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No refund?

I tried 4 game and only like one of them, but it say cant get refund (population: one no refund, others get refund) I played it for about 60 minutes But it said I had played it for more then 2 hours Due to the refund policy according to the condition...

gigsda by Level 2
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Thumbsticks not working

Hi, I tried playing Pokerstars VR where I have to hold down the thumbsticks to start and reset my position and it did not work. I'm using an Oculus Rift S and I'm not sure what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.

Lense Flickering in Oculus Quest 2

When I am watching movies on Disney+ in the oculus browser, the left lense of my headset flickers. Each flicker only lasts for a fraction of a second, but it occurs very frequently (about every other second). It is becoming very annoying and is makin...

Faulty quest 2 keeps switching off

I need to return the oculus quest 2 to argos but they need a reference number from oculus. How do I contact oculus as I cant seem to find a phone number

Major Freezing Error During Use

Hi, I'm pretty new to Oculus Quest 2 (being that I just got it two days ago) and I'm having some trouble with it. I've looked just about everywhere to try and find a solution to no avail. Essentially, I've run into two major issues: the first is that...

Panahka by Level 2
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Syncing Oculus Move

My health insurance comes with a health rewards program, Go365. Go365 integrates with various health trackers and apps to award points based on your activity. Well... 90% of my activity is Beat Saber!! What are the odds of Oculus Move integrating wit...

magicjj by Level 2
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Stolen Quest

My Oculus Quest 2 was supposedly delivered tonight at 7:08pm. But I have not found a package anywhere.... Is there a way to contact someone??

New Oculus software (V26) causes issues with MSFS

The new version (26) of the oculus software causes regular 'flashes' in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This seems to be an issue with the oculus software, since in the previous version (V25) this issue was hardly there. Today the new version of the Ocul...

payt69 by Level 4
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Menu button not working

Hi, so I've been using the Quest 2 for a day now and I started using it on pc via Oculus link, but when for example I want to pause some games with the left controller menu button or use the SteamVr dashboard it takes me to the oculus dashboard. I do...

No response for support tickets

Hey Everyone! So I have now submitted multiple support tickets to Oculus as I am having two problems that are now stopping me from actually using my Quest 2. The first is the facial interface. I submitted a ticket about a month ago and received an em...

Running 2nd GPU to drive VR

Ok, so I've sort of seen this addressed before, but I'd like to get some clarification if anyone can help. I have a pretty solid workstation that I built a few months back for video, motion graphics, 3d rendering. At the time I had pretty much zero i...

jcrowe by Level 2
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Oculus link Shutters

When i Start Oculus link my hole screen just stutters and its almost unplayable to play without getting a headache in the first 5 min but the normal Quest 2 mode is working perfectly fine I tested 2 cables and both still stuttersCable is: Kiwi Quest ...

thiHD by Level 2
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"Looking for headset..."

Hey everyone! So I just bought a Quest 2 and am trying to get it setup. I have the Oculus app installed on my phone with an Oculus account linked to Facebook. My phone has bluetooth turned on (I also know it works because I have it synced with a spea...

Oculus Rift S software install failing

Hey,I've been trying to install oculus rift s software for the past two days and I constantly get this error, I've tried disabling firewalls, anti-virus, full clean windows 10 rebuild and it will not go. I don't know what else to try.


Resolved! Updates

I see fitxr had some updates back in early can I update this app.ive hunted and hunted and can't figure it out.for an example when starting fitxr you can be in box or a different environment. The update says it's a roof top update but I dont ...

jeffy07 by Level 3
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No Customer Service (again)

Another example of lack of customer service. Bought a replacement left hand controller for Oculus Quest direct form the Oculus store, and within 3 uses the roll tracking broke, probably a sensor. I contacted customer service, and they replied within ...

Right Controller unable to pair with headset

I just received a Quest 2 and I’m unable to setup the right controller. This is a new set up and I’m unable to pair the right controller with the headset. The left controller is working correctly and I’m able to pair and unpair with the headset. All ...

Oculus Link

I have an original quest and my PC has the requirements to run Oculus Link. I have a 3.0 cable too and I get green checkmarks on the oculus software. Whenever I try to run Blade and Sorcery (Via SteamVR) I am able to play for around 2-5 minutes then ...

remove steam vr from oculus app by accident

hey guys, i removed by accident steam vr from my oculus app in my laptop, and since then i cannot see it on my oculus library.i tried to reinstall steam vr but nothing help. thanks for the help

eliezsc by Level 2
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Oculus Link

Ive been trying to use my Oculus but it keeps crashing. I have the Quest 1 and a USB3.0 cable and meet the requirements, yet it still crashes. I dont know how to fix this.

Quest controller

Hello and how are you my question is my son plays on the the quest and the controller has a crack right along the Seam of the controller I saw on YouTube one guy said if it cracked on the seam oculus will replace it because it is a flaw in the contro...

GFAM07 by Level 2
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Support Ticket Reaponse

I know there might be a delay in a response, but it has been a week and I haven't seen anything. Where would I check to see if a response came in? Personal email address or is there a place in my oculus account to check?

Oculus Link

I just bought the Oculus Quest 2 along with a PC link. For some reason, I cannot download Oculus Link on my laptop. I surpass the system requirements. I tried downloading it on my D drive instead of my C drive, but that still didn't work. I also trie...

Customer service

how long does it take for help with a issue with the quest 2 not working? As I've been trying to get this sorted since the 17th February.

Problems with Oculus link

Hi there! Recently i got a problem with my Oculus quest (1). I've had it before the oculus update 25, where it would kick me out of link without any warning and the sound would be so stuttery where it's unable to use. I've had these problems for abou...

Couldn’t Start Casting

For the longest time, I can’t get my quest 2 to connect to my iPhone. I’ve tried on multiple Wi-Fi locations, I’ve restarted my quest and iPhone. No luck. It I used to work fine and a few months ago and I began to get the “couldn’t start casting. Che...

bhad81 by Level 2
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