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Impossible to install new apps with MS Antivirus

Hi,Since last microsoft update, I am not able to install a VR app with Oculus home anymoreA popup says : it looks like your antivirus blocked the installation. Go to Oculus support.Can someone help ?

Side loading problems

For the past few months I have had problems with connecting my go to any pc’s I plug it in and it comes up with a message saying “usb device not recognised” and I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work what can I do

USB 3.0 stopped working...

I just got the Headset yesterday, it worked perfectly fine. and now it the usb drive doesn't wanna work for me. I have tried 2 different computers. I can't get the USB 3.0 to go green..

Can't accept any friends in oculus home

Let me make this perfectly clear, Facebook...i do NOT want to use your antisocial / private data selling network. So i was happy that i can use oculus by creating an oculus account. And just now i talked to some person in his Oculus home. He sent me ...

Rift S Analog sticks getting stuck facing upwards in games.

This is a new problem i have encountered since the new update. When playing Pavlov VR, SteamVRHome, BeatSaber and others either the Left analog stick, or both keep getting stuck in the upright position (only in game, in reality the analog sticks look...

Eld00n by Level 2
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Sensor Not Getting Detected - 'Set Address Failed'

So whenever I try to plug in my oculus, the headset and one sensor works fine, but the other sensor decided to dip for some reason, and now no longer gets detected by Windows. I've tried restarting, using other ports, and a bunch of other stuff but i...

Resolved! how to buy/find a replacement cable for a rift ?

Hello, after a few weeks of use, i decided to clean my desk so I disconenct everything but the unplugging replugging the hdmi connector dedicided to bend for one pin. I openned a ticket but i don't know how long it will take or if i will received a r...

Rift S sound keeps dissapering

I have just bought my Rift S but now for some reason everytime i start playing the sound dissapers after about 5 minutes. The sound on the laptop still works but I get no sound from any vr games.Please help

Unity problems after Oculus update

My project was working fine this morning. Then Oculus updated (without asking).Now, I cannot run my project from Unity. When I start Unity, the Rift shows the loading screen (Unity Editor - Loading...) and never gets past that screen. It's as if it t...

Oculus Store credit app notification does not work

I have linked to an image detailing the problem. The notification for the promotion credit doesn't work. Pressing it takes you to the second screen, with no option to do anything. The credit doesn't show anywhere, and attempting to purchase an app do...

How do I access to the free up grade of Go apps to Quest apps?

Hi,I have some go apps which are eligible for free upgrade to Quest apps but I cannot find the "free blue button" in the store page.I checked store pages from Quest and mobile app in Quest section but had no luck.The apps are TOKYO CHORONOS, Virtual ...

gedo831 by Level 4
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Where can I get replacement HDMI cable for the Rift?

Hi all,So I've been having an intermittent issue with my Oculus Rift when the screen suddenly goes black and I get a notification saying that my HDMI cable is not connected. It has been happening more and more frequently so I can only denote that the...

quest or go

Hi I want to know Will Quest or Go support GoPro fusion? I have fusion. I haven't bought Oculus yet. I have MacBook pro laptop. NO PC. if Quest/Go yes work for GoPro fusion, I would buy asap let me know thanks.

Mini Display Port Adapter

My brother was using the Oculus Rift S on his laptop, he accidentally yanked on the tether and broke the mini display port adapter. We went through Oculus Support and got another adaptor. We tried it and it did not work on his laptop assuming the por...

Rift-S Controllers Lag in Grip Release

When I close my grip on my Rift-S touch controller (last 3 fingers) and hold it for a second or two, then release, there is quite a bit of lag before they open again. The right controller seems worse than the left. My old Rift cv1 did not have any la...

Go TouchPad not working

Just received my 3rd Oculus Go, The touchpad on the controller seems to be uncalibrated. In the beginning tutorial where it asks to swipe, i noticed it wasn't working properly, after many attempts to swipe right, it kinda swiped, but only from the bo...

T_K_O by Level 2
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Oculus Quest won't Cast to brand new Vizio TV

It seems that the Oculus Quest isn't able to cast to the brand new Vizio M-Series Quantum TVs which have the latest version of Chromecast built-in. All other apps and devices are able to cast to this TV, just not the Oculus app. When is Oculus going ...