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Google Earth VR gives black screen

Google Earth shows me the menus, searches and tutorial, but when I try and use it the world is black with cursors and controllers visible. Can I uninstall/reinstall? Was working fine for months.

TomKo44 by Level 2
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Problem with 360 Photo fix

The Reason Personal 360 Photos are not showing up is because they were saved as a JPEG file instead of a JPG File. Also if you have both file with the same title it still will not show up until you delete the JPEG file.

tws7 by Level 2
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Rift doesn't recognize HDMI connection

Was using rift this morning. Went out for lunch, came back and rift wouldn't initiate in game. Reinstalled game and rift to find rift saying I'm not plugged into HDMI. Physical connection is fine. Device manager says no problem unless I don't know wh...

Oculus Rift Headset hdmi won't connect.

My laptop has 1 hdmi port which the oculus fits into just fine, but I think the problem is that the hdmi is connected to something other than the graphics card. Right now my Rift headset is acting like a TV...a display thats plugged into my laptop. A...

What's New Update

I would sure be nice to know what may have been updated, patched, fixed etc instead of left blind and in the darksome transparency would be nice, I'd also welcome some communication...

SteamVR not working anymore with Oculus Games?

Hi, I have a Samsung Odyssey HMD and the last month or so been enjoying playing ECHO Arena, using SteamVR and Oculus setup files. I don't own an Oculus Rift, only Odyssey Mix Reality Headset. Been playing ECHO Arena for weeks, testing and all good. H...

cgisoul by Level 2
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Second time I have the start error.

For some reason today my oculus does not start. I had already repaired the oculus home with the update that was released when the general error occurred. But today I have an error and it is not that it is updating. I have downloaded the repairable ex...

Doomep by Level 2
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Windows 7 oculus setup has stopped working

There is no fix I can follow to get this fucking brick working again. I watch movies on my rift and thats it and I guess its been toooo long since I last used it becuase theres some programming failure that has bricked my insanely expensive movie scr...

USB repeaters in daisy chain?

Hey, I was wondering if it were possible to daisy chain USB repeater wires (these exactly: without any ill effect. Would this wo...

No Desktop in Desktop Mode

I just installed Oculus on my new 1080ti "super" computer.  But when I go to desktop mode all I get is the windows background, i.e. no icons, folders, etc. It's almost like it just hangs. It seems like this was a problem for others but I can't find ...

Lens Distance (IPD) Message constantly popping up.

When playing a game involving a lot of head movement from steamVR, the IPD windows is getting displayed almost constantly. Is there a way to disable this message from being displayed either selectively, or completely?Or, are the lenses in my rift too...

Myshkin by Level 2
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Store credit vanished !

I was looking to purchase a new game with the remains of the 13€ of my store credit ( 3€) , and noticed that they are no more here !What is happening ? Was there a deadline limit to use it ?

Oculus Rift screen goes black randomly

The black screens are lasting only few seconds and are totally random ? It started doing this since a week or so. I have the Rift since a year more or less. Everything was working fine before but all of a sudden it started doing this. What I would li...

Generic superspeed code 31 fix. I think.

Hi. The other thing I do keep getting when the rift is plugged is Generic superspeed code 31 error in device manger. I no this is an issue with a lot of windows 10 users. Last 2 days I have enable thunderbolt in my bios which I have z170-e motherboar...

New Rift Unusable - Black screens as soon as connected

As title says, brand new Rift installed. As soon as headset is plugged into display adapter the primary display goes black and NO amount of activity on keyboard will get it back. A hard reset is required. The headset is receiving power (amber LED), a...

sddjd by Level 2
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Brand New Sensors not Tracking Anything

I just bought a new Oculus Rift the other day from this site, and it came in today. After plugging everything in and following the instructions, everything turns on and seems to work. However, during setup, when I try to initiate tracking on the cont...

Once I plug my rift in my monitor goes black.

I've been doing some searching and I can't find anyone with the same problem. Everything used to work find but out of no where it's stopped working. So here's whats happening:I start my pc with no issues.I plug in my oculus rift head set into my HDMI...

Oculus Home auto-launching question

I have a game that I built from Unity that works both with and without VR. The app will sometimes automatically open Oculus Home, if a Rift is connected, when trying to run the game. This is alright if the user wants to run the game in VR, but if the...

rnally by Level 2
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Understanding performance issues?

Hello all, I've just got the Oculus Rift setup and started to tinker around in it, to be honest I wasn't exactly blown away by the quality. After some Googling I decided to try the debug tool and enable the performance HUD. There would seem to be som...

Virtual Reality Survey

Hi,we are a group of three and we're writing a bachelor thesis about Virtual Reality and how it effects the decision making process while shopping in VR.We've prepared a small survey, less than 5 minutes.It would help us a lot to get as many response...

DaK1Ga by Level 2
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Can't install apps

Was unable to update my games (update loop). Uninstalled Oculus, deleted local files, cleaned registry, restarted, reinstalled oculus, restarted. Now it loops Install instead of Update.

GTX1080 TI and GPU Tweak 2 with Rift

Hi, I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Before the last Oculus software update if I used the ASUS GPU Tweak 2 gaming booster everything worked fine. Now if I use this it prevents Oculus from opening and gives the "your Oculus may be updatin...