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HDMI not being recognized

So I've got all my sensors and the USB on the headset set up, they're all recognized. However, the HDMI cord is still not recognized, and I've tried everything I can think of. Uninstalling and reinstalling, unplugging and plugging back in on the comp...

Black screen after 15-20 minutes?

When I first start the Oculus it will work fine for the first 15-20 minutes, then after that the video will start randomly cutting out and be replaced by a black screen. At first It will only be black for a split second then it will return to normal,...

Voice13 by Level 2
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Buying a replacement HMD

I posted earlier about how my headset was experiencing a random flashing while I was using it. Now the problem has gotten worse with it frequently blacking out, so I opened a support ticket with oculus. After some back-and-forth with support, it appe...

Rift mic not detected

Rift settings clearly show the rift headset has a built-in mic. When I go into recording devices on my computer, it does not show it/detect it at all. I have to either put a headset with a mic on or buy one of those high quality mics

Compositor Frame Drops Every Second (Stuttering in Headset)

Hey Oculus Forums, I recently started getting stuttering in my rift. It happens every second like clockwork and is displayed as dropped compositor frames in the debugger. Here's a link to a similar issue.I have a i5-4460 8GB of ram, a GTX 1070 and Wi...

OwynC by Level 2
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USB Sensor issue

USB Sensor issu tried switching usb's tried uninstalling, reinstalling, tried the setup and they were working fine a day ago on this pcplug them into my old pc and everything works fine so any ideas?

purchased apps

i purchased several apps from the oculus store on computer it said they were put in to my library ready to dowload that are not there can some one help please I'm new to this

Problems with Oculus/TV HDMI

Hi all,So i have this problem where if I have my Rift and TV plugged into my 2 HDMI ports, after a while my Rift stops working. It still registers as being connected but I dont get any ppicture. Anyone know how to resolve this?

mic volume on oculus rift

when i play games with people they say my mic volume is low i need to speeck loud to make them hear me i checked the mic volume on my pc it is 100% so what should i do to fix this please help?

Can't enter Narcosis

When I start Narcosis, it tells me to press < (back arrow on a gamepad) to reset view. I dont own a gamepad. I cant get past this screen to start the game, no keyboard keys, mouse buttons, or Oculus controller buttons do anything. Well, the Oculus co...

USB Disconnect Sound every couple of mins

Got my new rift a couple of days ago.. I noticed my PC making those usb disconnect sounds as often as every couple of mins. Went into Event Viewer and the error shows Process C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe (process I...

Bandwidth limiter not working correctly

I was seeing a lot of dropped TCP connections when I was downloading updates for the Oculus software, and then I remembered I had set the bandwidth limiter on. Imho, a bandwidth limiter should smoothly scale down the bandwidth to the desired value, b...

jbaert by Level 3
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Rift Extension

I need some help. I have extended the reach of the Rift using an active usb repeater and a hdmi 2.0 cable with separate active signal amplifier, both cables are 5m long. The problem is that the headset is showing as connected in the Oculus software b...

HU5K3R by Level 2
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Is this covered under warranty?

First time I've noticed this tonight upon using the rift tonight. Seems like the glue is peeling off from behind the foam and exposing the audio ribbon. I don't want to be using my rift to find that this will damage it further.

Dead and Buried Connection Lost

Hi, I've been playing Dead and Buried Horde mode a lot recently but all of today I've been having connection issues. I can join or create games but after several rounds I'll get an on screen error message "Connection Lost, returning to main menu". Th...

Oculus GO - change language possible?

The language of my Phone is Dutch - I would like the GO to be English though. Its in developer mode now and the startup notification (developer) can't be read in full because the sentence in Dutch goes off the screen. I would like to know what the me...

MaxArch by Level 7
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Displayport to HDMI isn't working

I recently bought an oculus rift, which I thought would work out. But then I found out I needed an extra HDMI for it that had to be connected to my graphics card, which I have 3 Display ports and 1 HDMI. The 1 HDMI is connected to my monitor, I don't...

kelleh by Level 2
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Camera Error-On the hour...

Hi,Has anyone experienced this as an issue? I have just completed a system upgrade, and a fresh install of window (drive formatted) and new Oculus install. I have noticed that I get a sensor crash when I'm wearing the headset, and the view freezes an...

"Not enough space"

So I decided to move my Oculus software to a new drive ( D drive) And I went through the steps but I keep getting this page The main reason why I want to move it is that my c drive filled up. Any hel...


My audio is fuzzy and quiet, is there away to replace the audio strap or do I need a new rift?

Almost always, when opening Oculus Home Guardian has moved

Hello.Since I've bought oculus, ten month ago, I have this problem almost always (3 of 4 times): when opening Oculus Home, Guardian(*) has moved to other position.This happened with two sensors, with three sensores, using Windows 7, using Windows 10,...

Robo Recall won't Launch

When I do a compatability check, it still reports this "X Graphics CardYour Radeon RX 590 Series graphics card doesn't meet our recommended specification, which is an NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater. Learn more."Oculus support has told...

Unity OpenVR Oculus Rift Oculus Home development

Since the Oculus Home release, I have trouble testing my OpenVR projects from the editor. Unity reflects my presence in the scene, but in the Oculus Rift headset, instead of my Unity scene, I see the Oculus Home screen. How do I see my Unity project ...

Atley by Level 4
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Solution for No HDMI connection

Guys, this happened to me. I turned on the pc wanted to play some games, but it says connection not detected, or connect HDMI or something like that. I tried looking online but forums go on and on with no fix, spend hours and the solution was so frus...

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