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Truncated SOFTWARE, Support Manifest Downloads Directories

What is the directory structure of Oculus? I noticed after Installing a new game I purchased C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\Software\NEW GAMEI am somewhat anal when it comes to my harddrive and where files are stored I have 7 Teraflops of ...

My order

Hi, I just ordered an Oculus Go a few minutes ago and the money hasn't been docked from my credit card account yet. Is this normal?

Resolved! Scale Avatar hand size in Unity

I'm working on a Unity project that requires me to scale the size of the avatar hands(with touch controls) to distort perception of an object's size. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this. The transformation of the hands i...

Oculus Rift display black with MSI GT83VR notebook

Hi - I'm getting sound but no display when connecting my new Rift to the HDMI port at the rear of my MSI GT83VR notebook. It's running dual GTX980 graphics cards in SLI - the Oculus app stated that it meets or exceeds the minimum requirements to use ...

Not receiving cash From Referral code

I have waited the 30 days and then some for the balance to arrive, They brought it on Jan 29 2019, It is now 3/3/19 Which is over 30 days. The main reason I am so worried is due to the fact that they had to contact oculus support because the purchase...

Failed to install game

Was so excited to get my new oculus rift! But I'm having some issues with installing some games. I get the "Sorry, we couldn't install GAME. Please visit Oculus Support to get help." errors in the notifications.So I did ask for support, but they seem...

VR Games Closing Randomly

Hello! I've recently encountered a problem where any VR game I'm playing, whether it be Steam or Oculus, will just close at a random time. There's no crash reports, just a black screen in the Rift and then Oculus home opens. I've been having a hard t...

Repair Function

I looked into this before I used it and saw there were problems with it. That was reported in 2016. I was told by the Techs at oculus I could use it. I did so and got a generic error message that required a restart. I did so and attempted to repair a...

Lone Echo Start-up crash

When i'm trying to start the game, white screen just blinks for a sec and then i get a bugsplat form (for crash report), that'all.Win10x64,GeForce 1070ti, 16GB RAM, Core i7 8700k.

Twomon by Level 2
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Major lag with Oculus VR

The moment I plug in my Oculus Rift headset all things that rely on a wireless internet connection go super slow or even stop working all together. I struggle to play VR online games due to super high ping such as Pavlov as I often find I have a ping...

Occasionally losing all tracking for very brief moments.

Intro:So the rig in question has the following specs:Ryzen 7 1700 @ stock clocks, Asus Strix RTX 2060 6GB (With the power limit bar turned up, and fan curves set, other than that stock settings), 32GB Corsair RAM, Asus Strix x370-F Gaming Motherboard...

Can not seem to install Oculus appplication

Hi,I can't install the applicationFirst it says that I require 15GB (why so much) anyway, I have >100GB so that is incorrect. How can you manage to make a VR headset but fail at simple maths? 100 is greater not less than 15Anyway it gives me the opti...


hi all im getting a stutter mainly see it in pcars 2 im getting it when I have oculus running even if I have the game running just on the monitor, the game will run smooth as silk but if I start up oculus I get this slight stutter and its doing my he...

New Rift Disconnects Too Much

It was working amazing for a few days. Then, it went racist. Whenever I tried to put it on it would disconnect. Any slight movement to the wire will disconnect. I never damaged it. All sensors and Rift are in USB 3.0 ports. What do I do?

Oculus VR Service logging

While idle, the OVR service writes developer logs to user\AppData\Local\Oculus\Service_timestamp.txt. I'm not big into spending I/O queues on writing things like 'yep there are some VR accessories present' for a service that intends to run indefinite...

Camera freaking out in Medium

Here is an example of what is happening...i posted this in the medium forum but no responses. I'm losing my mind trying to get this to work correctly. I just dont understand what's going on-

Metrons by Level 5
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Countless issues with my Rift

I see you deleted my post, so I'll just repost. You'll have to ban me if you want me to shut up.My Rift used to work mostly fine. Then, I wiped my PC and reinstalled Windows 7, and did not use VR for over a year. Now, I tried to come back. And what a...

New Install

I brought an SSD to just run my rift games but after installing Win7 and downloading all the updates I'm getting an error message from the oculus install saying I need to install 2 files KB2670838 and KB3033929 but after downloading both manually win...

Home has been robbed!!!

Yeah this is weird. I log into my Home last night and EVERYTHING is gone. Just a blank slate......not even the furniture/rugs are there. So I started over and remade it as best I could.Any idea how this could have happened?

Digikid1 by Level 12
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Change Email

I never set up my oculus account password, and I want to but I deleted the email assigned to my profile, anyway I could get yall to update my email? If so new email is

Tracking Issues Oculus Rift

Hey Guys Ok, so I have a rift was working really good until I'm in the game. Then it starts to jump around, then it settles down again, then 10 to 15 min in does it again. I'm posting Logs because I can't seem to find out a way to get this under cont...