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No 3rd Ipd setting

I can't seem to push my lenses into the third ipd setting. Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if it's ok to just force it or if that will damage the lenses. Right now it's stuck on 2.

No audio with Facebook streaming

I've been seeing that this is an issue for some people but can't seem to find out why this is happening. When I try to stream games such as population one or onward to facebook directly from my quest 2, the audio cuts out completely once you join a l...

Forum no longer works

Last couple of times I logged into the forums, I've clicked on community and can't see the categories anymore. I click on community and it does nothing, it just keeps me on that silly screen where you see a scrolling list of the latest posts. I can't...

I bought a game and did not get it

Hello yesterday day I bought a game ( The walking dead saints and sinners ) for my Oculus quest 2 and i it did not give me the game and the app took my money. Yesterday I tried all day to get my money back or the game but when support checked it said...

Boouge by Level 2
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Software issues

Anyone else getting this issue?I was finally able to remove all the software of my pc this morning, but now I am having issues with actually installing the file from the webpage.(won't let me save it or get started)


My new vr keeps restarting itself over and over

I got my first vr today and its the oculus rift. I was setting it up and it was going fine and working.i accidently flipped the power switch while setting up the USBs again after i wanted to have some more time on it and now when i try to launch it u...

Quest 2 guardian detecting too many obstacles

I have a small issue with my Quest 2: after setting up the play area, the guardian system detects any obstacles that might be inside it and show them with small dots/lines. Until a few days ago, it was correctly detecting obstacles near the boundarie...

Quest 2 small black line thing? help

Hello everyone , I just received my quest 2.When I powered up, everything works greatHowever, on the right side screen, there appears to be a small black line in the image almost in the center on the right side, like half an eye lash. It's very distr...

Wrong shipping address

Hey, I ordered myself a oculus quest 2 yesterday and am realizing today I put the wrong address and that’s it’s being shipped to the house across from mine. I need a way to Change the shipping address to the correct one


I’m seeing this box with this info in it in my background and it won’t go away. Please help! How can I get it to go away?It’s a box:Charge controlStatus: chargingDisable charge limitQuit

oculus quest 2 right trigger seems to stick on

i just got my oculus quest 2 on 3/17/21. i noticed the right finger trigger seems to get stuck on when use it (selector beam stays blue color) if i press hard and release a few times it turns white. i not sure if its a firmware problem or controller ...

Quest 2 mic not working via link

Exact same issue: I have tried out everything in the thread above and nothing is working. Can I please get help

Quest Oculus thinks I'm over 10 feet tall.

I got the new updates for Beat Saber, but the game thinks the floor is about 2 feet below my feet. The guardian is set correct (reset multiple times) and even reboot. It just started today after the new update. How can I get this adjusted corrected. ...

Oculus Facial Cover Does not Ship To My Country

Good morning/afternoon Team, I just received my email from Support on how to order the replacement facial cover/ Unfortunately I will not be able to order based on the website as my country is Romania. The country is not listed in the Deliver To sect...

dftfox by Level 2
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SPUD! Rift CV1

So on my old PC build I managed to sort my mura out so it was still there but a lot better than it was when I first installed. Back in those days I think we were getting the wrong SPUD files for our devices. Now back in those days and up until the mi...

GPU support

Hello, I have the Gigabyte GeForce GTX1050 Ti 4GB D5 and I wanna know if oculus quest 2 supports that. At the hardware board I cannot find anything so I am asking here. (Oculus quest 2 link)

Refund problem

Hi, I wanted to ask for help if someone has happened, I bought a rift s at the beginning of February which unfortunately I asked for a return as I did not find it suitable for the games I use.They authorized me an RME and on 02/19/2021 the support ce...


Hi when I'm tryna share a picture or video to messenger when I search my freinds up nothing comes up and when I share it to my news feed I cant see it either

Trouble with controller capacitive touch

Recently my right touch controller for the quest 2 keeps thinking my thumb is resting on the button A. I have bashed my controller a couple of times but I have seen a video of someone throwing one across the room and it was absolutely fine (this coul...

Screenshot Failed in Adobe Medium Oculus Quest 2

So I am having the same issue as the other guy before but there is no solid resolve to fix this issue. I searched everywhere on the net and cannot find a definitive answer. it is very annoying, to be honest. There are no special characters on my comp...

Oculus Quest 2- Oculus Link, Just in Time Incorporated

Just in time incorporated only goes to black screen. Tried reinstalling software and nothing works. I have an I7 and also a RTX 2070 on the HP Omen. Its the only game that goes black when in use. All software on the pc is updated and also the graphic...

Oculus App error during installation please HELP

Hi guys! I have firewall disabled completely, no antivirus on my PC just did a complete windows reinstal reformated both my drives and i still cant install the app LOL. It gives me different errors every single time. I will put all my logs here. Ever...