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USB for Rift Headset Connects but HDMI isn't recognized

So, I have been messing with the rift for the past week and cannot get the hdmi to connect to my graphics card (GTX 1080 3GB). I replaced my pciexpress card to one that is powered and recommended by oculus. I was wondering if anybody had any idea wha...

Grab and Trigger lag after 1.41 firmware update

I'm having a MAJOR control LAG (trigger and grab buttons) after this new firmware update. it was all fine before, now it is takes about a second holding the trigger for it to actually do something.In X-plane, I can see a MAJOR SMOOTHING o...

Rolling video--suspected sensor problems

I've had my original Rift for a few years now and I went to fire it up today and for some reason the video is rolling. I went through the calibration, reinstalled, changed ports for everything....same problem. What I did notice is that if I turn the ...

SOLVED View 90 deg to the left of the Positional Camera

Hi all,I really hope that somebody can help me. All of a sudden the view inside the rift is always 90 deggrees to the right of the positional camera. I never had any problems and now al of a sudden this happens and I can't seem to solve it. When I lo...

can i

can I download a side apps on the quest like steam or anything ?

When are Oculus going to fix the website login issues?

Just like the title says "When are Oculus going to fix the website login issues?" Maybe @ShowbizDonkey can answer the question because this problem has being going on forever. I login to the first page, but then I have to login again to the forums an...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Ovrserver updating without notice !

I noticed that since the last update , the Ovrserver process is updating / donwloading continuously without notice some mysterious files .In the Oculus software there is NO notice about this mysterious download , no game or Oculus software update ind...

Oculus Error OVR88948175

Good Morning all,Getting the below error and here is what we did to work around it. My two main questions are:Is this a bug in Oculus application not creating this registry key? Can any one provide any insight as what is going on here? After looking ...

pgh3 by Level 2
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Can't access DCS

Trying to get into DCS. Rift screen says controllers are seen. To check if they are charged and paired. Only using headset. Frustration level 10+

Dagger6 by Level 2
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Oculus support don't respond anymore

I got an issue with my oculus and i filled in a ticket 3 weeks ago, and for 2 weeks now he don't respond back to me after all the tickets i send.I sended about 9 messages to him and the last was 2 weeks ago or so. Is this how oculus go on with people...

Progje by Level 3
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HDMI and USB 3.0 cables not working

My HDMI and USB cables are not working. I tried plugging them out and then in again but nothing happened. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti and I am pretty sure this meets the minimum requirements for VR. Here is a image for my situatio...

Robo Recall unplugged crashing

I need help as I’ve been playing robo recall unplugged along with other games and they keep crashing. The main offender is robo recall which is crashing every hour or so. However, it doesn’t say that it has crashed it just goes to the oculus home scr...

I can't remove my payment method

Hey guys, I bought the oculus quest today, when I tried to remove the payment method off of my account, the method came back up after I clicked delete. I tried adding another card, but the same issue, but the new card could be removed. Any help?

Rift Old Poor Tracking Quality Problem - After PC Sleep

Hey, it's been a huge while since I've been here. I wanted to see if the users have found a fix for this problem.At first, I was having the "Computer won't sleep due to OVRService running." So I would stop the service a few times, and now most of the...

Shipment to e.g Poland

Hi. I want to buy oculus rift S. I'm living in Poland. On oculus shop site there is a price 449Euro. I'm afraid I can be forced to pay VAT. And my question, I will need to pay? Or VAT is included to price? . Thanks 

Oculus Rift S with a GTX 1050?

So i got a oculus rift s for my birthday and the displayport won't connect, if u plug the mini adapter in my pc the screen in my rift works but its sideways and the displayport keeps searching. From what i was able to find is that my grapichs card is...

Oculus Store in Korea

Currently stationed in South Korea, bought a Rift through amazon. I used to be able to access the store for games, and now I can't. I even have store credit on my account. When I open the store now, there aren't any games listed, and in the desktop a...

Oculus Quest - Random buzzing/static sounds

My oculus quest speakers make buzzing/static sounds, like a loose headset cable. The static sound stay for about 0,5 sec and comes back every now and then. Some time i have no problem for a complete charge and some time i can't even enjoy playing 1 s...

Vhenzor by Level 3
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