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'Losing hands' in all Steam VR games

I've had the Oculus for 6 months and til now have barely used it due to the challenge of getting any of the popular games working through Steam VR.Every game I play loses touch functionality within a few minutes with Skyrim being the latest, all my s...

Oculus runtime seems to crash when trying to add Oculus Touch

So yeah, strange bug.Came to use the Oculus after about three weeks, only to find that the thing seems mostly bricked. It could pick up both my sensors and heaset, but not remote, touch or xbox controller.Trying to add either or those after 'forget d...

New Oculus? Blank Screen? Orange light? - Here's My fix!

Most everyone knows about the dvi to hdmi solution but this does not work for everyone, so here is the alternative that worked for me : 3 Try a Display Port to HDMI adapter, but not for your rift, plug your display into it instead and use the HDMI po...

IamCow by Level 3
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Beta is still trash that doesn't work

So I decided to install the newest drivers and give Beta another shot. HUGE mistake. I don't know why I even thought it was worth the effort. Anyway, Is there a way to fix this? Rift always fucks up my monitors and causes them to go diagonal to each ...

[FIXED] Help with downloading games!

Whenever I try to download it will not download.clip: Yes i have tried repairs and installing and still will not worktre2012 said:UPDATE: I reinstall it for the third time and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!...

Pink hue in two titles only

Hi everyone.On one of my Rift's, I get a pink hue when running 2 titles from Oculus Story Studio, they are Lost and Henry.This is on my basement machine with a 1080ti, however these two titles work fine on my upstairs machine, same specs as other mac...

VR.exe crashing - so what is it?

I've been testing various ways of using older racing sims in the Rift over the last few days. One test was rFactor (thru Steam) - used it with Core 2 in desktop mode, which worked well enough ( a little latency, but acceptable), with Steam in VR Thea...

Unknown sources not launching?

Unknown sources not launching? Even though it's switched on in general settings. Anyone else having this problem?

Kyco by Level 2
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HDMI disconnect on start/wake on new computer

I put together a new desktop about a week ago, every partwas new except for my video card and the Oculus stuff, I did add a fourthsensor, but doubt that has anything to do with the issue I am having. The problem I am having is that almost every time ...

My Oculus is turning on and off over again

Hi everyone.I'm having some trouble with my Rift, since a few days and out of nowhere, my Rift started to turn on and off at a few seconds interval.I have the last version of the Oculus home, my graphic card drivers are up to date, I just formated my...

Sorane by Level 2
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Can not use the Rift Core 2.0 ANYMORE...

When I enabe the RIFT CORE 2.0 my room loads up and my design is still there. However I am stuck in the opening position, I never see the welcome screen and I see a floating oculus logo and my hands, I can move them but I can not interact with the ro...

EviLorD by Level 2
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Screen saver not working

I believe a recent update is preventing my screen saver/power settings from not functioning. I haven't been able to engage my screen saver for between a few days to two weeks (not sure when started). Finally got around to troubleshooting. Internet sa...

Problem installing Oculus, error log included, please help

Hi guys, this is the problem:Debug] [22/04/2018 17:35:53] Installing 'Visual C++ 2013' redistributable.[Debug] [22/04/2018 17:38:42] Process C:\OculusSetup-DownloadCache\visual-cpp-2013.exe exited with code 0 (success).[Debug] [22/04/2018 17:38:42] I...

Changing Drives (Please help!)

I need to change the drive by which Oculus is installed on from C to D. I need to know how to bypass the Hotfix Check and install on a different drive at the same time. I'm on Windows 7, so I have the KB hotfix update bug, which can be fixed by bypas...

What are the latest working drivers for Rift and Nvidia?

What are the drivers we are supposed to be using with Rift now? I never update to the latest drivers because it always breaks something, almost always Rift related, but it always breaks. The file version of my drivers are which I assume ...

Oculus setup is thinking my bed is the floor

Hello guys, I need some help to calibrate my Oculus.I don't have much room on my bedroom. I still can play on Standing mode. In from of my is my PC's monitors on my desk. Behind me is my bed. When I play Standing, I move my chair away and I'm able to...

Headset not recognized

After many restarts, and all drivers being updated, my Rift Headset is still not recognized. Any ideas?

woodan by Level 2
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Did anyone else with Dual monitors have problems with 2.0?

Does anyone on here have dual monitors? Have you tried the beta for Rift 2.0? When I tried this, it broke my monitor setup. My mouse would no longer cross into the border of my extended monitor. Is this happening to others with extended desktop acros...

falken76 by Level 13
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