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Oculus Link - no Audio

I can here no audio when using Oculus Link. The virtual audio device shows up and is activated, but there is no sound. When I try to test the device, Windows reports an error. Maybe it's some issue with Shadow Play or GameStream?

spyro by Level 4
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Lone Echo 2 trailer stops running

I've just bought the Rift S and everything is running very well. Everything has been updated and I have been playing a few games successfully.I am trying to run the Lone Echo 2 trailer and it plays fine for a minute or so and then suddenly stops and ...

Raz0r_J by Level 2
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[SOLVED] Problem with using CMD to bypass

Ok so because i have to install the OculusMarchPatch2018.exe you will needto bypass the hotfix if you are using windows 7 and i already know what to do because i have to do it with the OculusSetup.exe how to bypass the hotfix with the CMD so it wasnt...

Oculus software won't install...

I've tried removing all of the temp files in appdata, numerous restarts, killing all other processes, reinstalling graphics drivers, updated Win10 to the latest feature update, ran CCleaner, no AV or firewall etc etc. It downloads, installs and then ...

PC Hard Locking whilst using Rift

Hello,Since Sat 23/11 my PC has been hard locking randomly whilst using my Rift, forcing me to hard reboot.I was happily playing The Lab on 22/11 without issue.Ran MEMTEST, Prime95, and Superposition to test my PC hardware.From what I can gather my P...

Dark360 by Level 2
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Right Touch Controller Isn't Working

So out of nowhere, after I hooked up my quest for oculus link, my right touch controller just stopped working. The little white light on the top keeps flashing and it sometimes vibrates and when I put in new batteries it just does the same.

Hide / remove / manage content from the Oculus Library

Hello, I'll go straight to the question: Is there a way to remove or hide unwanted apps from the Library (apart from Steam VR games permanent hide)? Additionally, can we sort / manage installed stuff into categories or own folders / tags? If not, thi...

dusan22 by Level 2
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Dead pixel cluster or something else?

Hi all,I just got a brand new Rift S, my first proper VR headset, 3 days ago, and on my 2nd proper play session I started to notice that there were two bright white dots slightly off center to the left in my left eye. At first I thought it was a refl...

hydekar by Level 2
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whats a nice and cheap usb 3.0 hub that I can buy

Hello,I had bought the oculus not to long ago and I have been having sensor problems that I suspect are because I have usb 3.1 slots instead of usb 3.0, what is a nice and cheap usb hub I can use to fix this.motherboard: 350M bazookaCPU:ryzen 5 1400G...

Not Enough Space

I accidentally deleted the Oculus app and when I redownloeded it it said I didnt have enough space on my drive. I checked my drive and I have over 1TB what is causing this?

Rift says HDMI not connected, rift screens showing desktop

my setup says that my HDMI isnt connected, however my rift has power and is displaying my desktop. ive rebooted my pc twice and reinstalled the software. i was just using this rift on my other computer, the hdmi had trouble connecting until i reboote...

Oculus Link fail to connect after Oculus PC Software update

When i try to enable Oculus Link in Headset it returns to quest home.Oculus Software on PC is telling me that my headset needs a firmware update i should load in settings/info ... but there quest is telling me no update available ...Thats not funny g...

problem with avatar touch unity

Hi, i tried to make a teleport with locomotion in unity. i download the SDK oculus and i tryed to visual laser out from my hands, but, when i try to make it with handler avatar touch apear a error. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to ...

daniCV by Level 2
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Re-submit app in different organization

Hi, I am a developer and I have submitted an Oculus GO game for review. It required a few changes, which I have already implemented. However, before submitting the corrected version of the game I noticed that I have used the wrong organization. I pos...

Purchase failed. Error performing query

Had Stormland on pre-order and received an e-mail today saying Oculus is unable to process payment:Logged in, updated paypal option, no change - can't process payment.Added credit card on file with same results:Is this a temporary thing or I need to ...

MikDawg by Level 3
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Oculus Software Downloads but Fails to Install on Domain

I've purchased a Rift S for personal use and we're evaluating it for use in our office too. However, whilst it installs fine on my own PC, it fails to install on any of the work machines - desktops or laptops. The download is successful but everytime...

Stormland: ammo counter CONSTANTLY flashing on screen

The ammo counter flashes on screen whenever your hands touch your guns which means that anytime your hands are just hanging at your sides (which is pretty much always) the ammo counter is CONTANTLY getting triggered by your holstered guns (as well as...

pacoham by Level 2
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Gear VR will not update/pair controller

I have the Gear VR that came with my Galaxy S8. Haven't used it in awhile, my issue is the controller will not pair, as well as my updating is stuck on "0 of 6".I have installed the Facebook app, restarted the avail.Any ideas?