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help me whit my controlers

I need help I have a problem connecting my oculus quest 2 to my pc the problem is: when I lunch a game through steam VR i can see my controls and it says press to toggle dashboard on my left controller I cant get rid of it thanks I n advanced

jenyp by Level 2
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Left joystick keeps twitching

Hello, for some reason the joystick on my left controller is always twitching to the right making me move to the right constantly in VR, does anyone know how to fix this?

Air Link appears as a window when launching it.

Hi. I don't have any problems "connecting" my Oculus via Airlink through my 5G wifi to my computer. It picks it up and connects just fine. However, the issue is that once I am connected, my view changes to a distorted window, and I can't really use t...

Quest2 black screen even after reset

I have a oculus quest 2 64gb? That is stuck on black screen. Iv factory reset it 5+ times with no change. After I reset the HS a logo will appear followed by 3 white dots (2seconds) Then screen goes black. The volume will appear if buttons pressed an...

Headphones not working with headset

My headset wont output sound to the right side of any headset i plug in it might be the inside of the headphone jack that got messed up with headphones plug being ripped our from playing games by me swinging my arms. Cause that broke my one oh my hea...

Kat_Kot by Level 2
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Discount not working

When purchasing a game, there is a discount code of 25%. It seems to work at first: after entering it, it shows the discounted amount. However, the amount I have to agree to in my credit-card app is the original amount again. Anyone had the same issu...

Replacement lenses?

I’ve got minor scuffs on my lenses from wearing glasses and now I’m worried about my vision and headaches when playing as some things are constantly distorted. Is there any way of getting them replaced officially or any way of fixing it as I don’t fe...

Oculus Quest2 で VR SQUAER のVR動画を見る方法

Oculus Quest2 でスマホとの連携の設定は済ませました。VR SQUAER のVR動画を見るには次にどうすればよいのでしょうか。VR SQUAERには入会済みです。VR SQUAERのサポートページにはOculus Quest2には対応していると書いてありました。

Broken controller

My son broke one of the controllers is it possible to buy one individual controller and be able to link it to my quest 2?

Alx215 by Level 2
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constant sound

When ever I am in oculus, no matter what I am doing, I have the sound you get when you map out your gaurdian in the room scale option and when ever point my controler up it goes away, like it would if I was in the gaurdian setup. I also have a proble...

Ben951 by Level 2
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My quest was stolen, is it possible to block?

My Oculus Quest was stolen today, is it possible to block it, like mobile phone? Or maybe track it?I see in my facebook account my logins attempts with oculus quest, but now i am changing my passwords and add second factor.This is enough to track it ...

비트세이버를 환불 받고 싶습니다

제가 7월26일에 비트세이버를 사고 2시간 미만으로 플레이하고 재미가 없어서 환불요청을 하였지만 금일8월4일까지 아무 소식이 없습니다.. 제발 요청 거부라든가 요청승인이라든가 아무거나 부탁드립니다.. 제가 돈을 바닥에 버린것 같아 너무 슬픕니다

Air Link

Hi all! I am using the Oculus Quest 2 and am trying to get Air Link to work. I have it on the PC App and the Quest. Whenever I connect to my PC, the Oculus app shows it has connected, but the Quest had 3 dots and then goes back to the home screen (no...

Displayport not detected Rift S

The displayport is not being detected by my Rift S, but is plugged into my dedicated graphics card, and being detected by it (being picked up as "DISPLAY\OVR" on my Radeon RX 570) I have been trying a bunch of different fixes and I'm at a complete lo...

Riolto by Level 2
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Lone Echo Glitches

I just bought this game three days ago and I LOVE the game but I’ve had to restart twice because of glitches. My first issue was a stuck battery and I couldn’t remove it. When I closed the door the battery would just go through and I tried for an hou...

Can’t Connect

I keep getting this message that says Looks like we can’t reach the oculus server please check your connection. I’m running on windows 10 and oculus support hasn’t been much of a help. Any one having the same issue? it’s driving me crazy

Why does my Quest battery drain when unit isn't plugged in?

If I ever leave my quest unplugged when not in use, when I come to use it the next day the battery is completely drained. I have turned off the feature that makes it turn on automatically when it senses I have put it on. I am usually in the habit of ...

I still don't have 120hz on v30

I have updated my quest 2 to v30 a while back and I didn't have 120hz yet. When v28 came out it didn't get 120hz and the problem continues. I have tried everything from connecting my quest to my phone and computer but nothing. The quest app on comput...

Oculus app setup cant connect please check connection

Every time I try and run the setup for the app, i get as far as agreeing to the terms and then it says it failed to connect and to please check connection.. I've tried everything at this point and its super disappointing... Every video i see online s...