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Oculus Quest software Issue

Hello I'm having issues with my Oculus Quest. It will not let me access any app or my account information when I click on them with my controllers. I've tried turning it on and back off and updating the system. Any help you can offer would be greatly...

Resolved! How money received for referring friends is discounted

I have the doubt of how the money can be used to refer friends. I think I understand that it cannot be used with games on sale. My question is if for € 30, for example, if I buy something for € 20, is it considered used up, or I have € 10 available f...

Oculus app setup cant connect please check connection

Every time I try and run the setup for the app, i get as far as agreeing to the terms and then it says it failed to connect and to please check connection.. I've tried everything at this point and its super disappointing... Every video i see online s...

Resolved! Error performing query

I've been trying to buy Gorn for over 12 hours now, but I keep getting the same error. I've tried resetting my headset and my phone. I've relogged in from my facebook. I've tried to purchase the game from several devices by I still keep getting the e...

BejB-i- by Level 2
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Quest 2:Power button plus volume up

I have been hearing a lot of things recently about power on plus volume down before the quest 2 boots up but I tried power button plus volume up and it just says no command and I was wondering how to get past that screen and go into recovery mode. Ho...

Can’t refund

So my little brother bought population one on my oculus quest 2 and can’t refund it because I’ve bought it before didn’t really like it and refunded it and he bought it again with my card and it won’t let me refund it

Fuseee by Level 2
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External graphics card

I can’t connect my oculus to my pc because the graphics card isn’t good enough, would using an external graphics card work?

Dead pixels, waiting for replacement

Hi all, Just wishing to document my experience of buying a Quest 2 so far. I ordered a new Quest 2 from Amazon UK and received it on 25th February.. Late on 27th February, I notified Oculus Support of an issue with a line of dead pixels running down ...

Oculus link with quest1 started lagging after windows update.

Hi guys. I am new in these forums so be gentle :). I `m not using my computer so often, so there was a about 30 days after last play. Now, Couple days ago I started to play beat saber with oculus link and everything was fine. I shutdown my computer a...

J-Guy by Level 2
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Controller Vibration extremely loud.

Hey all, posting here to see if anyone else has had similar issues to me with the touch controller. After the first week of using my Oculus Quest, I started having issues with my right touch controller making a loud squeaking noise when the trigger w...


I refunded the virtual desktop but its still waiting and 3 days already passed about that. When im gonna take my money? Its still waiting. It says “ money refund requested “

Cemsvo by Level 2
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The Climb Won't Launch, every other game works fine.

As title says. When I start The Climb, it goes through the various startup pages with CryEngine and Oculus and hints, then closes after those but before Main Menu, and brings me back to Oculus Home. Every time. I have tried restarting computer, shutt...

The Climb 2 won’t start on my Quest 2

I have a brand new 64gb Oculus Quest 2, not using a PC, and The Climb 2 simply will not start. Any time I boot it up I get the initial title screen, a short blip of audio, and then everything cuts out and goes black. No error message or anything, it ...

Cannot use social features in VR

Whenever I try to check my chats (in vr), I get stuck on a loading screen! However, when I check my chats through the oculus app on my PC, it works just fine and I can chat with my friends. Same goes for parties, friends, literally everything that yo...

h0_ by Level 2
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rift libary and quest

I bought Arizona Sunshine on rift, is it possible to switch it on Quest 2 J'ai acheté Arizona Sunshine sur Rift, est-il possible de le mettre dans ma bibliothèque du Quest 2

How to photo a dead pixel

First question. Would you guys accept, or be happy with, getting a new Rift with a dead pixel? On a black background it glows green like a laser pointer so you're always reminded it's there. Tried the dead pixel software, but this pixel aint being re...

Problème pas d'image dans le casque mais du son

Bonjour,Je viens de recevoir mon casque et j'ai un soucis. J'ai branché le casque sur le Display port avec un adaptateur (ma prise Hdmi déconne). Lors de l'installation tout se déroule bien, jusqu'au moment ou je dois passer en VR, Je mets le casque ...

Quest 2 Missing Friends Button

Quest 2 is missing the friends button mentioned in Support. I don't know how to add friends from the Quest. I have to stop, pull out my phone and add them from the app.

Elite Strap breaking after 2 months light use

I have 2x Elite Straps which came on 1/12/2021 for me and one for my son. My son uses his quite a bit and is fine, but somehow mine has developed cracks on both sides. I keep the head units mounted vertically on the wall so there is no strain on anyt...

20210320_165306.jpg 20210320_165321.jpg
djvj1 by Level 2
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Can I control the oculus from an app? I am trying to use this in a care home setting and need to be able to control it. Any help appreciated

Black Vertical Line on Oculus TV

Hey what`s up guys? I'm having a little trouble with my Oculus Quest 2. I'm an Architect and I use the Oculus to present my projects to our clients. Since a little while ago a very thin black line showed up. The black line wasn't there when I first g...

com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171432.jpg com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171434.jpg com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171445.jpg com.oculus.shellenv-20210320-171446.jpg

Quest 2 (Echo VR) Mic Low and Muffled

Seems like this issue only happens in the in-game chat and not the party chat. The problem being a muffled, low sounding, microphone. Basically it sounds like someone is 10 ft away from their mic and that mic is shoved into a Pringles can. The “solut...

Damed DLC locked door

Ref Arizona sunshine Damed dlc locked door About halfway through the game you walk across some planks. Pick up some ammo and head off. Reach a door go through and along a short corridor then to another door which is locked and I cannot go through. I'...