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Oculus Support

So I purchased a rift. Finally it arrives after being excited for so long.As with many many users I've now seen across the forums my headset USB and HDMI is not recognised, when it is recognised it is disconnecting and re-connecting multiple times.I ...

USB 3.0 not Recognized

Picked up my Rift S yesterday and started the app and plugged in the USB then the HDMI. Started and finished firmware update and then got the red X over the USB on setup. Worked fine on my Rift for months. Tried the Checkup program and everything was...

USB Power Surge

Just received Oculus CV1 using ASUS G20 Oculus Ready PC and USB Ports disable after installing software. Reason: Power Surge from device (Headset) is being detected. Tried to go to a power USB but still not enough power. Anyone else having this issue...

Headset went black in game and won't turn back on

So was hanging out in VR like I normally do when my headset suddenly shutoff, SteamVR said it lost connection and needed to be restarted so I hit the restart headset button and nothing. Then I restarted the PC a few times, when it started the headset...

Anon27 by Level 2
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Not charging

Got my Oculus Quest delivered today but the headset is not charging at all. On the Oculus App it is saying that it is connected and was at 5% when I put it on charge and has now went down to 1%. I have the red light on the headset. Please help.

Rift S Super Sampling problem?

Set Super Sampling to 2.0 using Rift S and my hands are stuttering like crazy in Oculus Home. Unplugged Rit S and tried Rift CV1 with 2.0 Super Sampling and it works smooth with no crazy hand stuttering?

RedRizla by Level 16
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Can't reinstall Oculus App and Key files can't be deleted.

After my Oculus App failed to start (after previous unhindered use for a few weeks.) I used the OculusSetup.exe to repair the App. After multiple failed attempts, computer restarts, deleting the C++s, and closing programs in task manager, I resorted ...

Audio issues

Got my Rift S today, picture is fine, but every few seconds I get a weird audio cracking sound. Same happens with plugged in earphones, is my Rift S broken?

Vidski by Level 2
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Home screen not responding

Some buttons on the home screen don't respond/load, the library, store, settings all do not work, the only button option that does work is the browser, any ideas on how to fix this? I have restarted the quest and still cannot get the library, store, ...

Resolved! How long does it take to get customer support?

I have been stuck with Oculus support for a week now and only received one response. I attempted to buy a unit only for it to be cancelled without my good ahead. I got it during the summer sale and I don't want it to take so long that, by the time it...

skyraze by Level 2
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My left controller is stuck in standby, any help?

Hi,my new left controller is stuck in standby showing no battery, i tried contacting oculus with a ticket we talk for a replacement but i live in a unsupported location, i change the batteries, i tried formatting my pc, disconnecting and reconnecting...

Unable to start games

Not sure what exactly triggered this problem. Quire a number of things changed. Android version was updated from 8.1 to 9. Oculus version was updated. These are the major things. I'm trying to install an run a game on my Galaxy Note 9 with Gear VR. A...

Oculus Software won´t start anymore (Rift S)

I pluged out my old Rift and pluged in the Rift S. Then I open the Oculus Software and they detected the new Rift S and starts the Setup. The Sofware says I need a Firmware update. After the update the Software starts and closed many times. Now the S...

Help controllers not working correctly (RIFT s)

Hi guys,received my rift s today and upon setting up I am having issues with the controllers movement. They are connected and paired and when i move they either freeze, are in the wrong place or don't work. The controllers seem staggered in movement ...

cj19931 by Level 2
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Help! Keeps saying "Request Timed Out."

So I have an oculus rift and used to use it frequently but then I packed it up a few months ago while cleaning and didn't try setting it up till now and now when I try to set up the sensors and get to the "Initiate sensor tracking stage" it sees my c...

Rock Band VR - Song pauses at the beginning

I was curious if anyone's seen this come up. For a while after I learned iCUE was a problem, I had been enjoying RBVR until songs started to pause for a good 5-20 songs shortly after they started. It wasn't a huge issue in the new game mode (though a...

[SOLVED] So, my eye's IPD is 68.5mm. What now?

Howdy.I've been to my local optician and they've measured my eyes. 34mm and & 34.5mm from nose to eye. Summing this up is 68.5mm. The rift only supports max to 70. But that's like the limit with losing quality.What's will happen if i setup my headset...

Sensor setup

I don't see the same devices setup anymore. I use to go to devices, click on "configure rift", then select sensor setup. How can I redo my sensor setup now? Thanks for any help.

bobd14 by Level 4
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i have two problem for oculus rift

one is I play vrchat and I try in oculus it just you can hear sound but keep loading and when I see screen it already start second i don't know why i am all set up and all good but one thing wrong video card please plug your headset into the same gra...

habakim by Level 2
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