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Right headphone audio cutting out...

So after doing a bit of research, this seems to be a somewhat common problem - the audio on the right headphone started cutting out on my Rift. I tried swapping the earphones, no luck. The only thing that worked was sliding the head band in/out until...

you by Level 4
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Suddenly Poor Tracking Quality

The latest update has caused my sensor quality for both the headset and touch controls to be unreliable. Some times my head and controllers will teleport or reorient themselves briefly. There's also a constant, light jittering in the headset tracking...

Stuttering issues - Fixed

Just thought I'd post a update here incase anyone was having the same issues as me.I'd call this a temporary fix and not ideal but it works, Once your ingame, just open up another program and have that as your top window on the desktop. Drag it as fa...

Goetre by Level 3
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Oculus Go Won’t Restart

I had to factory reset my Oculus just 30 min after receiving it. I went to purchase something, said I had to enter a pin. (Never received a pin) so I reset my pin. But then it wouldn’t let me buy anything. Said “oops something went wrong”. Then it wo...

Orange Light, Black Screen... Strange.

Hello, i bought my oculus 5 days ago. I used normally the first 3 days, without problems... but then the problems start, i got orange light and black screen, but i got white light and black screen too.Today for example. I used the oculus 1 hour witho...

How to fix the problem about logging into forums

I have seen that many people, including myself, have had a problem signing into the forums so I hope that the solution i found works for others.The first thing you need to do is go to the oculus website and sign into there. Once you have done that yo...

Poker VR

I have a CV1 and I am getting disconnected from Poker VR after about 25 30 min playing. I will be in the middle of a game and boom, drops me like a hot potato. Is this a known issue or anyone else having this happen?ThanksRJ


On the Rift are the green calbration cross lines supposed to be clean lines? I only ever get sort of dotted lines or overlapping circles maybe (chainmail)? i can get smooth lines in either vertical or horizontal but not at the same time. Vertical is ...

JKP2007 by Level 2
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When installing software for the rift, it's installing 5.3 gigs instead of 800 mb like everyone else. Also, it's been taking about 12 hours to download and it is still incomplete. I'm using a cyberpower pc to run it. Ideas?

Can't download any software

Everytime I want to install a game or program from the store, I get error OVR57100773, the details say "Entitlement is not currently valid (1971032)". I have no idea how to fix this, please help.

Refusing to send Replacement cables

In mid November my headset cables broke, and despite having ordered multiple and being charged twice(mind you these cables aren't cheap) i haven't received any of these. Does any one know how to get support to actually help, or if there is a third pa...

Issues on payment and processing of order.

Hey, I just ordered an oculus and am having some issues with payment processing even with confirmation on my banks' end. I would really like to get my Rift soon and would like to see there are any ways I can get support on pushing my order forward.

KolarJr by Level 2
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Resolved! Third Sensor Placement

Hello! I hope you all had a great chirsmas time! But now, I wanted to know, if I place the 3 Sensors like they show in their "Roomscale Setup" (2 in front, 1 in the back left/right)and I place the third sensor behind me on the right side, will my han...

oculus go wont turn on

i try to turn it on but it has the loading symbol. its been like it for over 40 mins. it started when i tried to buy game then got on app store on oculus go and it said i wasnt connected to internet. i reset my internet and after that didnt work i re...

Oculus Setup - "Looking for Touch Controller"

Win 7 Pro 64-Bit fully patched/service packedIntel i5 3570k 4.3GhzASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard16GB RAMROG STRIX GTX 1080My Inateck PCIe USB 3.0 card finally arrived today after being back ordered on Amazon (I have tried several other PCIe cards an...

My Oculus software have trouble

hello,when i run occulus application, this message appears:"your oculus software may be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the issue continues, contact occulus support".

Website being wierd

So I might just be REALLY REALLY dumb or the Oculus website is broken. So I was playing with my Rift then all of a sudden I had no internet connection. This was odd because all my other programs worked fine (Chrome, ect.) So I restarted my router and...

SmorgT by Level 2
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No Sound from Rift Headphones after Playing a few Minutes

Hi, i have the Problem, that the Sound of my Rift Headphones doenst work after some time. When I start Oculus Home the Sound out of the Headphones is fine. Somtimes after 5 Minutes, sometimes after 1 hour, the Headphones stop working. If i restart Oc...

Oimann by Level 3
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Touch Controllers Freezing/Teleporting in-game

During gameplay or doing anything in fact, from time to time my fps is halved for 1-3 seconds and moving my touch controller doesn't move it in-game, it only rotates.During this time, there is some difficulty moving headset camera.This is especially ...

rile-s by Level 2
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Rift not detected on Inspiron 15 7577

Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7577 and I recently bought an Oculus Rift. After installing the Oculus app, it asks me to connect the rift and the sensors but while the two sensors and the rift usb cable get detected the HDMI doesn't. I tri...

After a few minutes, no video feed with white light [UNSOLVED]

Now, this is an issue that I have been having for a while now. It's painful.I started playing a game a few days ago. Suddenly, black screen. I was really confused. I tried going to the menu. Black screen. I don't think the screen was even on, it was ...

TC4BLES by Level 2
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Don't Have the Free Games with Touch

So I got my Oculus Rift as a Christmas present from my dad. While I was up on a vacation, I used a computer from my friend's house. I set it up there and there was the free games. Now that I have it at my house, there is no free games except First Co...

SmorgT by Level 2
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eve valkyrie warzone wont complete install

it says I need v c++ 2008 redistributable but I already have it installed.have tried uninstalling both game and c++ but wont install on rift.i had it working before but had to format and reinstall windows.

curig by Level 2
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New Video card = washed out Oculus Rift

Upgraded from a 1080 to a 2080 ti and now that I am setting the Oculus up on it, everything was successful, except that everything is now bright and washed out within the rift. Colors are faded to the point where it's practically grey and white and I...

Firmware update problem (+HDMI not detected.)

Hello.(Sorry for my bad English I'm French and I do my best...)I have a problem with my Oculus Rift (Already replaced and the problem still here...)When I connect my Oculus Rift to my pc with the HDMI and the USB port, the Oculus app don't detect the...

Oculus Rift setup installation error (Restart the computer)

Hello, Today I received my oculus rift.So I try to install the software to make it work and I got the error (in the title).So I try lots of ways find on the web and none have to work.This is my log:

How to use keyboard and mouse in Oculus VR menus?

I know this may seem like a basic question, but I'm not really sure how to do this. Right now, I'm currently developing my first video game and I wanted to add VR support to its engine. However, something I've found annoying is having to take the hea...

Blank/Black Screen in Headset and on PC

Hello, I've reached the end of where I can get to using google and just trial and error-ing solutions on my own so I'm hoping someone by some miracle might be able to help me get my headset running. First off I'll throw out all my Hardware stuff of w...