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Resident Evil 4

I downloaded and installed Resident Evil 4 today, opened up the app and it said it had to do a one time optimization or something, the status bar went about a quarter of the way then the screen went black and the device starting trying to reboot or s...

Resolved! Resident evil 4 Download issue.

Hello, I got resident evil 4 VR today at 3 pm when it launched I have been downloading it for a few hours. I pressed download took off my headset and left it on charge. I came back an hour or two later and the game is still downloading but oh wait it...

Kyle979 by Level 3
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No email to reset PIN

Oculus Quest 2. I click the reset PIN button and i never receive an email. Its not in Spam. I cannot do anything.

Horizon Workrooms Oculus Remote Desktop Linux support

Hello!Horizon Workrooms is pretty neat, but it's pretty unusable at my company, considering most employees use Linux. I assume the Horizon Workrooms product team is already thinking about this, but I can't find any mention of this on the forum or int...

jtolio by Level 2
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I have requested a link to reset my pin and i havent got a email to do so and its making me veey upset

Need help

i got oculus quest 2 this morning, and I was trying to connect it with my laptop.but it stucks at the page said " continue in your browser"


Airlink and playing a steam game

Is this normal?I airlinked my oculus, then I started a steam game on my computer. (from steam program)Then the monitor displays the game and if I move oculus, the game display moves!But controller isn't working... not even displayed in the monitor.Is...

Quest 2 Unable To add Secondary Account

So I have the Multiple Accounts Featire on and when I got add account and I press login with Facebook and I enter my Email and Password it keeps saying “Something went wrong. Please visit”and I go to the website but it ...

I don't see any "Standalone HMD" as storage in File Explorer

I have my quest 2 plugged into my PC, and it is turned on. Whenever I go to "This PC" in File Explorer, I just see my C Drive (Built in) an my D Drive (External SSD). Are there any reasons why I am not seeing "Standalone HMD" as well? If so, what are...

IPC Connection Attempt Failed!

hey guys!About 3-4 days ago, my Oculus app has been acting VERY weird. This is the error I get: Sometimes, if I reboot my PC 20 times, I can get it to work. Ive tried: Uninstalling it, and manually deleting all oculus foldersDisabling windows firewal...

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Oculus Remote not Showing in Unity

The Oculus remote is literally not showing up for me in Unity at all. Unity wont even detect it. (Debug.Log(OVRInput.GetConnectedControllers()) returned none) I have the OVR Manager on a prefab in the scene and I also installed the Oculus integration...

Resolved! my audio is switching all the time

Just that, i recently buyed another pc11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz64,0 GB of ramAsus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3060 V2 OC Edition 12GB GDDR6 and when i finally installed all of my games i decided to install oculus.I just connec...

No referral credit

I sent my friend a referral link which she used when she purchased Quests for herself and her son. So far neither of us have received the $30 store credit. How long does it take to show? It’s been about 2 weeks.

Caiyyd by Level 2
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Oculus Link Cable not working correctly...HELP

I've tried everything. Updated RTX3070 drivers, windows drivers, support.New PC, it was working fine earlier. now ..nothing but 3 dots and all i get is "Oculus headset is not working correctly"I have all green lights in my Oculus app /devices. Oculus...

My quest2 is empty

I have not use mu quest2 for over 6 months. Today I tried to use it and it is emty of all its content and the only message I get is error loadin, try later ? Can someone help ?

I forgot my occulus password and pin

please help I just got my headset but cant buy any games as i forgot my password and pin as its been a while since i signed up I can log in to my overall account through my facebook but my facebook credentials are not registering as correct within th...

apps not popping up

This all started on Saturday 10/16/21first it showed me that my tracking was lost and kept glitching, after i fixed it i went to click my library to wait for some new games to load in from the App Lab, but none of my games popped up in my library onl...

Floor rising

I use the first oculus quest and when I’m setting up my floor it just keeps rising continuously without stop and it won’t snap to my controllers like it used to.

oculus app

when i try to link my fb account on the moblie app it just sits there a loads forever never logs in is there a fix or a way around because my headset is just waiting to use a pairing code that i cant even get to plz help

A and B buttons physically stuck

I was playing Lone Echo 2 on Oculus link when I saw my A and B buttons on my right controller had become unresponsive. The B button is having a hard time being pressed down and clicking and the A button literally wont move. I have tried lubricants (W...

Can you remove the avatar

I made an avatar and regret it. The customization options are bad and the avatars look horrible but I’m stuck with it now. I can’t figure out how to delete it. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Quest 2 charging port stopped working

I charge it after very use last few times it hasn’t seemed to charge properly and now it flat refuses to charge I’ve tried different chargers the only one that kinda works is my google wifi charger