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The Mages tale crash

Everytime i try to launch The Mages tale it crashes, giving me a "Fatal Error" message..I have looked around not finding any good solutions.I have tried Repair on the oculus app.Tried reinstalling the oculus app.Tried reinstalling the game a few time...

Update and uninstalling issues

Hey so I'm having problems Uninstalling games and apps on my quest 2 . I also try to update some apps but it won't do it. I downloaded a game that 4gb I have about 7plus left and it won't install says I have no space so I go to delete some apps and i...

Oculus app download freezes

I've tried to download the Oculus app twice with the same result. I can only get 4.96GB of the 5.12GB before my computer freezes. This is a new new build and the drive is a 1TB drive with 930GB space left. I have an Oculus account. Should I log in to...

I cant App Share Games on the New Quest 2

Hi I am trying to share apps on my new Quest 2 but it will not let me as the apps are shared on a quest that has been returned because of a fault. I have deleted the data remotely on the Old Quest but this doesn't remove the app Sharing. How can i ge...

Resolved! Quest 2 Controller Thumb Sensing

Hello! I've been having a weird issue with my controllers. The thumb sensing keeps sensing my thumb and keeping it on the controller virtually. I can't thumbs up with it at all due to that as it's constantly like that. This is mainly happening to my ...


I’ve forgot my pin, how do I reset it 

Set Up

So I just got the Oculus Go. Ive let the thing charge for three hours and when its plugged in i get a red flashing light. when i press it or hold it down to turn it on it turns on but on the screen inside it just goes black. i go to the app to try to...

HeadAux by Level 2
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High so i wanted to return a game I bought through my oculus app on pc and I do not know where to go to get the refund

Weebas by Level 2
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Can't find my family and they can't find me.

I've seen a few threads on this but no resolution. I try to add my dad as a friend and I can't find him... He can't find me either. We can see others users, our permissions are all public and we've tried our real names and usernames... What am I doin...

Can't Download Oculus App on PC

I'm new to Oculus and just bought a quest and wanted to install the Oculus app on my PC to use the link. When going to download, I have had nothing but trouble. The download either freezes completely or says I need to restart my PC. I have disabled f...

Oculus referral

I sent my friend a referral and he purchased an oculus quest 2, logged into his account but no 30$ gift there, where should he go? I cannot send him another referral link as it says he already accepted one. Thanks in advance

b0bgato by Level 2
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PIN Reset

Hi, Ineed to reset my PIN numer. I followed the instructions but, when I receive the email with the instructions, I click the link to reset and Intakes me to the oculus web page and I get a message that says: Ups, it look you are lost  does any one ...

Oculus Rift Dk2 No Hdmi Connection

I just got my dk2 last night as a present, but I hooked up everything and it said "No Hdmi Connection", but the headset was detected just fine. Same with the camera/sensor. I tried everything, to resetting my pc, to updating windows, to uninstall and...

Parental controls quest2 - mute older people?

I stay in the same room as my kids as they play. And some team games need communication. my son asked if someone would stop swearing please .. and the response was to tell my son to f@ck off and called my son a c*nt. I would welcome my son being able...


I bought this oculus quest system for Christmas. It has worked only four the introduction and stopped working after. I emailed oculus and they told me to clear my cache. My oculus is not hooked up to a computer. All I see when I login is my face on t...

worst customer support ive ever seen

ive been fighting with oculus for almost 2 months over my elite strap im still waiting for. they also charged me for it and then tried to tell me they were gonna charge me for it when it got shipped and they cant tell me when its gonna be shipped or ...

Beat Saber

Hello, I was wondering if my account could get banned from modding beat saber and what is the legality of it?

account transfer

Hello, How do you transfer an oculus account from one facebook account to another? thanks

beat saber update not downloading

so ill give you the full story but ill give you the main detail to start, the newest update came out for beat saber and it is just refusing to download i dunno why all it says is "sorry we could not download beat saber please contact oculus support f...

T1nglez by Level 2
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Applications perdues

Bonjour, J'ai récupérer un oclus quest de la part de mon frère qui ne l'a jamais mis à jour. Je ne pouvais donc telecharger des applications, effectuer des paiements, car les informations sur le compte étaient incorrects. Il a fait un "mot de passe o...

RomanGB by Level 2
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For Users w/ Black Screen on Rift, Post Logs Here

If you are still experiencing issues with black screens on Rift, please share your log files here. Usually with this issue, Rift will work the first time after a reboot, and then after removing the headset or going idle for a while, the screen in Rif...

Oculus DK2

Hi there, I have a problem with connecting Oculus DK2 and there are 2 issues there.At the beginning stage in the screen "Connect your headset and Oculus sensors" my computer can't connect USB and HDMI.I found out just now that my processor does not f...

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners download problem!

I have the Quest and I've been using it linked to my pc. I purchased the new walking dead game but cant get it to down load. Not sure if i've caused the problem. I normally use the oculus desktop pc app the buy games and then install them on my pc wi...

My oculus link is lagging.

I want to play computer vr games on oculus link. In home is a error because my graphic card it is not good for oculus link. Is possible to fix error and lagging without buying new graphic card and how?

Demyras by Level 2
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Worst customer service i ever seen

I am writing this review to avoid my bad Oculus experience for others. I bought a new Rifts S from Amazon on December 13, 2020, on March 3, 2021, Oculus updated software and firmware and since then my Rift has stopped working. I opened a ticket on th...