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Running Oculus Software recently made desktop darker

I haven't run oculus software in a good long while and it's always been fine in the past but today i run the software and it updated and even before it did i noticed the color was more colorful and the desktop was a lot darker. Someone else mentioned...

Black screen after v19 update

Anybody else now get a black screen after the v19 update? I tried reinstalling drivers, rebooting, unplugging. I can't get into VR. Any fixes?

my pc refuses to see the quest when in developer mode

So sidequest hasn't been working lately so i uninstalled it and the files went with it to for some reason and when i have dev mode off my pc sees the quest when i hit yes on letting my pc view the files but as soon as i turn on dev mode no sign of th...

Rift S - Tracking Broken since v18

Video showing the issue :,first of all everything was working perfectly fine on previous versions,never had any tracking issues of any kindBut starting v18 update my tracking is broken when the two controllers are connected a...

Lag when approaching Guardian when using Oculus Link

Since v16 of the Quest software I've been having an issue. Whenever I use Oculus Link and approach the Guardian boundary, I get a lag spike in the headset until I move away from said boundary. After moving away, it takes around 3 seconds to resume to...

Unable to download the new update.

I keep trying to download the new update for the Oculus rift, but it says I don't have enough space on my C: drive. The update says its 12GB I have 44GB available so i'm not sure what the problem is. Any recommendations would be helpful.

Oculus Software Restart Required

Stuck it for 2 days It's kinda ruined my experience problem like this usually can easily fix by google it but this one It's insanely bad It's have a lot of way to fix but none of them work for me method i've tried so far-disable window defender (ever...

xDD_ha by Level 2
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Cant See Oculus Rift S Order

Hello, I recently ordered the oculus rift s about 2 or 3 days ago and I made and I downloaded the Oculus software so I could be ready. Somewhere while I was getting the software I accidentally made a new account with the same email I think. Because o...

Bruuko by Level 2
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Rift S is Frozen

My Rift S turns on for a few seconds then the screen just freezes in the camera view. I've tried replugging everything, still doesnt work.

bagp by Level 2
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High end Computer with LOW VR FPS

AMD 3950x 32gig mem 2080TI 11g in VR (Rift S) I can only get 40 FPS no matter what I try. All in game settings set on Low or even Maxed out The Game does not matter My FPS will not go over 40 FPS. I have not upgraded my Monitor as of yet. it is a 192...

Oculus Spotlight not updating

Home: Spotlight not updating. It's been stuck on Raccoon Lagoon, Republique etc for almost a year, updating to the beta didn't fix it. This creates the impression no new content has been added. It should reflect the Featured / Top Selling section of ...

Resolved! Fedex lost my Quest

My tracking number states that my package was delivered to my workplace and signed by someone called Kwan, but we don't have it, called Fedex Australia a few times and email them as well with no help, Should I contact Oculus as well?

List of error codes

Hi,I bought a VR headset Oculus CV1 in 2017 and I will buy a newer one in 2021.I would like to know if the new Oculus drivers are reliable.In the Oculus support, I couldn't find any information on how to fix possible problems with the VR headsets.For...

willy94 by Level 2
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Заказ с оф. сайта, вопросы

1. Что означает статус заказа "Открыт"?2. Почему с моего PayPal счета не списались деньги, хотя процедура заказа вроде бы прошла успешно?3. Если специализированный форум для русских?

Having trouble installing Oculus App on PC

I have just received an oculus quest, and I am trying to hook it up to my PC. I go to install the Oculus App on PC, and everything seemingly goes great up until the very last second of the installation phase. The installer stops and says "Reboot Requ...

Contries that can be shipped to

So I've been wanting to buy Oculus quest for a lot of time now but even after like a year my country wasn't added to the countries that this can be shipped to, when will you ship to Israel and why do you not just ship to all countries?

Oculus TV App not working

When I first set up my Oculus Quest and tried to access the TV app, I would get the 'Oops, something went wrong error', so I factory reset my Oculus (I was having other connection issues with it as well). I can now get into the TV app, but the 3 load...

effy_s by Level 2
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Can't connect to my PC

I am having trouble connecting my Oculus quest to my PC. I used the supplied USB-C cable and connected it to a dedicated USB c port on my PC (tried both a Case port, and a port directly on the motherboard). I see that the quest is recognized in my PC...

Can't install Star Trek Bridge Crew

I have re-downloaded my purchased apps via the Oculus App. Other apps install (download, install). Star Trek give an error that it can't download when I click the 'Install' button.

Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Rapid Clicking/Can't scroll?

So using the hand tracking beta I had no real issues, but after the release, I can't scroll. The pinch motion seems to glitch up and just rapid fire click over and over again, not allowing the scroll motion. Turning the quest off and back on didn't s...

98% of my connection problem was.....USB Port

Hello my VR Friends,The reason for my post here is to tell you what I found in setting up my first Oculus in hopes it may help others.This is my First Oculus and I purchased the Rift S.I have learned 98% of my problems were selecting the correct USB ...