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Oculus rift S black screen!

Hello Everyone... Today i downloaded the driver for the grapich Nvidia gtx 1060 and when i go to play with oculus it turns off but i can see the game on the screen! It's a problem with the drivers? Until yesterday i was able to play! (Sorry for my en...

Oculus won't turn on.

So this is weird. I'm not sure if this is related to the update but it would have happened around this time. My Rift HMD suddenly won't turn on or be recognized by the computer. The orange light is on but won't respond. I've repaired/reinstalled and ...

Head position jumping - tracking issue

HiWhen playing DCS, XP or AFS2 it happens that my seat position jumps around and I have to recent the headset very frequently. This appears to be new, since the last PTC 1.39 update

Rahotep by Level 4
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usb 3.0

sur mon ordinateur je n'est aucun port USB 3.0 et je voudrais m'acheter un carte controleur PCI express usb 3.0 et j' aimerais savoir quelle serait la meilleur marque compatible avec le uculus rift ou toutes les marques le sont,j'attends des nouvelle...

1.7.1 breaking steam vr

i recently installed the firmware update V 1.7.1 and i appears that the steam vr does not know what i am using has been resolved

Oculus Home turns off my monitors

This started since the last beta went live. I can no longer use VR. Any time Oculus Home is launched, my headset display goes blank and both of my monitors go black as well. Everything stays open, I can hear sound, but there is no display. The only w...

Not getting updates Oculus S

I think I should have 1.39 ver update, but showing Also one of my games, (derail valley) didn't update, & should have.

bobd14 by Level 4
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Herobound broken gamepad keymapping

I just played Chronos with a ps4 controller using ds4windows, which worked fine. Looking for more, I got Herobound: Spirit Champion. However, the controls do not seem to work properly. The square button, which is mapped to X, does not seem to always ...

Sensor Nightmare even after buying new USB card

Hi there, I really hope someone can help me. I got the Rift a year ago. Enjoyed it a lot. Then I decided to up the game and get an extra sensor. That was 6 months ago and I haven't been able to use the Rift ever after. I've tried so many things but I...

Computer crashing in VR

hello all, I bought a oculus rift S the other day.had to upgrade my GPU and buy a PCIE usb 3.0 expansion card because my motherboard 3.0 ports didn’t work. Then my pc kept on crashing when starting VR and it happened on other games so replaced my PSU...

Dash problem after oculus update

Hi there! ...there was a problem with dash after the core 2.0 update..and the support didn't help me with my every time that i start the oculus proccess it's has a banner in front that says "dash encounter a fatal error. Please reload dash...

Oculus setup issues, loads of em (offcourse)

Long time oculus user, although I am very aware Oculus setup has been flakey since they started distributing in that form, it never seemed to work the first time unless you have a fresh install with service packs instead of sequential updates.So firs...

Neouni by Level 2
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Primary display size changes when launching Oculus Rift

I have a GTX 1080 with primary display being a 40" TV and a secondary 27" monitor. Recently I've started getting this annoying screen size change when launching rift. Like an overscan. The windows taskbar is out of the screen viewing area and so fort...

Rift S view seems slightly tilted/slanted?

Just got new Rift S and view seems a little tilted.I read about similar issues with the original Rift, and some IMU tool?Hopefully this is an easy fix, appreciate some help.Thanks

Rift S Disconnecting when touched or moved

Hi all,Just got my Rift S, the latter gets disconnected when touched or moved. I tried every USB Port my motherboard has 3.0 and 2.0, same issue.Anyone got similar issue?Cheerz

Can't find Oculus order number

I started having hardware problems with my Rift, and contacted support to see if I can get it repaired. I need my order number, but I ordered the headset as a guest before setting up an account and lost the number. Is there any way to recover it?

Can I just get some support?

I put in a ticket on Saturday after talking to chat - wasn't expecting the chat person to solely create a ticket for me... but whatever. Didn't expect a reply until the work week but I am still waiting for someone to respond to an issue that is clear...

Resolved! Turn off environment audio and pin pictures Rift Core 2

Does anyone know if you can turn off the environmental audio (ie:music and ambient sounds) in your home environment in the beta core 2.0? I would like to play music and or watch videos in the home environment and do not want to hear sound other than ...


FINALLY got past the ineligible device issue with my new Oculus rift only to be faced by another issue. When downloading it gets to about 4 gigs before it crashes and says to check connection. I've checked my internet connection ( also reset the mode...

Duplicated controllers in devices

So my rift S started creating duplicated controllers in devices. Worst thing is those duplicates have discharged battery (while real ones have full batteries) and I'm getting an error about low battery when entering VR. Also they cannot be removed fr...

abyx01 by Level 2
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