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Oculus library not working.

I was playing beat saber and many other apps all weekend without any issues. I came home from work and my library was empty, both on my headet, and on my pc. When i went to the store it said the games cost money. I clicked on the games and it tells m...

Dorito0 by Level 2
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[SOLVED] Rift Unknown Performance Error (unplayable) plz help

Greetings everyone longtime Rift owner, been a while since I've posted here hope everyone's well. I've recently ran into a severe Issue while trying to use my rift after a few months of taking a break from it. For context I run a 4 sensor setup rough...

Resolved! Does CV1 require more resources than DK2?

I use a DK2 headset successfully with FlyInsideFSX flight simulator (despite warnings that hardware is inadequate). I am considering upgrading to a CV1 but don't want to find that my PC setup won't support it. I know my setup is below minimum specs t...

abrahad by Level 3
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Resolved! Resume not working correctly on menu

Hi all,I need to pass 1 more requirement for my app to be published and it is this:VRC.Mobile.Functional.1The app runs and installs without crashing, freezing, or entering extended unresponsive states.Pressing the Back button on the main menu causes ...

Elite Dangerous Update 3.3.02 Won't Update

Hi there,Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition doesn't appear to install the latest update so I can't play the game.So I go into my library to install the latest update for Elite Dangerous - click on the Elite Dangerous game item and a pop-up app...

Elite Dangerous can't log into game

Bought the game couple days ago and it downloaded fine. When I went to play for the first time yesterday and launched the game it said I needed to remove the rift and log into the game. I typed in user name, password and the authentication code they ...

JSMosby by Level 3
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Glitching and stuttering in Oculus Rift

Seems like this a known issue that people are getting but I have not found a solution to my problem.I am getting this issue everywhere it seems, in the 'oculus home' the 'white environment' and in apps like medium frame drop is so bad I can hardly ma...

Abit83 by Level 2
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Can't launch Superhot VR in Oculus anymore?

I just got my Oculus rift about a week ago. Everything has been working good. I had Super Hot VR installed on Steam, and I was able to launch it through Oculus Home while I was in my home. I am not sure what happened, but it stopped launching in home...

TehLib by Level 2
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HDMI not being recognized

So I've got all my sensors and the USB on the headset set up, they're all recognized. However, the HDMI cord is still not recognized, and I've tried everything I can think of. Uninstalling and reinstalling, unplugging and plugging back in on the comp...

Black screen after 15-20 minutes?

When I first start the Oculus it will work fine for the first 15-20 minutes, then after that the video will start randomly cutting out and be replaced by a black screen. At first It will only be black for a split second then it will return to normal,...

Voice13 by Level 2
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Buying a replacement HMD

I posted earlier about how my headset was experiencing a random flashing while I was using it. Now the problem has gotten worse with it frequently blacking out, so I opened a support ticket with oculus. After some back-and-forth with support, it appe...

Rift mic not detected

Rift settings clearly show the rift headset has a built-in mic. When I go into recording devices on my computer, it does not show it/detect it at all. I have to either put a headset with a mic on or buy one of those high quality mics

Compositor Frame Drops Every Second (Stuttering in Headset)

Hey Oculus Forums, I recently started getting stuttering in my rift. It happens every second like clockwork and is displayed as dropped compositor frames in the debugger. Here's a link to a similar issue.I have a i5-4460 8GB of ram, a GTX 1070 and Wi...

OwynC by Level 2
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USB Sensor issue

USB Sensor issu tried switching usb's tried uninstalling, reinstalling, tried the setup and they were working fine a day ago on this pcplug them into my old pc and everything works fine so any ideas?

purchased apps

i purchased several apps from the oculus store on computer it said they were put in to my library ready to dowload that are not there can some one help please I'm new to this

Problems with Oculus/TV HDMI

Hi all,So i have this problem where if I have my Rift and TV plugged into my 2 HDMI ports, after a while my Rift stops working. It still registers as being connected but I dont get any ppicture. Anyone know how to resolve this?

mic volume on oculus rift

when i play games with people they say my mic volume is low i need to speeck loud to make them hear me i checked the mic volume on my pc it is 100% so what should i do to fix this please help?

Can't enter Narcosis

When I start Narcosis, it tells me to press < (back arrow on a gamepad) to reset view. I dont own a gamepad. I cant get past this screen to start the game, no keyboard keys, mouse buttons, or Oculus controller buttons do anything. Well, the Oculus co...

USB Disconnect Sound every couple of mins

Got my new rift a couple of days ago.. I noticed my PC making those usb disconnect sounds as often as every couple of mins. Went into Event Viewer and the error shows Process C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe (process I...

Bandwidth limiter not working correctly

I was seeing a lot of dropped TCP connections when I was downloading updates for the Oculus software, and then I remembered I had set the bandwidth limiter on. Imho, a bandwidth limiter should smoothly scale down the bandwidth to the desired value, b...

jbaert by Level 3
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Rift Extension

I need some help. I have extended the reach of the Rift using an active usb repeater and a hdmi 2.0 cable with separate active signal amplifier, both cables are 5m long. The problem is that the headset is showing as connected in the Oculus software b...

HU5K3R by Level 2
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Is this covered under warranty?

First time I've noticed this tonight upon using the rift tonight. Seems like the glue is peeling off from behind the foam and exposing the audio ribbon. I don't want to be using my rift to find that this will damage it further.

Dead and Buried Connection Lost

Hi, I've been playing Dead and Buried Horde mode a lot recently but all of today I've been having connection issues. I can join or create games but after several rounds I'll get an on screen error message "Connection Lost, returning to main menu". Th...