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Cannot play Minecraft without a headset

I bought the CV1 when it came out. When Minecraft VR came out, instead of binding my Minecraft instance to the Microsoft Store I bound it to the Oculus store. In the description on the store page it clearly says "If you have not yet downloaded Minecr...

When is restock on the Oculus Rift S or the Quest?

I really want a VR but they are sold out everywhere, I live in America. just wondering when they will be back in stock or I would love to preorder one. Also, don't want to pay $600+ on eBay for a used one.

pasdra by Level 0
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Game starts in computer window but never loads in headset

I often have this problem. Tonight I wanted to play Blade & Sorcery but ended up giving up. I start the game, and there is the loading screen. The after a while I hear that the menu music starts, but it's still loading. When I take off the headset an...

Oculus Link - Strange movement of the environment

Hello, last weekend I bought a ne Oculus Quest and with it a strange problem.When I start Oculus Link, I notice some tracking issues which don't exist in the normal use of the Quest. While moving my Head (in the home menu or any VR app running on my ...


For weeks now iv been getting a stutter when turning my head from left to right. I cant think of anything else to try! i have had so many issues since i "upgraded"from my CV1 to this Oculus S. Any help would be amazing. Ive re-installed oculus home, ...

Order cancelled without consent

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well today. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having a similar issue, where they managed to order an oculus rift s unit, only for it to get cancelled out of the blue. I wasn’t provided with a reason behind ...

Flickering grey bars

To start off I was able to use VR nearly perfectly fine for the first few days. But as of the last couple days I had grey flickering bars when the headset moves on virtual desktop mode and it was saying my VR Headset video cord wasn't hooked up right...

Oculus Rift S not working with

i have a new PC with only 1 HDMI port. I have purchased a USB -C to HDMI adapter, and a USB to HDMI adapter. The adapters recognize other devices when connected to other PC's so i know the adapters are working good. I know my oculus works as i have u...

Visible Screen Edges

I just picked up my 64GB Quest from Best Buy and upon first use I notice some less than immersive visual issues, including the god rays which apparently are much improved from the last gen of HMDs but still pretty awful in my eyes, as well as some at...

Epic Roller coaster high level stutterings

HiSince some weeks, the Epic Roller coasters are totally unusable. High stutterings are giving a strong discomfort feeling. It wasn't the case before. I havn't any issue with other applications I have, just Epic Roller coaster. I've bought some coast...

jef32 by Level 3
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Left Controller Not Working

Hi, My left controller was fine for about 4 days since I start to use my oculus..Now I´m having trouble with turning on.... The message I get in the screen is that the left controller run out of battery, but I have changed twice with new batteries an...

No Image Oculus Rift CV1

With the Oculus Rift CV1 I've been able to connect the HDMI after 4 days of it not connecting with the software for set up. Finally today the Oculus HDMI has started to cooperate for some reason, or so I thought. Right now there is no image displayin...

Having to switch sound output device is driving me mad

When I've been using my PC normally, like Youtube or whatever, I have my output device in Windows 10 Sound control panel set to "Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi)". If I start using my Rift I have no sound and have to change the output device to "Headphone...

Charged but payment not taken?

I recently bought an oculus quest. I got an order number and everything saying, "thank you" for the purchase. Yet they haven't charged me yet? There's money in there obviously so why haven't they charged me? Do they charge when they ship or immediate...

Oculus 360 photos is a broken mess on Rift S

-Oculus touch don't work in it and you need to use a keyboard or an Xbox controller to navigate.-360 cities integration is broken and nonexistent.-No categories aside from 'Featured on Facebook' which has a very limited number of random photos.-Those...

Oculus Support stopped responding to me

Hey dear Oculus Community!So up until now I only had good memories of Oculus support until last week. Don't get me wrong the People are great and got my old Broken Unit replaced December 2019(Remember this part as its crucial to the story!)But sadly ...

ExoMods by Level 3
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Oculus Rift S will not connect properly anymore

Hello, I've had the Oculus RIft S for a long time now, and recently I've done a bit of a few major upgrades to my PC. Now I expected it to be a little bit hard to get my rift back up and running, but not this hard. So I currently have a Gigabyte Z68X...

HDMI not connected?

I just purchased an Oculus Rift, which was working prior to purchase, and now whenever i try to plug it in to my computer, it says the HDMI does not connect, no matter which HDMI i connect to. But, I can get video feed onto my headset, I just cannot ...

Controller joystick wont work.

Cant play games properly when pushing forward on the left controller stick makes me go backwards, rubberband me, or just barely work if I push hard enough. There is no dirt around it. There's no odd feeling when I move the stick around. Anyone simila...


how long does it take to update? keeps saying headset updating however its been almost 10 hrs

Height and boundaries issue after Oculus update

Ever since the last update, my height and boundary adjustment became dynamic - it doesn't stay in one place and moves together with my movement (headset movement). Same with height, it lowers or goes up with me standing or sitting down. I tried reset...

Streaming Steam VR games

Hi guys, hoping someone might know why it is that some steam vr games seem to have no problems being streamed straight to facebook from the Rift but others, like HLA, are not allowed?

Resolved! Audio stops suddenly, randomly

Rift owner since 12-10-18. while I'm new to the Rift, I'm very technical. The first week, everything seemed to generally work as expected. Then Oculus did an update. While I cannot confirm the update is the issue, since that time, my Rift headset has...

Newbie with Oculus Link - Looking for help

Hi All, so I have my Oculus Quest, i have my Cable. I plug in the cable to the headset and the headset gives me the "Allow Access to Data" I select ALLOW, then I go to the Oculus App on my PC and it says Connect your Headset and nothing happens, neve...

Quest - USB 3.0/2.0 issue

I am posting this question/problem for my friend's kid who has never been able to use his Quest due to a frustrating issue. During setup it refuses to acknowledge that his Anker 3.0 USB cable is plugged into a 3.0 port. And it is, I'll note that I'm ...

15 days no rift

returned my rift 15 days ago for right earphone not working. little to no contact from support. last contact 5 days ago saying we will look into it.what a joke

farebro by Level 2
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