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forgetting my Oculus password.

I'm unable to access my Oculus since I dont't remember the password to my Oculus mobile app. It asks for my password and when I click forgot, it asks for my email and says it will send a link to reset the password. I give my email, yet I get no email...

Sickening Vr Chat glitch

I have been playing on my Oculus Quest 2 for a while now and I have had not many problems with it. I love to play Vr Chat and I played it for the first week I owned my Quest 2. But now when I play it I get a bug that doesn't let me load in. I have re...

Oculus Quest 2 Payment Method: MANDATORY

So me and my friends just bought new oculus systems. We then bought a Mastercard to get games but were unable to use it even with the right info filled out. We spent an hour trying to get it to work and nothing. I am going to say that many people at ...

PC App and Headset are different versions

I'm not able to use oculus link cable because the versions are not the same. The PC App keeps saying there aren't any updates to, ver. ( My Quest 2 is ver. ( I've read that both ver. have to be the same in orde...

Forgot oculus account email etc

I had an oculus rift a few months ago and bought many games etc on that oculus. Since then I had sold the rift and moved on to buy a quest 2 witch arrived today, I found myself trying to log into my account to play on the games I bought but had forgo...

Dextezo by Level 2
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Internet Issues

Hi,My school has purchased an Oculus for students to use but when the device is connecting to the wifi it says there is a “Limited Connection” and does not allow me to progress further. When I try to connect to the same network on the app, it says “s...

Resolved! Oculus App keeps restarting when headset is plugged in(quest 2)

So i will start by saying i got the quest 2 when it came out. everything was working good for months. I had a titan xp with a ryzen 7 3700 and 64 gb of ram. Now about a month or two ago i got an AMD 6900XT and i have been getting weird problems ever ...

Replacement Lenses?

So I have a scuff Mark that’s on my right eye lens, it’s not really that big of an issue at the moment but I’m wondering if you’re able to replace the lenses. I cannot find any lens protectors and if you can’t change the lense or have them replace fo...

LuridFTW by Level 3
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Quest 2 rift s controller replacement

Why is it that the only controllers in stock are for the quest 2? It makes no sense to me that the quest 2 controllers aren't backwards compatible. Why is there no way to calibrate the stick? There used to be but it was removed. Why hasn't oculus sup...

issicus by Level 3
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Oculus pc app keeps closing

When i try to launch oculus link it closes the oculus app on my pc and i tried everything and even factory reset it but it still wont work

Quest 2 headset refusing to work at all.

Hi, I've had my headset for a few months and everything was going fine untill I think a month ago it started freezing and then restarting itself. It got to the point where I couldn't play at all because it was freezing at the guardian screen. It's be...

Left controller is glitching

My son just got an oculus 2 yesterday. And the left controller is glitching. It’s like jumping and skipping? Has anyone seen this or have this happen? I am not sure how to fix this? thankssarah

Im trying to confirm something

So I bought a quest on July 12th and I'm thinking it might be a scam but did the official oculus website have a big sale on July 12th

Oculus wont stay connected to PC for Oculus Link

Ive had my headset for only a few weeks and got a 3rd party link cable shortly after. Oculus link worked great for 2 weeks until I go away for a week and v30 drops. I come back and find that Oculus link no longer works. Instead the Oculus app on my P...

Original oculus quest on an infinite loading screen

So for a couple of weeks now, my oculus quest has been stuck on this cycle of being booted up, going to some weird screen of what looks to be a processor update or something since it has an image of a processor and a loading bar underneath it, which ...


I had turn my oculus on and try to play some vrchat but all the apps that I owned weren’t there and was not showing up

DB9K by Level 2
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i got a question and problem

Every since the last update on beat saber my beat saber stopped working ex/when i launch beat saber it just goes black for a sec and then it just but me back home please help we payed 20$ on that game just to not work


I'm trying to log in after I reset my password and it says my account is merged/needed to be merged so I had to log into my oculus account but when I tried it said go try facebook login so I just get this loop of Facebook to oculus back and forth. Ho...

Oculus Quest 2 Floor always too high

Got a new Oculus Quest 2 only 2 days ago, ive used it for about 2 hours and have realised every single game on it is completely unplayable because it always detects the floor as too high, so in every game i cant reach the floor, and my head is too hi...


isafeのアプリはoculus goでインストールできますか?できましたらどこに表示されますか?

ghi4 by Level 2
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Quest 2 at Elvin Assassins' aimin issues

I got Quest 2 and attempted to play Elvin Assasin game. (Archery) I used to play it wit Oculus Rift 2. It is really terrible when compared. It seems like joystick positions often not recorded properly. Hands are holding at one angle, but arrow often ...

Can not Add Payment Method

I have a Quest and 2 days after getting it I opened a ticket with Support for not being able to add a payment. Original the cards I used would be marked for Fraud because Oculus would send 3 - 1 dollar charged to my credit card. I have had a open Sup...

can't configure room size with Oculus Rift

Hi. when i try configure my Oculus Rift after a PC reset with 3 sensors, everything goes fine,untill the step with configuring room size. my controllers are not detected. In Pavlov vr and beat saber everything goes fine but i can't end this configura...

makdum by Level 2
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