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Referral program Austria

Hello.I already own an oculus quest 2 and an active account.Now my friend wants to buy a quest 2 too and i found out that there is an active referral program in europe, where we can both get 30€ in balance if i "invite" him.So even after hours of res...

Family Sharing between Quest 1 and Quest 2

Last year, I bought a Quest 1 and over COVID, we bought quite a few titles and this was almost entirely used by my son. This year, I bought a Quest 2 and was looking forward to app sharing since all the titles I had were for Oculus Link with my PC an...

Built-in Virtual Desktop Blank [Rift S]

Not sure if anyone can solve this but when I open the Rift S's built-in virtual desktop tab all I get is a blank window and a lot of lag. I've tried restarting everything but that hasn't helped.... This also happens with apps within the Rift like vir...

1509ARL by Level 3
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Rift S Support

Okay so i have been through every fix that i could find through this and through google and YouTube i cant find a fix but my headset cant track the sensors but my ports are working and the headset isn't broke we tried it on 3 computers and it worked ...

AMD 6700XT - Doesn't meet minimum requirements - Oculus Link

As the title says really, I have a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Eight Core CPU, an AMD 6700 XT GPU and 32GB RAM however when using the Oculus Link on my Quest 2 it says it doesn't meet the minimum specs? Is this right? Will I be able to game competently with it...

Oculus home empty

I logged in my oculus home and was empty.I tryed do a new home but say me "that object is used in another home go to and try to recover it".WTF.. Help me plz i spend a lot hours decorating it and dont want do it again.

Tumyue by Level 3
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Oculus Quest 2 is Stuck on black screen - possible solution

I have been consistently struggling with my oculus giving me a black screen when I try to turn it on and so far none of the forums have been very helpful. I thought my quest 2 was a lost cause until I started messing around with it, and I think I may...

Cant pin media anymore.

I used to be able to play pokerstars vr and sit back and pin my desktop to the world so i could watch netflix while playing a few hand. now whenever i have netflix or hulu up it gives me a black screen where the movie should play.. audio still works,...

Made a purchase but no email receipt

I went online and made a purchase for an oculus quest 2. I checked my email and there was no receipt. I called the bank and they had put a hold on it. I told them that it was me and they said that since I have clarified that it was me it would make t...

Resolved! Older Virtual Environments Don't Download

I can only download half of the Virtual Environments. Someone told me these are the ones that first came with the Quest 1. I have the Quest 2. I can't download Classic Home, Cyber City, Space Station, or Winter Lodge. I think there may be a problem w...

Lochleg by Level 3
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cannot install after reinstall

Literally today succesfully installed oculus software and had some problems w the leap motion so i was doing some random stuff ended up trying to install oculus_runtime_sdk_0.8.0.0_win.exe which didnt work out as oculus software was giving an errorfu...

verzz by Level 2
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Bought the star wars pack

So I already own the three vader games it said they would be taken off the price but it doesn't seem to have done this, any ideas?

Resolved! Built in virtual desktop issue (Quest 2)

As of somewhat recently (2 weeks ago or so) my virtual desktop has stopped working. I can see cursor movement but the entire screen is just black. It was working previously then this problem arose and I have gone through just about every "solution" I...

thaiboy by Level 2
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oculus softwre for link

my software is saying that it doesnt have engough room to install but i have 500GB of room. Can anyone help me? thanks

Oculus gallery doesn't start

I'm using Quest1.The other day I reset it to factory settings.I have reinstalled the Oculus gallery.But Oculus gallery doesn't start.I get a message saying "oculus gallery has stopped repeatedly".What should I do now?

VR-MANIA by Level 3
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change email

Hello, I lost forever the access for the mail linked to my oculus account, I'll try to change email, but the system send an email to confirm to my old email (the one I lost, so I cant read and confirm) so is impossible for me to change the email link...

Unable to enable "Air Link" on PC

Hi there, I have the "Air Link" option on the Oculus software on my PC, although when I try to enable it I get a blue square to the bottom of the page with no message in it, and Air Link does not get enabled. Does anyone know how to solve the problem...

unable to view/download virtual environment.

hey i just got my quest 2 and downloaded a few virtual environments, after a few hours i went back to that tab in setting and i couldn't see all the other environments that i didn't download. does any one have any fix?

Oculus home items dissapearing for good

While redoing my home, some rare items would after placement, suddenly pop back into my inventory. I'd try place them again, but they'd just pop right back. It would take somewhere between 3 seconds and instantaneous. I thought this was very strange,...

Cea by Level 2
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Virtual Environments Won't Download on Oculus Quest

I have the Virtual Environments tab and when I go into it I have the Quest Dome set as active. When I move the pointer over either of the other 2 "Classic Home" or "Winter Lodge" I get the download option. But when I click on it to download it doesn'...

How to install star wars tales from the galaxy's edge on pc.

Sounds silly to ask but how do I install this game via the oculus desktop app? I can install the game on my quest 2 but would prefer to play it via pc link. Cannot find the game even when specifically searching for it on the desktop app, doesn't even...

Quest 2 - Air Link and Cable Link refusing to work properly

Recently I was having issues with cable link whenever I tried to launch Steam VR or any applications that use it (disclaimer: Steam is the only platform I use to play VR games at the moment). Whenever I even try to launch Steam VR with cable link, th...

Casting, sharing problems. quest 2

Why can't I or how can I cast to chromecast via a shared account? I have an admin account with 2 other accounts that I added under it and have selected the option in settings to share apps. Why can't I cast a game to chromecast when I switch accounts...

Ablyss by Level 2
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Hardware Notification.. Oculus isnt working correctly

I have my PC Oculus app ( and Quest ( completely up to date and i have all green lights in my oculus app for connection . Every time I try and connect to Rift Beta I get the error.. Hardware Notification Oculus ...

Oculus Quest 2 Headset Battery

Hello, I'm new here and I'm just worried about what will happen to my headset battery in the future. It's not replaceable and by the time that my battery is damaged and it doesn't have a warranty anymore, will Oculus support replace it for a fee? The...


So I am trying to stream beat saber to my pc for my twitch and there is no audio! I have searched everywhere but I just don't know what the problem is. Will someone please help me?