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Lost of Old account ? Email no longer link?

Hi , so basically i have taken a long break from playing VR . So today i decided to try log on and i found out my account no longer exist with my FB . I found out that somehow my FB account got hard reset and became new account so i lost all the game...

My controllers are not pairing on my quest 2

I am unable to pair my controllers with the headset.. When I try and pair them it just buffers on my phone. When I turn on the headset the controllers will vibrate so I know they are connected somehow.. I have did the factory reset, checked batteries...

weird link problem

When using the link it will boot up and such no problem when i hafe the oculus home menu and such i can play pavlov no problem whitout iseus but when i use boneworks it lags and boots me back to the headset menu itself nog the oculus menu of the link...

Friends recommand money

Hey, a friend of mine recently bought the oculus quest 2 using my recommandation link.And he received 30 euros. But I can't see if I have received it as well.Does this take a while to load? Or did something go wrong?

having to use FB accounts is a nightmare

Honestly I thought FB were going to fix this given all the problems it's caused but no. I now have 4 devices unsuable for by the school I work at because of this companies decision to only allow FB account for setting up Oculus devices,. I wrote to O...

Why there is no real costumer service

I have a problem with my Oculus quest 2 headset.I am trying to connect to customer support but they are very bad.I raised many support tickets. They ask me a few questions about the problem and then they never come back to me with an answer.What shal...

Oculus link is not supported by new RTX 3xxx ?

Hello, I am having problems with connection to my OQ 2. I read some replies that there is no update for nvidia RTX 3xxx and that Oculus link might not work or supported it yet. Today i bought a cable to try some games from PC or SteamVR but as a lot ...

Pendou by Level 3
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Keznm by Level 2
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Headset light turns orange when I put it on

After a sudden power-off in the computer while using the Rift S I can't use it any more. I installed current drivers and oculus software but I still have the following issue:The white light in the headset turns to orange and the screen stays black as...

oho11 by Level 2
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Stormland multiplayer issue

Dear Oculus, A freind and I cannot join or invite each other on this game once the function is unlocked, we have tried everything in game to fix it and seems to be a potentially known issue. Due to the cost of this game why hasn’t it been sorted out?...

Oculus 2 Link Cable not connected

I have a very annoying problems. I was able to connect the cable from my quest 2 to the pc and I would hear the connection sound from my pc as well. That I know it is connected. In the vr, the messages, "allow to access to data" and I click deny as d...

QPilot by Level 3
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Can my computer run roblox vr?

So basically, in the oculus app, it says "Your system's graphics card is incompatible with the rift system software".Would this still be able to run roblox or am i just screwed?Also, I can't seem to link my oculus to my computer at all. I have the co...

A5HERR by Level 2
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oculus support wont respond

anyone else not getting responses from oculus after they say they will investigate its been over 48 hours from the time this is posted since they last told me and i sent an update asking about it and i have not gotten any responses yet

Resolved! Network Drive Game Installs

Installing Oculus Home allowed me to select my mapped network drive as an installalation folder during setup However now trying to install a game to that network drive, Oculus Home states I do not have permission for that folder. Is there any way to ...

USB wrongly detected

So I am pretty much certain that my usb c port is 3.1, it says it on the motherboard and the website and the cable packaging says that the cable is usb 3.2 gen 1. However according to usb tree view and the oculus software when I plug it in its being ...

display port and headset sensor issue

I had my oculus rift s sitting in my closet for a bit and then I decided to get it out and try to play vr again, but when I did the vr headset kept saying the display port is not connected or plugged in, then when I tried to setup the headset again i...

My order

My order cannot be seen on my account Any one else had issue with account setup and viewing you order after payment

SOLUTION - Wrong Oculus Account Linked to Facebook Account

Waited a week for Oculus to fix my issue of wrong Oculus account tied to Facebook account. Library was empty. Found a solution on Reddit from iMason420.Using a computer web-browser, Not The App, go to the Oculus website and login with the inncorrect ...

Tribb by Level 3
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Oculus Setup

So, Trying to Install the App for Quest 2 on Windows.Launch the .exe and it never startsI have a few files as .dmp files left over in temp with a debug which shows the problem : [Debug] [15-May-21 4:05:27 PM] Querying machine metadata.[Fatal] [15-May...

pratk05 by Level 2
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Rift S Randomly Going Black

Dear Rift users, last year I bought my Rift S and had alot of problems with it. I've fixed all problems and for the past year I could play with my Rift S for hours, I even fell asleep in a game in my Rift S.Now a year later, 2 days ago all of a sudde...


I am wanting to watch my partner on my PC while he is playing, Is it possible please.

Oculus Suport taking almost 2 weeks to respond

I saw other people sometimes having long waiting time before they get a response, and useally these posts gets noticed by the suport themselves. I send a reply email on the 4th of may this month and I havent heard anything from them since. If anyone ...

Installation problem

I bought Lone Echo for my rift s and it wont install. ive restarted the app. restarted my computer. i have done those things several times and it still wont install. it cost me 40 bucks and i really wanna play it

Flash Sale Cannot Buy Gaming Essentials Pack Error 2078011

Hi all Really annoying error - getting a purchase failed  error message 2078011 error when trying to buy the flash sale bundle. I have two of the apps. Never had an issue before with part bundle purchases. But it seems it is fairly common from a quic...


Certain websites unreachable

Hello,when trying to use a specific type of website on my oculus quest 2. it keeps giving me an unreachable notice when trying to connect. I am able to connect and use other websites like google, youtube, etc. I am able to use the website on my pc. i...

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