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Certificate Validation Failed in Echo VR

I'm using Echo on a Quest 2 with Oculus link. I've recently installed Windows on a new HD, installed GPU drivers, Chrome, Oculus, Oculus Tray Tool, Echo VR. When I open Echo, I get a Certificate Validation Failed error. This happens before logging in...

GB- by Level 2
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I’ve been robed

My family has probably spent well over 1000$ on this **bleep**ty piece of **bleep**ing trash over 100$worth I haven’t even had delivered I’ve barely used the thing and it’s fever been dropped or taken out side or anything and it **bleep**ing broken t...

Computer does not meet minimum required specifications... What?

I just bought a brand new computer, and was getting ready to play some games when I got the message on the top of the app saying my computer does not meet the minimum required speficications. This can't be the case becausing I'm running a RTX 3060, 1...

XukeLho by Level 2
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Link not supplying power to Q2

Ok so this just started the other day, my quest 2 will no longer charge via the Oculus link cable, and when I play PCVR the Q2 battery is discharging fast, I'm talking lost 40% charge in 10 mins.After playing around I have found a strange issue, the ...

Zandil by Level 8
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Oculus quest 2 steaming up

I have recently bought an oculus quest 2 it was fine for the the first 2 days but now the lenses keep fogging up when I wear it and I’ve kept at room temp and everything and I shouldn’t have to put up with this on something that has cost me £300 some...

How to pay with PayPal without adding a credit card?

I'm trying to buy my first game on Oculus store and add my paypal account to my profile, but when doing so it asks me to update my credit card info. Thing is, I don't use a credit card on paypal...which is the whole point of paypal. Works 100% no iss...


Someone please help!I used to be able to access see more in library in the entertainment section, now when I click see more in library it take me to apps. how do I fix this?

The rift s disport cable issue

I've recently got my oculus rift s and it keeps crashing randomly while saying there is a hardware issue. Ive done the troubleshooting steps and they haven't done anything for it as it still crashes. Can anyone help?

Charger port broken?

My charger port may be broken on my device, because I have tried everything to get this thing charging. 10+ Ways to Fix Oculus Quest / Quest 2 Not Charging Issues – Smart Glasses Hub Here is a link to the things i tried. If that isnt all of them, ple...

jesu638 by Level 2
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Frozen on load-up screen

On starting up my Quest 2 today it just hit stuck on the loading screen with the oculus "o" now it won't turn off, even long pressing the power button has no effect. Help please 


The Oculus does not show a pairing code. Where do I go to find a pairing code?

Order not displaying for Quest 2

Hello! I put an order in for a Quest 2 last night. Everything was fine. I got my order information through email. It has a link that says I can check my order anytime. When I try to, it says the link is invalid. When I go to "My orders" on the Oculus...

Refund Error

I tried Vanishing Grace twice. Both times I got really bad motion sickness. So I requested a refund. This was the message I got:Your refund request for the following order was not approved due to errors while attempting to reimburse the original paym...

AshGerk by Level 2
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No 90hz option after v28 update?

Hi, since the v28 update on my quest 2 the 90hz option is now gone. The only device option is 50hz or 60hz? No options to change this in experimental features either? I have performed a factory reset and experimental features reset to no avail. Is th...

Oculus is possibly broken

My oculus is doing something strange. I was downloading population one when I took the headset off to let it download. When I came back the dot that shows where the controllers are pointing is right in the middle. I tried turning it off but now it is...

Tax fee for Australia

Hi so I just bought my quest 2 for $479 and it says there are tax fees and I’m wondering does it include the tax fee in the $479 because I paid for everything just wondering if it’s included with the normal fee so it’s just $479

Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber blocks delay

When I started playing beat saber, I already noticed that when I hit the blocks they would get sliced only 0.2 seconds after I sliced them. Now Im moving to the expert+ levels and it makes it really hard because of the delay.If you guys have a fix or...

Resolved! Shared Account Not Listing Apps

Hi,I purchased 2 256GB Oculus Quest 2 units for my family of 5 (my wife and 3 kids and myself) to spend more quality time together. I setup the initial unit with my account, enabled the sharing under Experimental Features as well as App Sharing under...

change of e-mail address

I just found out I can no longer log into my Hotmail e-mail account, can I change my e-mail address? if so how do I go about it? setting or profile?

Paying For Game Tax in Oregon and My Father Didnt

So late last night my dad and I were buying Dash Dash World and he goes great it only cost 24.99 and when I clicked on it it charged me $2.52 for tax, and I made mention of it costing $27.51 and my dad said, "no I didn't pay for tax, we live in Orego...

Change name

So I am joining a clan in pop one and really want to change my name but found out I can’t change it for 6 months is there a way I can change it early

Logging out of Messenger app?

Hi Facebook, Your Quest 2 Messenger app has a logout feature with a description along the lines of "if you share your device with friends of family, you can log out here and you will require your password to log back in", presumably as a security fea...

No Sound with Riff S.

Upgraded my Riff for a Riff S. Had the original Riff for 3 years and loved it. Worked great no hassles. But it was getting old and the sound kept going in and out. I think it may have a short somewhere in the head set. So figured it was time to upgra...