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Good batteries and charger to get for Oculus Controllers?

Anyone know a good battery charger an batteries to get for the Oculus controllers? I purchased one with Panasonic batteries, but they take about 10 hours to charge. They don't seem to be charging now though, because the green light stays on indicatin...

RedRizla by Level 16
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Apps not downloading

I need help. I try downloading apps for my gear vr. The apps stuck at 0mb. For eg: i try to download Netflix for my gear vr, the app is stuck at 0% download and do not move.What do i do?

Green and Black Screen issue

Hi,Anyone come across this.Have a case running with support and I am hoping I have 2 year warranty as my Oculus is 14 days past 1 year now ::-1: On the right eye the image has a green and black swirly overlay with black dots. It is a static corruptio...

Losing USB 3.0 connection on some Sensors

Hello,Most of my Sensors either constantly switch between USB 2.0 and 3.0 or stay in USB 2.0 mode.If even one Sensor is in USB 2.0 mode my tracking does not perform well enough for games like Climbey, or pretty much anything that relies on somewhat a...

jug007 by Level 3
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Stutter and freezing hands, lost the tracking, blackscreen

IssueHi there. i dont have such many games, but i with beat saber (steam), and for a moment i thought the problem was executing via steam, i got the stutter and freezing hands after a few songs, so i picked it up in the oculus store, and i have the s...

guillots by Level 3
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Lone Echo Start-up crash

Please Help I just got Lone Echo and it is the only game in my library that crashes at start-up. I get a bug splat crash report when trying to play the game. Tried Re-installing both oculus and game. i Dont have McAfee. Did research and could not fin...

Why does the Oculus VR Runtime Service use an NVENC session?

I am a content creator for a game called DCS World. Typically i stream, and while streaming I record as well. This way I can cut out the audio track for music I am using for the live twitch stream in my recording along with record at a higher bitrate...

fdsprod by Level 2
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Left earphone stopped working

Yesterday evening when I wanted to play some games with my Rift I immediately noticed that there was no sound coming from the left earphone. I have now tried getting it to work probably using a variety of different methods without any success.... And...

what Software version should I be running?

Just got the Oculus rift and was wondering what software I should be using. I see there is Rift core 2.0 but my system is not running that version.any help is appreciated!!Thanks

Weird tracking in Assetto Corsa

Hi guys,I came up with a weird bug today, in Asetto Corsa. Once I load up to drive a car, I put on the headset and everything seems fine, tracking is normal etc. But then once I actually leave the menu to begin the drive the camera stays locked to my...

connect two extra touch controllers

Hello,I can connect two extra touch controllers to Oculus but only one works at a time.Is there way to make two of them working so we have in total 4 ?Thanks,Greg

Have Go, can’t travel

I bought the Oculus Go in the US, but spend most of my time abroad. After a month the controller wouldn’t connect, a rather frequent problem. Now, I know that there is no support for Oculus products in the country I’m in. Decent companies that sell m...

Resolved! When logging in oculus go, just black screen

Hi. I just got my oculus go two days ago and am just testing it right now. When I was watching Forest of serenity, the screen showed nothing..just black. so I powered it off. When I get back on and powered on oculus button, there is nothing just a bl...

oculus store pops up when im playing overwatch

when im playing overwatch and oculus store is closed randomly the store will open taking me out of game and locking my mouse to the center of the screen.i die in the overwatch game and i have to press alt + tab to move back to the game, while i have ...

Obduction Fatal Error after Oculus App installed

Hey everyone, not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I recently received my Oculus Rift and I currently can't get the game 'Obduction' to launch ever since I installed both the Oculus headset and app.The game worked fine before I instal...

MrZippo by Level 2
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Oculus keeps going out yellow light black screen

While playing it can be 2 minutes or 5 but my Oculus keeps going black, I hear windows act like something disconnected then reconnected then about 20 seconds later the oculus comes back on. Reinstalled, downloaded oculus tool tray and running that, r...

rss334 by Level 2
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App doesn't complete installation?

Hi there!I recently purchased Virtual Desktop on steam,and was sent a key to redeem on Oculus Home. Home accepted the key, and Istarted the initial download of around 470 MB. Once this finished, I was presentedwith the option to further install, whic...

Oculus Rift

Hey guys, been looking at this issue for about 4 hours now and can't seem to get to the bottom of it. My Oculus isn't outputting any display, but audio, motion tracking and all that works as I can see it working on my monitor.My specs are as follows:...

Oculus app does not recognise rift

I've had my Rift since 2016 and worked fine till about a week or so ago when it just stopped running and upon redoing the Rift Setup in the Oculus app, it does not detect the USB 3.0 or the HDMI for the headset but it does it for the camera. I tested...

My Payment Methods

hi, i have a question, why i can't add my gift debit visa card for purchase online apps, my gift debit visa card registered for shopping online. Every time i try to add my card it tells me Error. There was an error trying to add your payment method. ...

Darmoed by Level 3
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Sairento installation issue need help

I bought and installed Sairento VR from the Oculus store. When it was done it did not show up in my library. after searching I found that the files for the game went into D:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Staging. all my other games go into C:\Program...

Floating head, delay, tracking issue

I have 2 sensor 360 setup. And it works alright. The controllers are always tracking great. No issue. However the headset self has a issue. It feels like the tracking isn't 1:1. Like there is some sort of delay almost as if it floats. Its not when yo...