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i cant buy games on my quest??

i cant buy games on my quest ever since recently whatever i do it just wont work ive tried 5 credit cards but nothing works it just says payment failed if anybody has any info on why this is happening it would be a big help

V12-13 ISSUE FOUND. Adaptive GPU performance Scale

CANT POST LINK !!  but Adaptive GPU Performance Scaling is messing with oculus. Messing with this it caused massive issues with my hmd cv1. since getting a 2080 ti and just going all out it has saved me all the crashes and stutter issues i had with ...

USB surge fried my headset - Is it fixable?

I recently fried my USB card, and also my Oculus-S headset as a result. I've since bought a new card and headset, but wanted to find out if it is worth having you fix my dead headset for resale, since that was a pretty costly error by me. I have no i...

rift showing up as a second monitor

Hello can somebody help me because i have this problem with my rift not detecting the hdmi but when i put it on it show me a desktop so it behaves like a second screen pls tell me if anyone else has this problem and or has the solution

I've found a bug causing the bad performance in 12+ firmware

Hi, I've posted this over on oculus Reddit but I am unable to link. Title I FIXED ALL MY V12 UPDATE PERFORMANCE ISSUESThe thread has a video showing the bug which works both wayswhat I've found is that I've had low performance headroom since v12 and ...

Rift S Left Controller not working - No tracking

Hello, so i just bought a used rift s on ebay and cant get the left controller working. Maybe i miss something as a newbie but i am searching for a solution since hours... So the left controller is doing nothing, it is not shown under devices, i cant...

Oculus rift S no power

Recently got the Rift S for Christmas and on New years I tried turning it on again and was getting no power. There are no lights coming from the headset and neither the display or USB are being detected. I have checked the cable and it seems to be pl...

Aerof by Level 2
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Fps problem

Sorry 4 EnglishHi! I want to know if anyone have the same issue, yesterday I rrecived my oculus rift S, all is great, but When i try to play beat saber or any games at 2 mins of start it drop fps to 12-10 and its unplayableI5 7600k Rtx 2060 16 ram

rafOrdZ by Level 2
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Rift S Software installation failing

Hey people, My 14 y/o son with Aspergers has been drooling over Oculus for months. So post Christmas with his savings he's managed to buy a Rift S.That was yesterday and today I'm ready to lob it out of the window.Now his PC is capable of running it,...

Issues with PC software. HELP

Everytime I try to install the oculus pc software, I get a little window saying "error, unable to start process". I have tried switching accounts, making myself a local user, disabling my antivirus settings, and more. I am trying to install the pc so...

Download issues

I've been having issues downloading Lone Echo on the Oculus store. Notifications like "Sorry we couldn't install Lone Echo" and "Sorry, it looks like you antivirus blocked the download of Lone Echo" (it's not) Does anyone have any solutions to this p...

Resolved! oculus link wants a permission every time i start it up

oculus link does not work because it wants the file perm and that sucks! it started in roblox vr and BAM. it just happened and now it will happen in oculus home too! one min you are in oculus home. the next min you get a void with a popup saying that...

Oculus app stuck on health and safety video

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this,So today I just picked up an Oculus rift s and during setup i ran into a problem, I am stuck in the Health and safety video screen and there is no way that i can get out of it, I doesn't give me the option...

i'm wanna buy

I want you to add Israel to the list so that I can order an oculus quest for my birthday

Eltair by Level 2
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Ordered as a guest. Now im registered.

any way to move the order from my guest account to my actual one? Logging in as a guest works 1/10 times for me for some reason and i need to resend the email like dozens of times( no joke)

Raghead by Level 2
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Resolved! Green horizontal lines

(Oculus GO) Just recently green horizontal lines have showed up when I look at something white. The green lines span the entire length of the screen. I purchased my headset yesterday. The green lines are very intense and only show up while looking at...

Oculus crashes my USB 3.0 PCIe Controller

Hello,first of all, English isn't ,my first language, so sorry for mistakes. Here is my problem: I can setup my Oculus Rift with 3 Sensors very well, but as soon as I use the Oculus to dive in the VR World, my USB 3.0 PCIe Controller crashes (Code 43...

Why won't the Oculus Windows app install?

I'm trying to install the Oculus app on my computer's D drive so I actually have space to update it, but it repeatedly says I don' have the space for the app, even though I've got about 60-odd gigs available. Anyone know how to fix the issue?

Oculus is not compatible with new Windows builds.

Oculus software on my computer stopped working after installing a new Windows build (19041). At first there was a message "New drivers are required for Oculus" and all the programs in the Oculus Home stopped working. I clicked on the "Update Now" but...

SanBase by Level 3
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Setting up Quest

I'm setting up my son's new Quest, and we've completed the portion where you adjust focus. The screen says "Press the trigger button on your controller to continue." He's doing that but nothing happens. Is there a remedy?


I have a reoccuring problem of games needing an update, but it won't install the update. It downloads the update file, but once it goes into install mode it cancels. I click the update button again, same thing, it downloads the file but cancels on in...

Error installation, please restart computer error

this is my first time installing the oculus software and I Keep getting this error (not allowed to add links)someone please help me, I’ve been trying for 2 days now all through my Christmas ect, I’ve disabled all anti viruses, remaining files that’s ...

Order help

I ordered for my grandson, and his dad's name was put on my payment info, I doubt the order will go thru, and there is no way to contact anyone!