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Upgrade PC How to Save HOME? (Solved)

I am upgrading and building my PC today (new mobo, i7 9700K CPU and DDR4 RAM) and it's likely I will have to reinstall everything on the C Drive. I am doing it myself as I previously built my current rig without issue. This will mean losing all my Oc...

Problem with VR Desktop

Since the new update I've been having some issues. Apparently it added a VR Desktop which is considered as a 4k monitor by Windows. The problem is that it's having quite an impact on my performance, also it's really annoying when pressing printscreen...

Update problems

It say there is an update for Oculus medium. Say it will start in XX minutes. If I wait for XX minutes to pass, nothing happens, except the time until update changes.If I click on the DL button, it DL's ( I guess) starts installing and..... nothing. ...

importing models into home

I've been trying to import objects into oculus home i've been following this steps ( But they never show up in my import section in my home.

CV1 Sensor Continually losing tracking

ProblemAfter running through setup I could barely get the sensor to detect the Oculus I had to try many time to get it to accept my position. It then stated it couldn't see the front of the Rift. I have the sensor sitting on my desk, I am sitting in ...

aknorth by Level 2
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Hackers making home larger than it should be

Been jumping around homes checking them out and recently I've been seeing players "extending" their home space past the balcony. They are quite large and honestly when i go to those homes my PC either a) freezes or b) reverts me back to my home with ...

headset cable

hey so i have never ordered anything from the Oculus store before and decide to get a cable but after i got the traffic number is hasn't moved at all and i was wondering if i should be concerned or dose it just take a really long time for them to shi...

Oculus Go black screen after turning it on

The Oculus logo loads and I hear sound but instead of going to the home screen its just a black screen. The "Enter VR" will come up and Ill hold down the button but still just takes me to a black screen. Then the headset goes to sleep after. I think ...

My rift recenters randomly

hiit has been a while that my rift recenters randomly during game sessions (very annoying)latest nvidia update latest oculus softwarewin10 updatedall sensors and rift in usb3.0 any fix ?!

ayousry by Level 2
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Moving apps to a different drive

Hi,I need to move some or all of my apps to a different drive. I can see where I can add locations upder settings, but how to I move installed apps to that drive?Thanks,

"HDMI not connected" since last update

hi everyone, I updated to the new version 6 days ago, played normally that day afterwards and then shut down my computer. tried to play yesterday after restarting and it is saying that my headset has no HDMI connection. everything is plugged into the...

Can't get my PC back to my native resolution?

I have 3 monitors. All 3 are different but have a 1920x1080 resolution. Ever since i got the Oculus, it changed my main monitor to a 3840x2160 resolution with everything scaled to 200%. while it may look similar, many of the games I want to play on m...

My Oculus keeps shutting down...

I see that others have had this problem but I couldn't tell if there was a solution. The first time it happened I googled what to do and it said reboot. First time it seemed to work but I'm on day two and I can't even bring it up long enough to get t...

Occasional lag/jitter with netflix/other streaming services

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm running a dash window with netflix, and tracking stutters occasionally with it running. Plenty of headroom on cpu/gpu/memory, and I can play 4k videos within the dash window with no problems. Is there a solution ...

Aekero by Level 5
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Oculus Rift Fit Facial Interface

HAs anyone purchased the accessory for the Facial foam piece for the oculus. When we play we get very sweaty and its getting pretty worn out and i wanted to buy this product and repace my worn out piece. I wanted to buy a pair of them to change out b...

Free Games With Touch Controller Not Free?

So I got my Oculus Rift about a month ago and I'm done with the free games, so i went to buy Robo Recall and saw it was free with touch controllers. I had activated my touch controllers and it still says I have to pay €30. Wondering if I can get the ...

Evanca by Level 2
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Problem with Runtime and Viulux v1

Hi, i have one problem with these vr (viulux v1). The Oculus Runtime for Windows detect it and led coming green, but when start the demo they displaying black screen. I've noticed that the radeon setting app on windows 7 64bit, detect only th...

Lone Echo will NOT update

I have tried over and over to install 3.164 and the damn thing will just stop while in the installing phase. Please fix this shit.

trek554 by Level 5
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Easy way to find new purchases?

Yesterday, I purchased a few games from the oculus app on my iPad. Today, I decided to download my new purchases in advance while my gaming PC was standing idle. I clicked on notifications in the oculus app, and saw the apps that had just received up...

Video plays too fast

I'm suddenly having issues with my videos playing too fast in my oculus go. Both audio and video is speeding up in the first 2 seconds. Any suggestions?

hyenanna by Level 2
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Sensor USB not detected

I just got my OR today and I can't finish the setup because the Sensor is not being detected as a USB 3.0. I have a MOBO Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 that has 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 in the back and 2 on top. I'm connecting the headset into the HDMI of the GTX ...

Oculus Rooms Monopoly Deal ai broke the rules??!

on the Go, playing against 1 ai. Action card about houses says they can't be played on railroads or utilities, yet the computer put one on a full railroad set! HRMMM...?took a screenshot, but I dunno how to get it out to attach here just yet.Thoughts...

Games Disapeared from Library?

All my purchases from over the weekend all disapeared from my library today when I got home...They were installed on Saturday and worked all day Saturday and all day Sunday but when I came home today and turned it on, they were all gone. All the game...

Oculus library not working.

I was playing beat saber and many other apps all weekend without any issues. I came home from work and my library was empty, both on my headet, and on my pc. When i went to the store it said the games cost money. I clicked on the games and it tells m...

Dorito0 by Level 2
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