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Resolved! Email scam?

I’ve had a email from about login in and receiving a new facial interface because of allergic reactions from regular interface. Is this a scam email or legit?

JPK007 by Level 2
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Oculus not excepting 4 digit pin

I have been trying for several days to collect a $10 credit it would not except my payment and now it won't recognize my 4 digit pin. Today is the last day to retrieve this credit.

DeeHam by Level 2
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How do I see videos I’ve recorded while casting from my phone?

All apps gone

Seen a couple people have this issue but I'm gonna post anyway in hopes someone has a solution. Started my quest and it had a forced update. After it finished, all my apps are gone. I'm logged in and can see my purchase history but there's no redownl...

List of issues with the Oculus Quest 2

Hi to all,Owner of an Oculus Quest 2 since several months, I encounter many issues since two months, mainly since the V28 firmware, which still occur with the V29 et V30 firmwares.I will report them here and how I managed to deal with, I hope it will...

VRSEB72 by Level 4
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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

Hi,I have a Dell XPS 15 7590, i7- 9750H with 32gb ram and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.I have been trying to use my oculus link with Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 however I have noticed the oculus link cable does not support the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 grap...

Cant login with my Facebook account! please help!

Hi, Since yesterday I can't log to the Developer Dashboard with my linked Facebook account. I guess there is a sort of login, but what comes after is a white screen with an error code. also not sure it's connected to this issue, my home page on the o...

ki7a by Level 3
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Games crashing on oculus quest 2

Recently whenever I play a game on my quest 2 it will randomly go into a black screen for a second or 2 and then put me right back into the game where I last left off. It doesn’t restart the game or anything. This crash happens every couple minutes o...

Resolved! V30 Update WiFi Issues (BUG)

After updating to v30 my quest 2 keeps randomly randomly disconnecting from WiFi. And sometimes the WiFi speed will slow down <100 Mbps.

larcenauts stuck in infinite update loop (quest 2)

I keep trying to get the new larcenauts update on the quest 2 but after it finishes it just says update available again and doesn't update. other games can update and download and I don't even exit my game library as it updates. anyone know what to d...

joining live events

How can I join a live event in the oculus quest? I tried to attend an NFT opening at the Stratosphere(?) but I couldn't figure it out.

Huge Issues since v30 update.

I had no issues with my Oculus Quest 2 until the latest update. Now my wifi does not want to work. I can be in the middle of playing and bam it goes down with error stating something is wrong with wifi. I check other devices and no issue at all with ...

Set floor

Someone please help  i dont wanna send my quest back butttttEvery time i go to set the floor, it doesn’t stick to where ive lowered the controllers, it just floats back up to around my shin area. Ive even tried pressing go from the floor and it will...

Developer mode

I am using the oculus quest 2. And I use the app sharing 3 Accounts Feature. so I'm using my 2nd account. How do I pair my headset to my phone on my 2nd account. So I can turn on developer mode?

Subtitles in Asgard's Wrath

I purchased Lone Echo a couple nights ago and was disappointed to discover that there are no subtitles in game. (And I need them to enjoy any game I play)I uninstalled it, then began looking form something else to try. Asgard's Wrath looks amazing, a...

LonArt by Level 2
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Navigating oculus vr

Why is Oculus so hard to navigate? No instructions for finding things. It takes you where it wants to. Wont let you sign to Amazon Prime. Why is navigating it so disorganized??? Really frustrated and ready to send it back

Constant lost tracking / lost guradian since v30 update

As subject states. Never had any issues with my quest for months. Since v30 I cant play a game for more than a few minutes without Lost Tracking and Lost Guradian. And before I even have chance to re-draw my guardian boundary it loses again and repea...

X99MYKE by Level 3
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Resolved! Oculus desktop software isnt detecting my headset.

Im using a usb 3.0 cable and recently the oculus rift software stopped detecting my headset when it was plugged in, I haven't had this issue before. Does anyone know how to fix this?Edit: I should also say that I don't think its the cable, sidequest ...

Moshy42 by Level 3
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can't access oculus service

Hello, I have oculus quest2 and I bought a new computer and when I installed the oculus home software and then run it, a message appears that says ... try to repair, uninstall and install, restart and I have no solution, please help me, thank you

Resolved! Rift S - New L controller not working

My left Oculus Rift S controller still works, but it's started to get a little wonky at times, so I bought a new L controller (not cheap) for testing purposes. Even though I removed the (fresh) battery from the old controller and put it in the new co...

Problems starting some games

I've recently downloaded superhotvr , I went to play and it said cloud sync, progression bar went up then it put me back to the home screen, it did this for the unchained game aswell. In my phone app it said the game is launched in my headset but not...

Oculus not sending a password reset

I tried resetting with ( Oculus - Forgot Password ) and I still haven't received an email about it yet. I have checked the email that I was using to reset with was linked to the account, but still no emails were sent.

Oculus Link Performance issue

This image clearly shows the issue I'm having, with all games. Assume I've tried all normal forms of troubleshooting. I am at a loss to understand why this would be happening, USB test shows 2.7Gbps which should be sufficient. I have had no issues si...

Kaltern by Level 3
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3 vertical black and 1 yellow lines on right side of view area

I have the Oculus 128 headset. Used it yesterday with no issues. Left it turned on and charged overnight, with headset sitting on the floor. No drops or damages. Put it on today and there are 3 vertical black lines and 1 yellow line on right side of ...

Cant buy game with debit card

So I am trying to buy Fnaf Help wanted, and I am using a VISA $50 Debit card, and everytime I put in my pin to buy the game, it says "GraphQL server responded with error 1353051: We're having trouble completing your request. Please try again later". ...