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oculus go

Should their be play on the front cover/plate?when I push on the front cover it will push in/give, only on the upper right corner, is this normal? The rest is solid.

Can't remember my password to oculus ( solved )

Hi all.For some reason tonight i was signed out of oculus home on my rift.I have tried to log back in but forgot my password.When i try to reset my password it's asking me for my current password ?Kind of driving me crazy.Any help would be appreciate...

Dropped my rift

I tripped over the cord and my rift fell on the hard floor. The right screen now has a huge black line across it, its been less than a month since I got it. is there any way to fix it? also, if it is possible to return or replace I'd be happy to do s...

Sensors only work without extensions; Software Bug

When setting up a 3rd sensor, with an USB extensions, the setup always times out. If I do it without the extension everything works. Tried 3 different active USB 2.0 (inclusive the original included in box) and 1 USB 3.0 active extension. But the ext...

OVRServer_x64.exe fans spun up

Process C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe (process ID:16052) reset policy scheme from {8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c} to {8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c}My computer had been idle for an hour and heard...

i lost my mirror

i was trying to create a shortcut for my oculus mirror and then it suddenly disappeared from the folder and now i cant find it, i tried ctrl+z but it didnt do anything, is there any kind of fix or can i download the mirror again??

Refund Not Approved

Hi there, I recently purchased Marvel Powers United VR on the 11th and requested a refund, and my refund has not been approved. I checked the following email and it has no information whatsoever as to why my refund was not approved. I'd like to know ...

No working controls... at all... in Elite Dangerous

Has anyone experienced any issues with Elite Dangerous through the Oculus Store? When I launch the game and get to the main menu, no controls work, no mouse, no keyboard, no controller, nothing. The game is 100% unplayable. If anyone has any ideas, p...

Can't get past Health and Safety Video

Just got my rift, and when trying to install the client I keep getting stuck on the health and safety video at like 10-20 seconds in. I uninstalled and reinstalled and yet I'm still getting issues. Has this happened to anyone else?

Yarzu by Level 2
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Howdy Oculus

I have a lot of difficulties signing into these forums. It has been like this since forever (years). I don't think I'm the only one with these issues as i recall others complaining of this. Any plans to fix it?

nrosko by Level 8
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Oculus Touch not syncing

My right touch controller works fine, however, my left wont sync when i hold down the "menu" button and the "Y" button for 2 seconds, i have replaced the batteries, it is not water damaged and has been working fine for at least 2 days before it decid...

Lahium by Level 2
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Oculus for Mac

Hi,Could anyone please help me how to setup oculus on Mac?

Sobhark by Level 2
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CV1 HMD keeps disconnecting in device manager

Hello, im going crazy with my rift because i can't actually use it every time i try to play.Problem is that my HMD won't get a stable connection. Every time i plug in my HDMI und USB 3.0 my windows goes crazy with the plug-in and plug-out sound.In th...

HMDI problems after graphic driver update

After I installed the latest update for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 to the driver version 417.35, the app keeps closing every 5-10 seconds popping up with the error oculus has detected a hardware issue that is preventing you from setting up your rift....

Pokerstars VR Causes Critical System Failure

I've checked the developers site for any support options but couldn't find it. So, if this isn't the place, please let me know.Everything seems fine with game until I buy into a game. I haven't made it thru a hand yet without my PC crashing with all ...

New Rift has tracking issues old Rift didn't have

Cross posting here from the Oculus Rift + Touch forum:So I noticed the "adhesive on the inside of the lens" issue on my 2 week old Rift. It probably wouldn't have been the end of the world, but I figured that for $350 I should probably get one withou...

Rift Audio Not Coming From Left Earpiece

So recently I re-installed Windows (old boot record went corrupt due to some shady thing I ran.)I installed the Oculus app again, and everything was fine for the first hour or so. Once I updated the Oculus software, my left headphone on the Rift woul...

Random Freezing in Oculus Home & Games

This isn't happening all the time, But I do get fairly frequent freezes. Sound keeps playing in the background but the display "flickers" but doesn't track movement. Running latest drivers & the latest Oculus software (not the beta software)System : ...

Game(Alteration) crashing while loading

When i start up Alteration:-The game opens to the initial menu that allows me to select the language-A loading screen and an hourglass appear-Game quits after a few secondsAll other games work fine. I tried running it on my brother's computer and the...

the_way by Level 2
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"We're having trouble starting Oculus."

It says to wait and try again in a few minutes because its possible the software is updating but I have waited quite a while and oculus will not open. Been working fine the first week.

Oculus won't connect to my laptop

I wanna start out by saying that i've been through several other threads to see if anyone else had the exact same problem as me, but despite there being simmiliarities, i couldn't find a solution that works. The issue is that when i run the program t...

Intermittent freeze/crash?

Set my oculus down about a month ago just needing a break, and picked it back up this week and downloaded beat saber and rec room. Issues with beat saber is randoming crashing and closing(may be the game.) The problem with rec room is occasionally my...

94Swick by Level 2
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Game Visuals Freezing

Since updating Oculus to the version with dash 2.0 games don't work.I can load into a game, e.g. Project Cars 2, in the flat window menu system everything is fine, I can stay there and everything works.As soon as I load into a track...e.g. 3d rendere...

Right Ear Piece

It has just stopped working, I have tried to take off the side and gently tightened but no joy. I have only had this for about 6 months

Oculus Headset not detected. [Fixed]

When I try to setup my rift, neither the usb cable nor the HDMI is detected. It just shows the "loading" icon. My sensors are working just fine. This is not my first time setting up the rift and it has worked just fine before. I have tried a lot of p...

BaumBoi by Level 2
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