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Laptop not detecting HDMI cord.

I got an gl753ve, which is vr ready, it has an i-7 and a 1050 ti which is alot bettter than my other computer that can run oculus. Please, if anyone can help contact me

Documentation Issues

Hello, everyoneI need help, I am from Kazakhstan, I don't have an official store in Kazakhstan. In my case, I have an opportunity to purchase online 10 pieces of Oculus and to send in Kazakhstan as a commercial delivery. But I don't have any document...

Oculus Setup Error

Hi all. I've tried a few of the fixes I've seen the forums but have had no luck so far. Here is the end of the log with the error. I'd appreciate your thoughts.[Debug] [2018-07-13 2:56:58 PM] Installing oculus-runtime.[Debug] [2018-07-13 2:56:58 PM] ...

cannot connect to server

hi allive had my rift for about 7 months now and its just been laying aroundfinally decided to unbox and see what its about and i went to download the software from the oculus website. downloaded it fine, but when i open it and try to set it up, it j...

Can't finish the setup...

I'm having trouble getting my Rift setup.I can make it through the setup until it says "Finish the setup in VR"I put on the headset and hear some intro sounds/music, but there is no video feed at all. If I move the headset then the sound will cut out...

Dunqan by Level 2
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Is it possible to record notes?

Hi, one of our Palliative Care consultants was hoping to use the Rift/Go's etc to hold training session and one of the students was asking if there is a way to record notes? Beyond my knowledge, but it does seem to be a bit of a stumbling block. I've...

Oculus Rift No Sound, Tiny Menu Font

My Oculus rift has been working fine. All of a sudden today I notice how the font in the oculus menu is super tiny. Also I now have no sound in the menu or in games. I know the headphones are working, because when I change the volume setting it does ...

Oculus crashes after one minute on Xeon w-2133 processor

Hi Team, We are facing a weird issue here.We have the following spec for the system:1) Xeon w-21332) Ram 32 gb3) GFX nvidia1080The VR application ,built on unity, crashes after 1 minute of playing. I also tried playing Lucky's tale from oculus store ...


oculus rift のセットアップについての質問です。oculus riftをセットアップしようとしたのですが、hdmiの認識ができず先に進めません。oculus riftの画面にはPC画面が映っているのですが、なぜかセットアップで認識されません。この問題を解決するにはどうしたらいいですか?以下のことを行っても全く変わりません。1.ソフトをアンインストールして再インストールを行う。2.HDMIケーブルを抜いて再度挿入する。デバイスマネージャーで確認するとcv1 external camera...

Issue with pre-order and currency

Hi guys,I'm trying to buy Pixel Ripped from the store and I want to use my credits. The problem is that Pixel Ripped is only available in dollars and my store credit is in euro's so I can't use it or convert. Other games are all available in euro.

rotami by Level 5
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"imu average latency too high" error

So im trying to use my Oculus rift and touch controllers for the first time literally ever, and everything is set up correctly but my HMD constantly freezes, which results in me seeing a still image for a few seconds. I really wouldn't care if this h...

Headset not detected

Headset was working earlier now it isnt detected. Was playing a new VRMMO game and had a couple crashes also a couple windows updates, removed updates still nothing.

ATruGod by Level 2
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Hand Tracking Failing Every Few Seconds

I've seen quite a few posts about this but never see any solutions. Every few seconds my sensors stop tracking either my left or right touch controller but the headset is always good. Every few days I'll hop on and it works flawlessly but most of the...

Bad stuttering/skipping in Core 2.0?

So, I really like Dash, but sometimes while I'm playing Echo Arena and open Dash, it'll cause my viewport to skip/stutter terribly. It's not like low FPS stutter at all - it's incredibly terrible, like the entire IMU is skipping back. A temporary fix...

kayTH by Level 3
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Updates will not stop installing

I apologize for the double post, but I see it belongs here.... Using Windows 10, several apps, including Echo VR, indicate they are updating, but never complete installation. In my library, They just hang on "installing" . I'm new to this and assume ...

Monitor Goes Black

Help, whenever I open the Oculus application my Monitor goes completely black, i'm running a 1060 with a converter on the display port that i'm using for the Rift and my monitor plugged into the main HDMI.

A8ZU by Level 2
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Black TRIANGLE in the oculus homepage

It's two days that I noticed a Black TRIANGLE in the homepage mivimg with my eyes.It's not always presente ,sometimes It disappeared,but the most time is present.No sign of It using apps and games ,only in the oculus main room to be clear.What Can It...

Paglioz by Level 4
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