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~~"Can't Reach Oculus Runtime Service"~~

Your Oculus software may be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the issue continues, contact Oculus Support.PLEASE HELP ME!?!?!?! I Dont Understand it was working perfectly last night wouldnt you know it my weekend it screws up, just my ...

HDMI wird nicht erkannt !

Ich habe die Rift Software heruntergeladen und installiert. Die Rift Headset wird am HDMI Anschluss nicht erkannt. Grafikkarte ist NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060. Die Treiben wurden aktualisiert. Ich bekomme folgende Fehlermeldung bei dem Öffnen der Oculus-...

Oculus home back button

Oculus Home back button is not truly a back button... The previous position is sometimes (often) reset to the top position.Can't you make it go back to where you were (scroll position where you left of) always?It's time to fix this.

Visuals Freezing Immediately.

Hello all, I am very new to the Rift specifically and VR in general. After about a week of owning my rift, It has begun freezing the visuals almost immediately in nearly every game I attempt to play. This happens regardless of the source of the game,...

Resolved! 10metre extension for HDMI - audio works but not display

Hello,I have a 10metre HDMI extension and it will only play audio over the cable, it does not detect the oculus headset and is a black screen?I plugged the 10metre HDMI extension into a tv and displays fine as an extra screen? What can I do to make t...

library lost

trying to reset my pc space i was told to put on headset. it is stuck on that page and when i put on headset i am told my headset can not be found. no other instructions and unfortunately i can not move from that page to go to my oculus home page. he...

Ssosum by Level 2
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Gear vr and gamepad support

Ok what I want to know is how come when speedlink torid wireless gamepad or my ps3 gamepad to my s6 it works but as soon as I put it in to the vr headset it does not. How do I get it to work? is it even possible?

Dirt Rally and desktop mode

Hi there, recently I've been wanting to try out dirt rally without the rift, because once I take my contacts out I can no longer use my rift to play games. I right clicked dirt rally in Oculus Home, and it shows the option to "start in desktop mode"....

cigaro4 by Level 2
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No HDMI connection, but I have a screen

Hi all,I got my Oculus rift cv1 and I struggle to get it running.Everything seems to be okay, except for the HDMI connection.The Oculus software says that it is not connected, but I have a screen in the headset.I watched already a VR video and it wor...

Can't get it to display on rift

Hey guys and gals. really need some help here. My rift works fine for oculus and steam games but when it comes to unknown source games ( the ones with the small pop up window before launch to select display which it's only showing up that I have one ...

Update server address

I am security admin and need to allow our developer to update oculus VR contents.How can I get some information about update server address to allow?Is the update server IP/port based or URL based?

SHS by Level 2
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Right Len is out

For some reason the right lens of my Oculus stopped working. Emailed support and they sent a canned response on what to try (Which were mostly fixes if it never worked in the first place, driver, etc)Is there somewhere to send it to get it repaired? ...

Oculus Rift delivery time

Hi everyone,I decided to join the VR train, now that it is on special... however... how long does it take for the order to be processed and for it to be shipped? I am currently residing in Poland, so if anybody can provide an answer for this, that wo...

In game viewing is distorted with movements (win10)

So ive been on windows 7 using my rift with no issues since January. After reading about how windows 10 is a better environment for VR in general I decided to let go of my disdain for the OS and upgrade. Since Ive switched to windows 10 when im in ga...

Headset Not Working

OK so I bought the Oculus Rift Touch. Going through the setup process it says it is not connecting the headset to HDMI. I have it plugged into HDMI. I know the HDMI works. All the USB connections set up fine. But No HDMI connection. Any ideas? Please...

Oculus Rift crashes when two sensors are plugged in.

When only one sensor is plugged in, the rift works fine, but as soon as I plug in two sensors, the rift crashes, all my sensors disconnect and the rift reconnects with an error saying "HDMI cable is unplugged" when the HDMI cable has not been touched...

Black HMD screen randomly

My HMD randomly goes black. When it does the screens turn black. But the game can still seen running on my monitor. I have to restart oculus software to make it work again. This has started to happen recently. Notice in oculus says HDMI disconnect or...

gronbek by Level 3
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Resolved! XBox One Controller Turning Off

I have had no issues with the Oculus and accessories and have been using it on and off for a few weeks, since it came. Today I hit the button to pair my Xbox One controller to my PC, and it would connect and then power off. I changed the batteries to...

not abble to install rift

hello, i am trying to install my oculus riftfresh win 10 pro 14-4-2018 with all update i 7 7700k CPU @4.2Ghzgpu is the rog strix geforce 1060 06g gaming12 gb memory ram1 terrabyte frree spacegone to site oculus then rift then set upafter confirming i...

What is this, I can not re-install my Rift?

Re-formatted Win 7 64 bit. I need to re-install my Rift but can't. It tells me I need these two Win 7 Hotfixes?? things from Microsoft, but I already have them. It tells me on one I don't need it and the other says I have it already.Please helpThanks...

Rift Microphone not working

Can't seem to figure out what is wrong with the mic on the rift. It does not show up in my recording devices. And I can not locate it in the device manager. Any suggestions?

USB 2?

I'm adding a third sensor to my system. Right now, everything Rift related is plugged into my Innatek USB 3.0 card. Works fine. I've read that a third sensor should be plugged into a USB 2.0 connection. My computer only has 3.0 and 3.1 connections. I...

pecocus by Level 4
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Nvidia colour settings

Please return this option, it's making my vr experience worse not having this setting, you requested Nvidia remove this. This is not a threat but the fact Steam HTV Vive doesn't nanny its users is making me sway towards them rather than Oculus.

nrosko by Level 8
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I can't use my oculus because of Black-Screen

Hello,today I wanted to play some vr again after a long time. I brought a new game, and wanted to play it, sadly I had to realize my Oculus wasn't working like before, I just had a black-screen and also no audio. I tried to plug the USB in and out bu...

Phopus by Level 2
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Help me


Setup Trouble 2

I've been at it now for almost a day. I've tried deleting every mention of Oculus, I've turned off all of my Anti Virus and made sure my windows is all up to date. I run on a GTX 960 graphics card and everything else is higher than the recommended ap...