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Hmd disconnected playing Vader Immortal

I have a few issues with my Rift. Since the last 2 updates from Oculus, I have several things on my pc disconnecting randomly. First it was a sensor, it would disconnect and reconnect at random, then after switching a few cables around to fix it, I h...

Oculus rift cv1 sensor placement issue

I moved my place around a couple weeks ago. After doing so i tried redoing the setup process and when it asks me to go into the center of my play area with a touch controller to setup the sensors, which are located left and right of my 3 monitor setu...

Oculus Client Program keeps loading

I generally don't keep the Oculus client program open, as it revs up my video card unnecessarily. However lately the client program just keeps loading even when I have my Rift off to the side, just sitting. I don't want the client program to keep loa...

Stuck on Install Oculus Software screen

I'm stuck on the installation screen. I've tried deleting anything oculus related in c:\, turning off windows defender or antiviruses, restarting, and reinstalling multiple times. Attached are the log files. Can someone help me?

So we apparently have two common issues with the Rift S

Is the launch batches just bad? Many people are experiencing white flashes intermittent on their headsets, me included. they occur not often. But at least every few hours you may get a couple. They dont last long but a split second. Still something t...

Oculus Quest 64gb help!

I've had them for an hour ... I've noticed that I put them to charge and the minutes turn off the orange light, are they broken?

DIOXNET by Level 2
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Oculus app repair will not complete

I've been having trouble with my rift recently, so I decided to uninstall Oculus and reinstall it. After waiting hours and hours for it to install, the installation always gets stuck at 99% complete. I restarted the installation 4 more times and it d...

Unable to Change ASW settings

I have been trying to turn off ASW while in DCS World and have been unable to do so. Tried key commands without success. Opened Oculus Debugging Tool and set ASW to off. Started Oculus, then DCS and tested to see if frame rate locked. Frame rate 40. ...

R0cky49 by Level 3
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Ipd adjustment issues

The ipd slider is completely useless it does nothing. The edge of the left eye is blurred and it stays the same even with those adjustments. Iv tried pulling the lenses closer and further away and nothing. I know this is a software issue my ipd is 6....

Oculus Rift Beta Blue Screen

Hi,I want to use the beta version of the software due to my streaming and needing to see chat in game word.However every time (after I re install software) I click to go on beta and then try open up oculus home. My pc blue screens with what appears t...

Enzoo96 by Level 2
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Can't stream from Quest to Phone

So I got my Quest yesterday. Loaded app on (Galaxy 7) phone, paired with headset, set WiFi, updated, loaded games, etc. without any issues.Tried streaming to my phone. Headset shows up in selection, pick phone, hit button. Authorization shows up in h...

fnbauer by Level 2
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Can't get the app to work!

I have been using my oculus rift for over a year now and the app and everything has worked great. Then one day it just said it need to be repaired then everything broke. So I tried reinstalling it like Oculus said to do, I did everything they said an...

Oculus Rift Software not installing

My software is not installing. It's just staying at almost done. (Picture of loading bar: I contacted Oculus support but it didn't help much. This is what they said "Hi,Thanks for contacting Oculus Support. I understand y...

Your headset displayport isn't plugged in

My new Rift S keeps getting a black screen while using it and this is the error that comes up every time. I checked device manager and under Camera > Rift S it said "This device cannot start (Code 10)". If I restart the software I can get it to come ...

Out of Stock ?

Hey guys I purchased a rift s on wednesday 4th and it said *will be* Shipped by the 5th (yesterday) its the end of play on the 6th and still no email updates, tracking etc.Is there any news of stock shortages etc?... if you go to the oculus store and...


I've tried multiple methods to get the rift s Software to work but I keeps coming up with the restart error.Here is where the problem is on the log[Debug] [6/20/2019 7:10:12 AM] Uninstall 'Dawn.Setup.CreateOculusDirectoriesStep' succeeded.[Debug] [6/...

“Unable to add payment method”

I’m using the oculus app in my phone and I’m trying to add a debit card, but I keep getting this message. Yes, all my info is correct. I restarted the app, restarted my phone, tried disconnecting from my WiFi, I tried everything. It’s getting to the ...

Quest Download Queue Issue

A small portion of Quest users have experienced issues with their download queue, affecting their ability to download content. If this has impacted you, we suggest the following steps to help you get back on track and enjoying VR:1. Check the version...

Issues with updating to the newest version.

So an update came out, and basically bricked the entire software for me. Attempted a repair, restart and full uninstall and install. I'm out of ideas. Does someone know how to fix this stuff?

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