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Toybox crashing after latest Rift update?

Is anyone else having an issue with Toybox crashing during the load sequence?Toybox has been installed and working for years, but after the recent rift update (1.33) it is no longer loading for me.I have tried to uninstall it, and then re-installed, ...

sensor shows connected to usb2.0 even in usb3.0 port

So I've got 3 sensors, 2 of them are directly connecting to the usb3.0 ports on both sides of my Alienware 17R4, the last one was connected via a extended cable(usb2.0), somehow they all shows 2.0 during the setup. Overall it works well, but sometime...

Oculus Rift - Shaking/floating issue - HELP

Today after a few days not flying (I only use my headset for flight sims), I noticed something very strange with my headset. I noticed it when I sat in the cockpit looking completely straight. The cockpit was moving/shaking/floating ever so slightly,...

JSG by Level 2
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Oculus Rift USB problem

Hi,My Rift have some problems with USB on my computer.I have a motherboard X99A Gaming Pro Carbon from MSI.My sensors have a red error at setup (it never do that before, or I don't remember), and it says that USB is incompatible or sensors have bad l...

KNZ by Level 2
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Game installation error (Eve Gunjack or other games)?

After downloading and installing Eve Gunjack. I get an error message saying it couldn't be installed, visit support. I've seen ppl on reddit and on this forum having the same issue. Is it something you guys are looking into? Not many shooting games o...

Gwiz84 by Level 7
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Don't have the free games in my libary

Hi,I just purchased the Oculus Rift touch controller bundle.I have installed it and set it up, everything is fine.However I don't seem to have the free games that came with it.The only game available for me to download is Lucky's tale, I don't have t...


when i launch some games like pavlov vr or vr chat it shows up on my monitor but not in the oculus it just says loading please help fast ;w;

Oculus Rift wont turn on / bad experience with new drivers

Hi,So I havent used my oculus rift for maybe 2 months. When I did, I downloaded a new driver for my geforce nvidia graphics card just because there was a new update. When I updated, the oculus experience got really bad and began to "lag" when I turne...

"We can't find your Headset"??????????

I have not used my Oculus Rift in a few months. I tried today and the Headset does not work??? I updated drivers, restarted computer and tried different USB posts and still nothing. Don't know much about computers. What should I do????

Contacted support for Defective Oculus / No answer

So i was happy to receive my Oculus Rift after a few days and couldn't wait to unbox it. After i pulled out the headset i noticed a weird noise behind the glasses. It sounded like a screw being loose behind it. I still wanted to check if my unit was ...

Cable Corrosion?

So this past saturday, I was playing Beat Saber with some cousins who were interested in how VR works that came in from Florida. While in use, the headset turned off and the sensor LED was blinking orange and off sporadically. Submitted a ticket and ...

Ecran noir (GTX 1070)

Bonjour, j'ai mon oculus rift depuis environ un an et un problème devient de plus en plus fréquent : l'écran de mon oculus devient tout noir après environ 5 minutes de jeu mais le son reste. Pour info, mon pc est VR ready (GTX 1070) et je suis sous w...

Incorrect Height

Hi all,So I am running a 2-sensor roomscale setup for my Oculus that I got a few days ago, and the first few days went great in terms of sensing and playing in general (minus the obvious floating hand here and there). I have read about the perks of m...

Oculus sensor disconnects when connecting the Rift

Hello helpful community forum from Oculus,my last hope is currently going to the forum of Oculus itself, as their customer supportApparently consists of 2 people and need to answer a ticket a felt week.Actually, I expected more from a sub-company of ...

KRekter by Level 2
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Oculus Rift Position Completely Wrong

Let me start by saying that yes I tried running a full set up, running a height set up, restarting my PC and rolling back my driver. I rearranged my room just recently for more space and ran a sensor setup. Once I got to the part to confirm my positi...

RAM_BN0 by Level 3
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One of my sensors isn't detected.

I just received my oculus rift + touch from and one of the sensors doesn't seem to work. It doesn't work in any usb port I put it in, even though the other one does. Does anyone have any advice?

Oculus Client just shows a spinner and never loads.

I'm trying to install a new Rift. I've run the Setup.exe file, successfully installed everything, even ran the Patch.exe from March 2018.When it gets to the part of the installation process where I'm supposed to "login," it launches Oculus Client. Oc...

Rift and the quest for more USB ports...

Hey there! I'm looking to purchase a Rift as a Xmas present for myself. I've been looking into VR for about 2(ish) years now and am leaning more on the side of picking up a Rift. Unfortunately, I don't have many more USB ports for the Rift, and I als...

Dimmies by Level 2
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Fresh Rift owner - black screen on a second windows account

Hello!I can't get my rift to work on second windows account on my computer - there is orange led and black screen all the time  Both accounds have full admin privileges. I tried to switch usb ports, reboot pc, reinstall oculus software, run configur...

Kotlety by Level 2
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