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Black screen fix black screen with 3 dots won't wake

Hello.Lately. When I'm connected to PC via link. And I adjust my headset, even slightly. This really cool known issue happens. The screen goes black. Not dark. It doesn't turn off. It's just a black screen. I hold the power down. No reset or off opti...

Oculus not responding to customer service

I sent a customer service email to oculus a few days ago about my oculus quest 2 order. they shipped it to a different address than the one I ordered, and and now I don't know where it is, and have not received my order, even though they have my mone...

ROBOTBC by Level 2
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Synch mode stuck (Ironlights)

I uninstalled the game and worked for a bit, but when I exited and went back to the game later it was stuck in synch mode again and I cannot by pass. I checkes for updates to oculus, none available and I restarted the Oculus, same i...

Jaxon07 by Level 2
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Email change - oculus support worthless

I have been trying to change my email address for the last week. My old email I can’t access anymore. When I try to change my email it asks me to input a code they send to my old email. So I tried reaching out a few times to support and I don’t get a...

Terrible Customer Service and Support

I am escalating to this forum because Warranty and Customer Support is a s--t show! My Oculus wlll no longer draw the guardian after a factory reset. I have dead pixels and werid digital boundary lines, everthing is distorted and setting the grid to ...

Saber Beats - Missing Play Button

Saber beats has been missing the “play“ button for almost 2 months now, and I get absolutely no response from anyone anywhere! I also can no longer request a refund. I cannot be the only one experiencing this issue. But no one seems to have a solutio...

Oculus browser caches space

I guys ! I'm in a bit of a pinch. I'm trying to download a VR Tour with MASSIVE files size to be able to play it Off-line in the QUEST 2. My problem is that the Oculus Browser crashes after 13.3%. I tried just as a test to download it off-line on my ...

No order confirmation or information?

Hey, I ordered the quest 2, I got an order number but I still don't have any email or anything. No bank/PayPal confirmation or pending order, I have no information on what's going on, I don't even know if the payment was even successful or cancelled....

Delete the Headset from "my devices"

How can I remove my Oculus Quest 2 from " my devices " . I have already followed the instructions and removed the Headset under "my devices" with the Delete Button. This was followed by a verification. Likewise , I performed a factory Reset on th Hea...

My Quest two

I started a support ticket on the fourth of this month and by the looks of it oculus has been very slow at helping me with my issue, to put it simple my headset no longer powers on possibly due to a faulty battery that overheats way more than my head...

ASW bug with AMD gpu

Hi guys, I had my CV1 working with a gtx1080 since 2017, and I of course needed to lock 45hz with ASW all the time if I wanted consistancy while simracing. I was actualy really pleased by it, very few artifact and very low latency.I just updated to t...

App sharing not working

Hello! I recently bought an oculus quest 2 because my boyfriend has one and we wanted to enjoy it together! He made him the admin on my account so we could app share the games that allow it (walkabout mini golf, eleven table tennis, etc.) For the fir...

Oculus Quest stuck at Oculus Logo.

When I'm enabling my Quest it shows me Oculus Logo, then black screen and then again, Oculus Logo and that repeats. I tried to do factory reset, but it did nothing. Updating firmware manually didn't help, command prompt said that it can't find any de...

Remove share entries for videos already deleted?

I have a Quest 2 and from my recording I deleted them from the PC connecting my quest to it, but they keep showing on the share menu, even the files are no longer there. Is there a way to reset the Share menu items?

Oculus Link issues

I am having issues with my oculus link connecting my quest to my pc. I can see my guardian boundary and interact with it, and when I press my oculus button it bring up the menu on my quest home as if the oculus link is a game. My cable is fine, I hav...

Oculus Hardware Error !

Hello Everybody,Here is my problem, I having a issue with the setting of the rift.I have already send my ticket to the support.I would like to say that it worked great before.I have try several things :- Plug and Unplug USB port ( I tried several mix...

Remote Desktop JavaScript error

I've installed Oculus Remote Desktop in order to use it with Horizon Workrooms, but whenever I attempt to run the application I get the error:'A Javascript error occurred in the main process' I'm running Windows 10, and have tried all suggestions I'v...


I have an oculus account that has 2fa but I have a new phone number . I cannot get into my headset . I have sent numerous emails to oculus support , over three weeks now and no response. My Facebook account has the new number and cannot get in with t...

Supra4U by Level 3
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quest VS pc

so im trying to link my quest 2 to my pc, but my pc says "device not recognized" even though it has recognized it before

Left controller

We changed the battery in the left controller and now it won’t work. I changed the battery again, just in case but still did nothing. I also unpaired and tried to pair it again but that didn’t work either. Is there anything I can try to fix it?

Silicone cover

It has been 4 weeks since I requested a silicone cover for my oculus quest 2 and I still haven’t gotten tracking info and it is still in processing. Please help me oculus