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Oculus XRSP Interface (USB device not recognised)

I have been spending a huge amount of time trying to get my Oculus Quest 2 Link to work. Oculus Support says there is no more they can do? This after uninstalling and reinstalling USB Hub and Root Hub Controllers, uninstalling and reinstalling Oculus...

Please give us an option to remove PC Specs warnings

I have an Alienware M17 R4 with 10th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10980HK (8-Core, 16MB Cache, up to 5.3GHz Max Turbo Frequency) and NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 3080 16GB GDDR6. I'm using my Quest 2 with a link cable for Rift compatibility. Everythi...

Purchased game not installing

It seems like everyone is having the same problem after the V30 update. After purchasing a game, there's an infinite loading icon where the purchase button was, which leaves you unable to download the game you purchased. Probably a server issue


Enthusiastic, genuine clapping in the direction of the Oculus team- happy to say that the problem with the Update and installation of games etc. has been resolved! That is some fast programming!


Recently when I tried to update an app the circle that’s goes around after you press a button, but anyways it just keep going around in a circle until I deleted the app and tried to re download it but the same thing happened, so I restarted my oculus...

Game installation glitch

Today I went on the Oculus store to buy Project One for my Oculus quest 2. And when I bought it I put in my card info and purchased it. The purchase went through and I looked at my bank statement and saw the charge. Then the blue button that says pur...

New Update

Clapping slowly and sarcastically in the direction of the oculus team while mouthing the words “nice job”

This new update is a NIGHTMARE

The store is screwed- can’t access games or install/reinstall them or updates.after a factory reset this has rendered my Oculus an empty and thus unplayable piece of plastic and wires.solution please!!!

Clearly an Issue with new uodate

I came here to post about an issue I have, and it appears many people are having the same issue. I uninstalled Superhot and need to reinstall it but am getting the same issue has a lot of people who have made recent purchases. I get stuck with a spin...

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Purchased game not installing

So I paid for a new game and it's gone through its in purchased history but its stuck on a loading wheel, it hasn't even shown up in my library to install any ideas on how to fix?

All my games and apps are gone

Is there anybody who can tell me how to get my apps back? I got on my oculus to play Population 1 with my brother and every single app I had is now gone.

Someone help me... All my games/apps are missing!

Today I turned on my Oculus Quest and all my games/apps were all of a sudden listed as unknown sources in my device's data. I decided to delete them and try to reinstall them. However, after deleting the unknown sources (and restarting) I went into t...

Stuck at "Checking the status of your Oculus app"

1I2When I install Oculus App on my PC it gets stuck at checking the status of your oculus app, and then it fails. I've reinstalled windows fresh. It works fine on my laptop, but not my PC. I don't know how to fix this, please help.

1.png 2.png

Oculus turning on but not charging.

Hello, my quest 2 is turning on but not charging. I reset for 3 seconds, hard reset for 30 seconds, changed charging cable, pushed and the charging cable up too! Nothing is working. Please help!

oculus link cable

i was wondering does any one know if they are going to allow new graphics cards to use a link cable. I have a 1030 and bought a link cable but cant use it to play pc vr games because its not supported.

Rift S Microphone not working anywhere

I haven't used my Oculus Rift S for a week or so and all of a sudden I use it again and the microphone doesn't work. I was trying to call my friend on discord so we could play together but the input was dead. I have tried several things including:Upd...

Oculus Software won't install

Long-story short; a Windows update forced me to do a clean install of Windows on my SSD. I didn't save anything from the previous install--wiped the SSD and started fresh. I am unable to install the Oculus software now. The installer runs to what app...

No option to turn on phone notifications

So i opened my Quest app on my phone a few days ago and it greeted me with the 'get started' button to turn on phone notifications. I clicked it, it goes to my devices tab, connects successfully to my quest, but in the list of options it shows, there...

Oculus support is garbage

The only reason they don't collect ratings after a support chat ends is because know their supports are terrible and they don't care. I'm convinced facebook literally hired these bad supports on purpose. I was about to get a quest 2 but i don't think...

Third person view

How do I do third person record view on oculus quest 2. And would it show my oculus avatar or nothing at all.

Red line on screen

When booting up my Oculus quest 2 today I see a red line on the screen. I cleaned the lenses but it is still there. It wasn't there yesterday but is today. The headset was in a quest case since the last time I used it.