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Problems with HMD

I bought my first Oculus lift. I finished installing the software and installed the HMD. Numerous blinks and white backgrounds have plagued me. Why is this happening? I hope the solution will come. My computer specs are Rizen 1700, RX580 4gb. 16gb ra...

doziman by Level 2
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Dowload error

Everytime I try to dowload an app on my gear VR it say dowload failed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Can't install software

Hey i know there's a server issue. i'm just curious when it'll be resolved. I need to get my HMD setup for a show tomorrow..

Auvrae by Level 2
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SteamVR stopped working after May 16 Oculus update.

Steamvr is now saying device nto detected. I double checked the enable unknonwn sources to enable. I uninstalled both steamVR and Oculus software, reinstaled, rebooted pc. Aame issue. Entire Steam VR library nto accessible. Oculus native apps still w...

Duhmez by Level 3
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I wanted to play with Oculus Touch on my Laptop

So, I wanted to play with my Oculus Rift Touch on my Laptop everything was ok the only thing was my graphic card didn't met the minimum requirements so, I plugged everything in and then it said it didn't find the plugged in hdmi cable so I googled fo...

ProRox by Level 2
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Headset speaker wont even glue together?

Put on the headset tonight and the speaker snapped on the right side. Great, I thought I would just super glue it on but it wont even do super glue plastic to plastic. So what now? The speaker was held together by a tiny bit of plastic what Oculus? S...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Stutter lag until I alt-tab

I had my oculus since a couple of months and everything was working great, but since a few days I'm getting that heavy stutter lag a few minutes after getting into a game and everything solves just by moving the mouse or pressing alt - tab. I have an...

Can't interact wish Dash Desktop

after the may 16th update i can no longer interact with the dash desktop, i can view whats already on it but i cant click or navigate it, i've also noticed now after launching oculus my second monitors size gets forced smaller creating black bars at ...

Oculus Go Refuses to pair controller.

i love the go, but it has a lot of drama. I had just got my dev unit the other night. It recognizes the controller bug refuses to go forward in the app on iPhone X. It just hangs so I can’t actually use it. I tried factory reset on the device, swappe...

Oculus Go delivery time

Hi, Are there some kind of problems with the deliveryes? I made my order on 3.5.2018 and UPS still hasn’t received it. I’m also little bit confused because Oculus order page says that order has been delivered on 4.5.2018. Does it take 13 days to move...

rek0tus by Level 2
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No sound in left earphone.

Hi this is a new cv1 oculus rift that i got a couple of weeks ago and for some reason after updating to the new 1803 windows update (and also playing a bit with the sound settings) there is no sound in the left earphone, i tried rolling back to last ...

"Full" Vs "Limited" Output Dynamic Range

After seeing a helpful tip by @flexy123 about changing your Output Dynamic Range, I decided to give it a go. I can definitely notice the deeper colors now, and the world is much less washed out. But I have lost all the bright whites that I used to ha...

Weird Graphics anomaly on Oculus Home

Hello , i have just installed update , all is fine apart from in oculus home , when i look up a graphics anomaly occurs , it looks almost like a peak above a cap or a grey curved banana shape, it dissapears when i look down , and is not there in any ...

Cannot re-install Oculus software after removing it

Today I wanted to play with my Oculus Rift, but none of the sensors was responding.I did change the usb-port to where my headset and sensors were attached and added a Xbox One controller a few days earlier, so I tried to run the sensor update and it ...

Frillen by Level 2
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Rift sensors not working

Hi, I recently bought a third sensor after playing fine for about a year now. However ever since I first connected my third sensor for some crazy reason the new sensor and one of the old ones stopped workingOn my oculus setup I only see one, if I try...

[SOLVED] Oculus Go no longer turning on

The last time I used my Oculus Go, it was at around 60 percent power. I made sure to completely turn it off. I just tried to turn it on again, but there's no indication the power button is doing anything. The top LED remains unlit whether connected t...

Oculus Rift Headset No HDMI connection.

So, I've got this problem for about 3 weeks now and I've tried almost everything, I'm lost... 1st problem is that when I plug in my headset, i wait for that home thing to load and I can actually see on the display for about a second and then I get th...

mahoi by Level 2
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Oculus goes black while playing Rec room

I've been playing Rec Room on my oculus rift for about a month now with no issues. Then tonight I’m halfway through a quest game and all of the sudden I start having my oculus headset going intermittently black as I moved around. It goes black and th...

m24rink by Level 2
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Resolved! Having some trouble with my Rift. Looking for some help

I am having some what i believe are tracking problems with my rift. I was hoping someone with more insight could help me out.Here's a list of problems I've been having:Tracking lost, screen freezes, but sound continues playing. After a sec or 2, ever...

Left thumb and right index finger not working!!

I know there's a growing number of people having capacitive touch sensors issues, and usually the same finger/controller. So this issue needs to be more recognised by support as I'm not getting anything useful so far... To put in short (ish) - my thu...

Drafto by Level 3
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Error 1009

After launching the app from Facebook Gameroom, I get a message that tells me to update the client (error 1009). I am connected to internet but no update available.

My rift thinks my sensors are backwards

I got home from work and windows had an update, oh yay -.-Now when I turn on my rift it can track my movements. I go into the setup and follow all the instructions. When it gets to the part where it tells you to put on your headset and press a button...

Oculus button stops steam apps

I have both BeatSaber and SkyrimVR on Steam, and both apps run fine when I enable the "Allow unknown source" option in the settings. However, pressing the Oculus button, the menu button on the right Touch controller, sends me to the normal pause menu...

Unknown Apps Issue

Hey all, I have turned on my Unknown Sources app button, yet when I try to launch Steam Games, it puts me on the white home screen that says to enable unknown apps go here ect. So I go turn it off and back on, and sometimes it will recognize it, yet,...

malfunctioning sensors? wrong viewing position at start

It happens quite often that I turn on my Rift, first the image is a bit shaky, and when it's clear again, I'm with my head underneath the floor of my Oculus home. I can look around and hear everything, but after several seconds, it freezes, and I nee...

oculus setup

LeshemdilMay 14, 1:30 PM PDTHallo my name is leshem and I bought the oculus rift today I tried to open the setup and its bot worked in the first tow it work and in the third it said “CANT CONNECT looks like we cant reach the oculus server. Please che...