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Oculus Software refusing to install on secondary drive

I'm about to grab an Oculus Quest, my first ever VR, and I'm planning on connecting it to my PC via Link cable. I decided to try and download the software beforehand so I can have it up and running by the time I get it. However, I've noticed that it ...

Internet connected but isn’t loading anything

My Oculus Go says that it’s connected to the internet but when I go to home or to the store it says that internet isn’t connect and says retry to connect. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Virtual Desktop unusable

No matter what settings I choose (I've gone to low, 32bitrate, and 20% resolution in steam), I get framedrops and stuttering when using virtual desktop. I have my Quest 2 connected to it's own AC router. Whether I'm next to the router or in my room c...

Resolved! Oculus Move disappeared from my Apps and Store

I've had my Oculus Quest 2 for about 4 days now. After 2 and half days of use, my Oculus Move app disappeared from both my list of installed Apps and the App Store.A friend of mine who also bought an Oculus Quest 2 downloaded Oculus Move also, but hi...

Is it normal to wait 2 weeks+ for warranty assistance??

Little over 2 weeks ago my lt. Controller acted up and finally died. Did all the steps (unpair, battery, reset) and wrote customer service for replacement. After a few exchanges and last message from them was 5 days ago saying somthing to the effect ...

Software wont install!!

Hi, can someone PLSSS Help i recently bought the oculus rift s and whenever i go to download the software it tells me error and to reboot my pc. Whenever i do nothing happens PLS HELP!!

Stuck on checking for updates

I need help i'm trying to update my oculus so I can play a new game I just got, but I can't manually update it and it won't update itself. It's just constantly checking for updates. What do I do?


ASGARD WRATH within 48 hours ASGARD WRATH suddenly started using 138 GIGS on my drive and when tried to launch started to make some FUNKY network requests. FACEBOOK OCULUS team you better check these guys out.

Can't find Family/Friends on Facebook who have Oculus

Hi, new Oculus Quest 2 user and total noob to VR here! I just received a Quest 2 for Christmas. During the setup process, I was shown a list of friends/family on Facebook who are also Oculus users. I didn't immediately add anyone, thinking I would go...

OMMBoy by Level 3
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I bought my oculus quest probably 7-8 month ago and I had more trouble fixing problems with it then play game for fun. There is always a problem after fixing another now I cant play beat saber cause oculus software aint working right. here are all th...

Sound lag

Using Oculus Link the sound is laggy when I'm streaming on Virtual Desktop. And it's not only Virtual Desktop, it's happend on Beat Saber, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Synth Riders, and others game. But if I play wireless using Virtual Desktop the sound d...

Oculus Rift headphones cuts off when headset put on head

When i dont have the Oculus headset on my head and its off, i can hear my desktop auto through it fine, but once i put on the Oculus headset the sound cuts off after a few secounds, and comes back on again once the headset goes off again. This proble...


I just bought Quest 2 and was told that it would work on my PS4 but i cant figure out how to get it connected and working. Can anyone let me know if this will work with a PS4 and if so how do i get it to work? Thank you.

Green Line on Oculus Quest

I've had my Quest for a few months now (bought it in the early-ish days of quarantine). No problems so far besides a couple minor freezes or glitches that usually go away pretty quickly. Today I was using my Quest and the right eye went an extremely ...

Error when trying to enable developer mode

When I go to the app to enable developer mode and it takes me to the web page to set it up and I click quest 2 it gives me the error below: Error saving Target DeviceGraphQL server responded with error 1675030: Error performing query. If someone coul...

Rift S Lagging/Rendering Delay

I received my Rift S this morning and have spent the day trying to get it to work correctly. My main problem is that it’s been lagging in every game, even the oculus home lobby area and Valve’s The Lab. When playing, it seems almost like rendering la...

I want a refund

I've gone through all the support steps to resolve issues with my rift s, none have worked. As a result I've asked for a refund within the 30 days stated on your terms and conditions. I've asked numerous times for a refund and keep getting asked the ...

Ziov by Level 2
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New Tested VR season (Oculus TV media) not shareable

So there seems to be inconsistency. I cannot "Save to VR" certain media but can others no problem.; Not sure about others but when I click for example this link (episode 07): I cannot save it t...


The device connected automatically to my friend's phone and wouldn't connect to mine. Now how do I sign out of his account?

Shared library. Not all games are available for guest

I’ve just bought a Quest 2 and set up accounts for me and my wife.Initially only a few apps were viewable in her apps library, then a short while later some more appeared.She played one of the games, but now when she views her apps, it is missing!Sho...

Rift S turns off and turns back on after several seconds

When playing game I have noticed that sometimes the headset would turn off and turn back on after a little while. It's really odd. It only happens when I try to load things (saving changes, loading a new world, etc). It's annoying because that means ...

criticism only

Edit: I wrote here about my experiences with oculus wich could be greatly improved...I hope, if i should make another experience with this guys, it wouldn t not so bad again that i must create another experience report...

Estimated Delivery Date wrong?

I purchased the Oculus Quest 2, Elite Strap and the carry case. My order started processing pretty much right away and my account was charged the amount due for those items. But my Estimated Delivery Date is, March 4th 2021, (all three items have the...

Cannot connect Oculus Quest 2 to my PC

I've been trying to connect my Quest 2 to Oculus link to my laptop but it's still not working. I've recently bought a laptop with Intel CORE i7 and Intel iRIS Xe and the Oculus Quest 2. I've done everything the web, youtube, etc tips I can get in the...

Audio Lag using Oculus Link

I am using offical Oculus Link Cable and when I'm playing Beat Saber, the audio is not great. It's like stopping and starting the audio.