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Rift S ... another black screen and other issue?

I have never been able to see anything on my Rift S since installing the app I have uninstalled/reinstalled/repaired many times i have downgraded my drivers and updated them with clean installs usb power and legacy stuff have been changedhttps://imgu...

tehnibi by Level 2
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Windows Update May 2019

So this update is now officially released. New disc images include this update. I have just built a new pc with a new version of the iso image as provided by Microsoft.When can we expect Oculus to address the no audio in Home issue?This happened with...

Rift S Black Screen

Hello,My Rift S is not displaying video signal. I can only hear audio. I've tried reinstalling oculus app, replugged everything, updated every driver I could. Nothing worked...I created a ticket but maybe someone here can help me.

wysu by Level 3
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Headset Microphone not working.

The microphone does not pick up anything. The levels are set to 100 on the audio manager and the Oculus program. I've tried disabling all the other microphones and setting it as the default. Nothing has worked. It won't even pick up audio in the Ocul...

Headset "Poor Tracking Quality"

Have been away from my Oculus for a couple weeks. Trying to use it last night and today, I'm having an issue where the headset tracking is laggy/blurry and displaying "Poor Tracking Quality" in Oculus home under 'Devices'. To be clear, the message is...

My Oculus store doesn't even load anymore......

....So as the title says. It started with an update for the unspoken. The store kept apologizing to me that it couldn't update the game. When I tried right clicking and uninstalling the game all together, that didn't work either. So I uninstalled the...

IBootleg by Level 2
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Issues with Quest screen and touch controller of Rift S...

Hi,I'm having two issues... One touch controller of rift S (the right one) has no vibration, I can barely feel it. I will have to change my headset too? Or i can have a replacement of just my controller? My rift s headset is working fine...And the ot...

zorex by Level 2
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GTX 1060 Not Recognized

The screen actually turns on and works for 10 seconds before turning off. Everything is plugged in correctly, there doesn't seem to be a problem with any cords, my computer is definitely capable of running it... Support hasn't replied and it's been a...

Pass through supposed to look clear on Rift S?

Can someone tell me if Passthough on the Rift S is supposed to look clear in Black & White when looking at your room? Mine looks blurred and fuzzy and nothing like looking at say a Black & White television?

White dots popping up in black surroundings

So, I just bought some extension cables for my Oculus Rift. A HDMI 2.0 cable and a USB 3.0 cable. But when setup together on my pc, everytime I'm in a dark loading screen og just generel dark surroundings, these white dots and sometimes these white l...

Koirin by Level 2
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Display port to HDMI adapter?

Hey, I was wondering if I could use a adapter since my GPU doesn't have a Displayport and I really don't want to have to wait until I get a new GPU.This is the adapter I found:

JeekoCZ by Level 2
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Guardian system

Hi love the quest for gaming but when I want to relax and enjoy media the guardian system keeps going off. Is there a way to shut it off? I've tried the stationary mode and that doesn't do it. Stationary mode keep giving right ear buzz warnings and s...

nfrosty by Level 3
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Robo recall crashing on 1.2

Im trying load robo recall mission 1.2 and 4 times its crashed now i have not found any solutions online besides wiping my pc which i cant do because i have files i cant even risk to lose on here but this is also the main reason i got an oculus and i...

Rift S Black Screen

Hello,My Rift S is not displaying video signal. I can only hear audio. I've tried reinstalling oculus app, replugged everything, updated every driver I could. Nothing worked...I created a ticket but maybe someone here can help me.

wysu by Level 3
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RIFT S - Cant boot? "white light" always on

OK so here is a weird issue. if my USB connections for my rift s is plugged in on boot, my PC wont boot until I unplug it.Secondly, I notice the white/orange light is always white even when oculus software isnt open. anyone else with these weird prob...

nazrac by Level 3
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How to reset FLOOR height?????

How do I reset the floor height??? When I was setting up Oculus Rift S I hit a button to early and now the floor height is 3 feet in the AIR

Oculus Quest won't charge. OS bug?

I was watching a movie on bigscreen and at the end of the movie I noticed that the visor wasn't charging (I was using a powerbank, it totally works) so I tried to charge the visor through the wall original charger and it wasn't charging as well. I re...

(RIFT S) Software says that DisplayPort is disconnected.

After 10-15 minutes of gameplay, the screen will go black, followed by static through the speakers/headphones. The light on the inside of the headset also turns orange. If I take the headset off and look at the Oculus Software at my PC it says that t...

Save Oculus to D drive????

I am installing Oculus Rift S. My C drive is only 250G but my D drive in 1 TB. How do I save to D drive?? It does not give me that option

Resolved! Can't Click in Oculus Desktop

I got problem with Oculus Desktop - I use to be able to click in there using oculus touch but now after last patch it stop working - I can click in oculus home or shop etc but Desktop is out of reach

Unable to remove rift s from iOS app

I wonder if anyone can help me out. I got the rift s on release and was not really happy with it so I went with the quest. I returned the s and now I want to remove it from the devices on my iOS app but I can’t figure out a way. I tried looking on oc...

Problem on the oculus app on Android

Hello, I do not have VR headset yet, but as the title says, I have a problem with the Android app of oculus. I don't know why, but when I look at the comments of the oculus games, the end of the messages is cut, where can it come from?

Sanku71 by Level 3
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meets recommended....still lags

Long story short, my comp meets or exceeds RECOMMNDED hardware and software for oculus rift. Cant play anything without a constant lag, glitch, or chopping. I paid a little too much for a PC that can run VR and it still doesn't work. Waste of money?....

should i get a new headset (rift S problems)

first my setup600w new good quality PSU16gb high speed ramradion 580 8gb sapphire nitro plus (advertised vr ready)i5 3.5ghz cpualso i confirm that the rift is in a 3.0 portnew rift s 2 days oldthese are the problems i have hadi thought the image qual...