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Changing the Facebook account that is linked to Oculus

Is there anyway of changing to a different Facebook account? I know people make burner accounts (I did) to use the Oculus but I think I actually wanna switch to my real FB account so its easier and just makes more sense to me. Is it not allowed to de...

Cant boot up oculus link quest 2

I have the wire connected, I have the software on my pc, i enable oculus link when prompted on my quest 2, i open it up and i get this message "we have an important update for you please remove headset to continue" what do i do

Oculus Quest 2 not booting after first time system update

I just bought my Oculus today and I went through the first time setup steps and it prompted me to do a system update. After the update completed my oculus will no longer boot past the logo and a grey/black screen. I have tried factory resetting it mu...

Oculus app

Has anyone found out how to fix the gray screen or when they are ganna fix it

*They are currently fixing the Grey screen issue*

I just got off chat with a Oculus personnel name Princess. She was so nice . She said that Oculus knows about it and they are on it. She couldn't give me a when, but they are trying. I told her to relay the information to her manager so they can con...

Can’t Pair My Controller

Hi! I haven’t used my Oculus controller in about a year. I tried it, today, but it said it couldn’t find my controller. I did all the Oculus suggestions such as changing my battery and holding down two buttons, but no luck. Oculus Help said to wait f...

Controller won’t pair

I am unable to pair my controllers with the headset.. When I try and pair them it just buffers on my phone. When I cut the headset on the controllers will vibrate so I know they are connected somehow.. I have did the factory reboot, checked batteries...

bishhop by Level 2
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Oculus quest app grey screen

I just got my oculus today and I was trying to set up the oculus quest 2 app on my pc and after I sign into facebook and choose my profile pic I am presented with a grey screen can anyone help I feel like I have tried everything

Nuke420 by Level 2
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Grey Screen...Why no statement from oculus???

I bought the rift s today, and while installing it i encountered the grey screen after avatar selection. after 800 reinstalls, and a customer support chat pretending its on my end. i found in the forums that everyone with a new account cant get past ...

Disable Guardian. PERMANENTLY!!!

The -ONLY- thing I use my Rift S for is iRacing.I don't use the controllers, I don't need the guardian..I don't know. I DO NOT GODDAMN KNOW how many times I have gone through the guardian setup to get it to SHUT UP. only to again get "play area not f...

Guardian floats

Can’t set my guardian- just floats off the ground- tried to reset - doesn’t work- tried to factory reset- still floats off ground- anyone else having this problem

Resolved! How do I turn the touch controllers on?

This may be a dumb question, but... I was using the Touch controllers yesterday with no problems, but today I tried pressing every button and trigger but nothing happened. I eventually had to take the battery out and put it back in to get them to wor...

edmg by Level 10
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Resolved! Oculus won’t connect to pc

  as you can see it says to connect the headset and I did it is even showing up under folders but I still get this loading screen I even restarted the headset too I even also restarted my pc I have 2 usb-c I tried both and still that loading thing al...

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Help required: Oculus Software Blank Screen

Hi there. Today, I attempted to install the Oculus Software, and now when I open the app, I am given a grey screen. I have tried repairing the software, uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my computer. None of these seem to work. Could anyon...

deleted my facebook account

Hi, I deleted my facebook account, and im pretty sure it was the account that i had merged with my original oculus account, i purchased things on that account, and i have no idea how to log back in and get that stuff back. I have the reciepy numbers ...

Cant add friends on oculus rift

Tried adding my friend from the oculus rift app and straight from the vr but it wont send it to him and when he tried sending it too me no matter how many times I clicked add friend it never actually added him how do I fix this?

Oculus black screen problem after downloading on pc

So I have downloaded the oculus software on pc over 5 times today and after it had finished downloading It tells me to choose and avatar and after I do that it just leaves me with a grey screen. Someone please help I am so stressed over this.

XxValxX by Level 3
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Resolved! Oculus 2 - Infinite Loop USB Update Mode :(

Hi everyone, sorry if my english have a few mistakes. I'm from Argentina.My Oculus Quest 2 (64Gb) is stuck in a USB Update Mode since Yesterday. I just turned on like always. The device had just one week.I can't do nothing with it, I will detail you ...

Resolved! Help please (Rift)

I installed then”Rift” software and then logged in, as I got to the profile picture part... every time I go there it always freezes on a black screen and wont continue... 


Resolved! Minecraft File Error

I get a file system error upon trying to open minecraft in VR, I've tried several steps to fix. Windows is up to date, as well as graphics drivers. Both oculus and minecraft are installed to the same drive.


Can't progress with setup.

I was running the setup and after choosing my profile picture, and confirming it a popup with nothing on it shows up, quite large and all and just stays that way, can someone please help?