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Oculus Rift Set Up. HELP!!!!

I have an issue. My monitor is plugged into the 1 hdmi slot on my desktop GTX 1080 graphics card but OR needs to be plugged into that slot. So my monitor needs to be unplugged for OR btw it is an ASUS 4K PC Monitor with 4 hdmi slots only. So when I u...

Help for "restarting the pc" during the rift setup bug

Since update its broken, different bugs, now restarting pc bug.Is there any help, pls postthe suppot side with solutions.I cant spend hours to search and fix what they broke last fryday.If its to complicatet i feel more to sell my oculus and change s...

What do I do about bunk controller?

I've googled and googled but don't understand if this is a software or hardware issue, one bug report on the oculus dev forums said it needed a firmware update but that was months ago, so I don't understand if I just got a bad controller. https://for...

Why can't I use Oculus without sensors?

For research, we've set up a worldviz system to track users' movement, which is in conflict with the oculus tracker (since they both use infrared tracking, maybe).Before this update of the software it's fine to skip the sensor check by put a black pa...

Resolved! why is it shacking when i move my head ?

hello there , i am having a problem most of the time but kinda randomlywhen i move my head its kinda shaking on sides but if i do not move my head the animations are smooth. even in home, its not doing it all the time but most of it . sometimes on th...

Go vs Quest

Will Quest have everything Go has? Can we watch videos there too? Or is that specifically only for Go? Does Quest have a Headphone Jack too? Will we be able to design our own home environment in Quest?

Problema con robo recall

hola soy nuevo en el foro tengo un problema con el juego robo recall me sale un mensaje que el juego necesitya software adisional y ke doy en inst6alar pero se sigue instalando ...intalando instalando y no se instala ya lo desinstale y lo volvi a ins...

Problema con robo recall

hola soy nuevo en el foro tengo un problema con el juego robo recall me sale un mensaje que el juego necesitya software adisional y ke doy en inst6alar pero se sigue instalando ...intalando instalando y no se instala ya lo desinstale y lo volvi a ins...

I can't install games anymore

i keep trying to download games but i keep getting this notification when the game is done saying "Your anti-virus blocked the installation of the game" and i dont know how to fix it. (I have tried turning my anti-virus off but it still did not work

Screen shrinks when opening oculus

I have a GTX 1060 by Omen. I mirror it through my tv. When I open oculus, the screen then cuts in a few inches on both sides of the tv. It doesn’t bother the used but everyone who watches. Am I missing something? Once I close Oculus, screen he’s back...

Can't open Oculus app?

Everytime I try to run the oculus app it says "Can't Reach Oculus Runtime Service" "Your Oculus software may be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the issue Continues, contact Oculus Support"Its been saying this for two days now. i was ...

hovel by Level 2
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Sorry, we encountered an error during installation (solved)

Hello i hope this work whit people having issues during installation process whit the fail error, "we encountered an error during instrallation " well i live in italy and i was installing english version of the installer after installing the italian ...

differant drive

need some help please i have tried lots of things i would like to install my rift on adifferant drive other than c i want it to go to h is there a simply way of doing this please thanks

baahawk by Level 2
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VR and desktop modes problems

Hi, I'm currently having a problem with Elite Dangerous and running it in desktop mode. I have the game in the my Oculus Library and normally would just select desktop mode and play the game. But yesterday I selected desktop mode and it would only ru...


I cant dowload games from the oculus store it says my firewall is blocking my downloading. IT start download then at 100% it just comeback to 0% and its says that my firewall is blocking it for no reason. I tried to stop my firewall and everything bu...

Upgraded PC, but Oculus (Rift) app now won't open!

Friday night, I built a new PC and moved my hard drives (SSDs) over to the new setup. Running Ryzen 5 2600 and Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 56 GPU with 32GB RAM. When I try to launch the Oculus app, I receive an error "We're having trouble starting Oculus...

update fixed

I used the installation app to do a repair and it worked. took about 20 minutes to reinstall but it worked I have VR again.

ogmius by Level 2
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3rd Sensor power issue.

I'm using a inateck superspeed 7 ports pci-e to usb 3.0 expansion card and I have 2 sensors plugged into it plus a gamepad. I then plug in my 3rd sensor into the front of my desktop and almost immediately all of my USBs start to power cycle, meaning ...

Casepb by Level 3
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oculus setup won't connect

hi,i tryed several time to re-install oculus setup,already "clean" old folder,already clean registry,and reboot pc.nothing worked alway get the error, disabled antivirus and firewall, connection working great and 100gb free on C.i really need help!i ...

Pelato by Level 2
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Setting up oculus rift - code exit 18

Hi,I know there are already similar threads but none worked for me and most are either too general to offer a solution or dead.So I just got oculus rift and went on to install, the software, which failed (the generis not very useful 'Sorry, a problem...

zekuro by Level 2
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