus was in there were pictures of 4 games, I just looked at them like they were advertisement or some...

Touch controllers chewing up batteries. 2 sets this week!

I just got my Rift S on 5/29, and in the week since I got it, I've gone through 2 sets of batteries on the touch controllers with minimal playtime. The inefficiency of these controllers is ridiculous. If there's something that I'm missing, please tel...