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Warplanes ww1 Oculus

How come there is no multiplayer option in the main menu on the warplanes ww1 game? I purchased it directly from oculus store, is this the reason?

Resolved! Oculus VR Library Service refuses to start (Win 7)

Firstly, i know and understand Win 7 is out of date, and when i can i will be moving onto Win 10, however i cannot right now due to finances and i can also see lots of uses with Win 10 are still having issues getting this working, the only reason why...

Resolved! Quest 2 not working for wired connection

I don’t know how to explain it but I’ll try... when you connect the quest 2 a little box pops up with a saying allow pc to connect to quest 2 and I click allow then another screen pops up and asks to display and I also click yes I had no issues with ...

Black Screen loading SteamVR games

Whenever I load into SteamVR games the screen just goes black and I’ve tried Updating it and unknown sources is turned on, I don’t know what to do, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out

Oculus Go: "Oculus Update Required" Error for Every App

Just setup my new Oculus Go (64GB consumer version, delivered today), and setup seemed to go normally, but when I try to download and use any app, I get an error message that reads, "Oculus Update Required. To learn how to update your Oculus app, vis...

problem with my games library

so I have a VR pc that I use with my quest 2 via air link, I decided to get blade and sorcery on the oculus store this morning, but it's not showing up in the games library, even though I can find it in my existing files. I DID request a refund later...

yakcm88 by Level 2
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Two headsets

So I have two headsets one new and one unusable. My question is it possible to transfer data or is all my game data tied to my account? And do I have to log out on one and to relog into the new headset and if I do how can I do so?

Ghozter by Level 2
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log in issues

I have a Galaxy S7. I've downloaded the Oculus app and created a profile. However, Everytime I put the head set on it says I need to log into the Oculus app. I've done this 7 times and no matter what I do, it still says I need to login. What do I nee...

I cant turn off anti aliasing

I turned on Anti aliasing Just to test to see if my computer could handle it and it made all the games choppy and lag and i can't turn anti aliasing off any help would be great.

Sideloading and Storage

My quest won't connect to side quest for some reason even though it is on and connected to my Mac book air. I also heard that the new version of the quest two with a lot more storage was replacing the 64 gb one that I bought is there any way that I c...

Forevr bowl Probleme Multiplayer

Hallo. Ich habe ein Problem in Forevr bowl. Wenn ich mit einem Freund spielen will, funktioniert es nicht oder nur kurz. Ständig taucht die Nachricht auf, dass er den Raum verlassen hat. Gegenseitige Einladungen helfen nicht. Es klappt nur kurz und n...

update v31

hi : since my software was updated to version 31 I can't do pcvr with my quest 2 the glasses are on firmware 30, shouldn't it be 31 too?buenas :desde que mi sofware se actualizoa la version31 no puedo hacer pcvr con mis quest 2 las gafas marcab firmw...

OculusTV keeps crashing whenever I open it.

Hello. I recently got BMBF to work and custom beat saber maps to work. But now whenever I try to open OculusTV it crashes, meaning I can’t open BMBF and import custom maps. Does anyone know why this is happening and howto fix this? If it helps I did ...

tracking isnt working at all

so i dropped my quest 2 on the carpet but when i put it on i lost all tracking, i restarted my headset over and over again but nothing, i even factory reset it and still nothing, can i fix this, if so how?

Rift s totally dead and won’t switch in

Hi looking for help. Oculus support have given us loads of technical fixes, we’ve deleted the app, removed all the files, produced 8 logs, updated the graphics card and still the rift s is cold. The headset being plugged in isn’t detected by our comp...

Oculus Airlink Stopped Working

I had been using Airlink for a couple months without hardly any issues. I updated the Oculus Quest 2 software and had a few issues yesterday. Today all I get is a black screen - I can hear the Oculus home loading with I connect to my PC, but it's jus...

Can't install Oculus app

Hi I just got a Quest 2 and I was installing the Oculus app but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. I followed the instructions for installing the software to my second drive and I get the admin permissions message to pop up. After I accept this I ...

IIVRII by Level 2
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Can battery ever be replaced in oculus quest.

Oculus Quest 2 is stuttering

So I've been having a blast in VR, but recently I've noticed the image quality and performance begin to degrade.My PC isn't a NASA super computer but it is a decent system that passed the SteamVR performance test; Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2070 SUPER, 16GB 3...

i need help

Ok so im currently trying to buy a township tale on oculus app for the quest 2 but when i add the payment info and try to add it it just says payment failed try updating or using a different card. Ive tried everything so far like deleting the app and...

Quest 2 Link Cable menu blurry

I've been using my Quest 2 with a USB-C cable to my PC to play MS FS2020 without issues for weeks. All of a sudden, when using the link cable, the Oculus menu and all games are extremely blurry. It appears as horizontal lines and dark spots. Nothing ...

Oculus und Steam Problem

Hallo Leute nach langen rum probieren komm ich mal zur Community. Ich hab das Problem das Sobald ich ein Spiel in Steam Vr starte sich das Spiel startet aber nach ein paar Sekunden im Spiel ich entweder kein Tracking mehr habe oder meine Brille schwa...

Oculus Link problems and I need help desperately

So it's been a week since I bought a Link cable, and for the whole week I haven't gotten to use it correctly once. I've been trying to fix it for so long, and nothing on the internet helped. Neither did Oculus Support. Whenever I plug in my Oculus Qu...