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Hi! I want to change my email. Because I don’t have access to the old email I have in oculus quest 2.

Resolved! Sidequest

Having troubles connecting my quest 2 to sidequest ice connected usb_c cable and developer is active my problem is when I try give permission sidequest wont show up as a usb device for my to allow connection

My guardian can’t stop drawing

When I try to setup my guardian, even if I don’t hold the trigger, it won’t stop drawing the guardian. if i pick a stationary boundary, the sound of drawing the boundary persists.

My Quest 2 Just Bricked Itself...

I am on the newest hotfix of v27.1 or whatever u wanna call it... ugh why? I was just playing beat saber for an hour before this happened, I turned off my headset and turned it back on a few minutes later to see the "updating" logo  I haven't played...

GPU coil whine when OVR service is running

Hi. I own a Gigabyte RX 5700 XT. Recently I found out my GPU was starting to coil whine during idle conditions when I installed the Oculus App. It took a bit of fiddling around, but I eventually found out the OVR service was causing the problem. This...

Apexic by Level 2
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Rift S cant connect, but Orange Light AND Sound?!

Since today I am having a problem with my Rift (have i running since 2019) - it shows in the software as not Connected, but the Orange light is on.I have tested all my USB ports on the motherboard, as well as the USB-C port on my graphics card - and ...

Three? browser screens at once. Or NOT

Can somebody tell me Why I can't pull up three browser screens at once anymore ?. I can't find this anywhere in settings and it's driving me crazy. .. Somebody Unauthorized to push buttons Obviously must have Pushed the wrong button ... Please help

Quest 2 Guardian and tracking issues came back after v32

For a while I was having the seemingly common problem with the Quest 2 guardian where, when setting the floor, it moves up with you as you stand up and the guardian itself moves around as well, basically rendering the guardian unusable. Furthermore, ...

Quest 1 stuck on boot screen (like others). Bricked.

I recently suffered the issue where my Quest (1) is stuck on the white oculus "eye" pill shaped symbol. I've done the power+volume button factory reset a few times with no luck. It's pretty much bricked and stuck on that loading screen.  There are a...

Quest 2 - White Screen on Boot, recently purchased.

Good afternoon,On Sept 18th, 2021, I purchased my first ever Oculus 2 Quest and Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap and Carrying Case Package. This is my first ever VR headset, so I've paid careful attention to the guidelines and directions for optimal device...

Resolved! Oculus link

Hello. I just got a brand new PC and connected it to my oculus quest 2 that I've had since January. Yesterday was when I got the pc and immediately connected the quest to it. My computer has all the requirements needed for this to work. It was workin...

Disconnected when I start AirLink

Disconnected when I start AirLink and reconnected when back in quest home.Been using Airlink for awhile now without issues, but for the last 4 days I have been unable to connect. Everything looks good, all Drivers updated, everything restarted, on th...

KOG85 by Level 3
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Oculus Link stutter

Have my Oculus Quest for nearly a year now and was mostly satisfied with it, but using it after some weeks again, I have now frame drops and some kind of ghosting as soon as I start Oculus Link. The sound is also cracking. Starting games that worked ...

Anker Charging Dock

I recently purchased the charging dock. The headset charges fine. The two handsets are always flashing amber and never charge beyond 70% and 60%. Is this functioning properly? Should the handsets be fully charged as well?

Oculus Pin not working

I keep trying to purchase games but it whenever i enter my pin it loads for a bit and then just says incorrect pin- i’ve reset my pin a bunch of times and it still doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

Oculus quest 2 controller drift

So for some reason my left controller joystick even when not being moved or touched at all is constantly saying that it is either going left, right or most commonly downthis is constantly happening in menus and in games causing me to either just scro...

Left controller keeps scrolling down

I’ve had my quest2 for about a year and now when I try to play any game or even in the menu my left controller keeps scrolling downwards, does anyone know how to fix this?

USB/Display Port Disconnect Issues

I have the Rift S and i am thinking about getting the Quest 2 as much as I despise FB. My Rift S disconnects every 3 minutes; I get a USB not connected error followed by a display port not connected error. I have to replug them in so much my computer...

ghs22 by Level 4
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I made a new oculus account and it won’t show me the 5 digit number to pair it to my phone.